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Aches and Pains

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Just tell me where it hurts

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So, I was in a hospital. Apparently I was in a car accident but I can't really remember much of it. I was doing fine though. I had some bruises on my head and abdomen, and my left arm was badly broken, but other than that I was fine. They said that I was free to go home but I told them that I still and a few aches and pains and that I didn't really have anyone to look after me - which is a lie. I had Mikey, but I really just wanted to spend some more time here... with a certain nurse.

"How are you feeling today, Gerard?" Frank asked as he came into my room.

"Great" I smiled at him.

"You sure?" he asked coming over to me, taking hold of my hand.

"Well....I've still got a few problem areas"

"Just tell me where it hurts" he said, with a smirk on his face

"Right here" I said, pointing to my bruised side.

"Hmm..." He came closer to me and reached around to touch my side. His hand ghosted over the area before adding a little more pressure to it. I winced in pain, even though it wasn't that bad. He stopped.

"Do you mind if I see it?" he asked

"Not really, no" I said.

He nodded and raised my gown up to my chest. My lower half was covered by the bed sheets. I watched as he discreetly gazed over my body, his eyes lingered on my chest before he leaned over to examine my side. He ran his hand along my bare skin, causing me to visibly shiver. When he looked up at me, I noticed how close we were. And when he spoke, his hot breath tickled my face as it danced across my skin.

"You look good" he said and I smiled, "I mean, your looks nice. No, I it's healed well and stuff" I couldn't help but laugh.

"What ever you say doc"

"Nurse actually" he said standing up and putting my gown back down.

A silence filled the space between the two of us as we just kind of waited for the other to say something.

"I'll just go and check on some other patients" he said, giving me one last smile before leaving.

[Frank Iero's POV]

"Do you maybe wanna hang out sometime?"

I cleared my throat, making my voice a few octaves lower.

"Can we go out sometime or...."

"Maybe you and me could....God, I suck at this"

I've never been good with asking people out. I guess I'm afraid of being rejected or something. There was this one time in high school that I kind of liked this girl. I mean, I thought she as pretty but I didn't really have any interest in dating her, but my friends made me do it. Anyway, I went up to her one day and asked if she wanted to go to the school dance with me, and she laughed in my face. Women can be so cruel. I'm gay though, so I won't have to deal with them any more.

"I was wondering if maybe... after you get out of here, if you wanted to hang out sometime?" I said to my reflection in the mirror. This is really pathetic but I need the practice. See, there's this guy that I kinda... like, yea I guess you can say that. There's this guy that I like. Anyway, he was just in a car accident but he's doing okay. He is really something though. He has this huge mass of messy black hair and stunning hazel eyes. His skin is pale and flawless. And he has this adorable crooked smile that just makes me want to pounce on him. God, I don't even know if this kid is gay but I'm already drooling over him.

I pulled the bathroom door open and stepped into the hospital. I hate hospitals, and yet I work in one. Everything is so white and sterile, it gets annoying sometimes. But don't get me wrong, I love my job. I love taking care of people, making them feel better and stuff, but hospitals get on my nerves. Anyway, it's almost quitting time, but I think I'll stay back a while, and spend some time with a certain patient.

My first Frerard... Hope you like it.
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