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Iero Twins!

by Disenchantedxo 9 reviews

Frankie and Jamia are expecting twins! (not a story) :D

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Okay... so i went on the mychem web page a sec ago and omfg! they finally have some good news for us :)

One - the band is recording again, so gee's throat must be better :)

Two - Frank says that the album is going amazingly well and hopefully we won't have to wait too long for it now (YEY!)

and Three - Frank recently posted the fucking awesome news that he and his wife Jamia are expecting twins!

I'm so happy for them both and i just wanted to post this to wish them congratulations :) i am soooo freakin excited for the new record but holy shit... i can't wait for the two new members of the mychem family to arrive. Two new lil ieros... AWWWWWW :D

anyways... i just had to post this ya'know? i was freakin hyperventilating with joy when i read Frank's post on the web, so i thought i'd share it with you guys lol.

If you really don't believe me then check their site for yourselves, but i swear i aint lying! I would have to be a very sad person to make up something like this :P lol

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