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Gerard Way gets caged!

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Gerard stood in the middle of nowhere again, talking to himself.

"Hello. Today I am going to try and find France." Said Gerard while wearing a beret.

"Because I've always wanted to go there."

Gerard looked over at some one stareing at him.

"Oh... But that little boy has been watching me for a while now. I think I'll find France another day." Said Gerard getting scared and walking away.

Suddenly the little boy that was watching him was now right it front of him!. It made a funny noise. It was in love. The boy came closer and Gerard tried to put a hand infront of it and the boy just licked it. Gerard got scared and ran back into his house.

Gerard sat in a broken chair when a big slug cam out from a hole in the wall. Gerard got up and went to see it.

"Hello Bordois, I've been thinking about you." Said Gerard to the slug.

"What have you been gathering today, little sister?" Asked Gerard.

"Really." Gerard started to breathe really heavily.

"Your body is so much fun, I just want to give you a big stroke." Said Gerard while giving the slug a stroke. Gerard killed it.

"Oh... You've gotten flat, little sister, and you're all gooey. I'm not gonna play with you again until you've had a wash."

Suddenly there was a pound at Gerards door. Gerard looked out and saw a gift.

"Oh, what's this? Have I been gifted with a rusty tap, I've never laid fingers on one of those before." Said Gerard while trying to grab the tap, but every time that he went to pick it up the tap was pulled away. Gerard followed the tap into the forest, when he stepped on an animal trap. Then Gerard blacked out.


Gerard awoke in a cage with a window made of rusty bars.

"Oh, how did I get in here?" Asked Gerard.

Gerard put his hands around the rusty bars and started moving them up and down for about 5 minutes.

"Ohhhh that was a treat for the fingers."

The little boy who was watching him came up and blew Gerard a kiss. Gerard just stared while the boy who was watcing him got down on his knees and held out a ring.

"What's this?" Asked Gerard.

The boy made weird noises.

"I don't like this game, I think I'm going to go home now."

"Huh huh, how?" Asked the boy while making other weird noises.

"Bye bye." Said Gerard. A rope came down in the cage and Gerard pulled it and dissapeard.

Frank sat down on the ground and started to cry. The love of his life was gone.
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