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I Wish I Were A Ghost

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All Frank wants is for the agony of his untold love to end.

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It hurt too much. Being in a band with someone you loved, but who you could never tell. As we launched into our next song. The fans began screaming the lyrics back to us. I danced around the stage, putting everything I had into the music. My pain became chords; my heart ache was my energy. I skipped over to Gerard, smiling to myself. The crowd screamed, knowing what was about to happen. Little did they know how much it hurt me.
To your room...
What they ask of you
Will make you want to say, "So long..."
Well, I dont remember,
Why remember?
Gerard was giving the vocals everything.
He smiled at me and closed the distance between us with a kiss. His passion was unbelievable. He was soft but strong at the same time. I was putty in his hands as he pressed deeper and deeper into the kiss.
I was vaguely aware of the fans screaming or chanting Frerard like some weird mantra. I knew this would be all over the internet tomorrow, but I didnt care. All I cared about was this perfect, perfect kiss. I moaned, never wanting the moment to end. Gerard was pulling away, smiling. Pleased hed given the fans something to scream about.

If only he knew.

I got through the rest of the show on adrenalin alone. I was vacant. I kept doing the usual Frank Iero things, standing on the drums, ending up on the floor. And getting way too close to Gerard. I kept busy so my pain wouldnt show. When the show was finished, after an encore of Helena, I went outside to meet the fans. All the while I was forming my plan.

When Id signed the last item and hugged the final fan I headed back to the bus. I removed a kitchen knife from the drawer and hid it in my bunk. I then found Gerards favourite pen and sketchpad. I sat down on the sofa, pretending to watch some shitty reality show. I flipped the pad open, to the inside cover, and wrote Gerard a very simple, very true message.

Gerard Arthur Way

I love you. I love you more than anything. From the second we met, I loved you. But this love, its killing me. So Im killing it. Tell the fans it was an accident or something. Love, forever and always.

Frank Anthony Iero xo.

I closed the book and placed it on Gerards bunk, with the words read me on it. I hauled myself into my bunk. Glad that the numbness of years was finally going to end. I found the knife, flipping my right arm over. I stroked the words that ran around my wrist knowing that soon, I would be a ghost. I pressed the blade into my vein, just under my tattoo. The throbbing started immediately. I gasped at the feeling of ecstasy, realising my heart break was about to end. My vision was beginning to narrow as Gerard dragged my curtain aside frantically.
“Frank! No!” he screamed, trying to drag me out of the bunk while avoiding the river of scarlet from my wrist.
“Gerard” I gasped, knowing this was my only chance “I love you”
I pulled him close and crushed my lips to his, hooking my arm over him to pull our bodies closer. I didnt care I was making ruby stains on his ivory skin. Pulling away, I took my last breath.
Staring into his hazel eyes.
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