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Red Tears

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Several years have passed since Sebastian let himself make another Contract with a human. However, when a human with a strange name and purpose makes a pact with the devil…things get a bit more i...

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Title – Red Tears

Fandom – Death Note/ Kuroshitsuji

Rating – R

Pairings- cannon

Time Line – just a bit after L has died.

Disclaimer – I do not own neither fandom or characters I am merely having some fun.

Summary – Several years have passed since Sebastian let himself make another Contract with a human. However, when a human with a strange name and purpose makes a pact with the devil…things get a bit more interesting.

Chapter 1 – His Butler, On Time

“Do you understand that if you make this contract that you cannot ascend to Heaven?” the voice echoed through the darkness but L didn’t care. The black bird didn’t move and so L wasn’t sure where the voice came from.

“I wasn’t going to Heaven to begin with, so what does it matter?”

“All right then, shall we…?”

“Hesitation will get you killed,” L muttered.

“And yet you are hesitating…”

“All right, let’s do it,”

“Very well, and what shall you dub me?”

L gave it a long thought before… “Sebastian…”

“It is done…”

He woke from his dream covered in sweat. He had been dead but by the power of a demon, he was alive, but only for a short time. He knew who Kira was, and he could arrest him but….where would be the fun in that?

Sebastian formed from the shadows of his room; L hadn’t heard him enter. The Butler pulled back the curtains before turning to L with a smile on his smooth face.

“Good morning, Master, I trust you slept well?” Sebastian asked, he was a mystery and L wasn’t used to not knowing the whole history of a person under his employ. Sebastian wouldn’t talk about it, no matter how hard L pressed him for information.

“Yes,” L lied.

“Ah, I see,” and Sebastian was pouring tea, “another nightmare?”

“Maybe…” and L sighed as he took the cup of Earl Gray.

“A healthy breakfast has been prepared, as always by myself, today we have poached salmon with a mint salad and for a side we have scones and muffins, what shall you take?”

“Muffins,” L replied dejectedly, Sebastian was a force to his sugar eating habits and it tended to make L rather put out. Sebastian nodded as he pulled out clothing from the wardrobe; “Today you have a meeting with Messrs. Near and Mello, then you have to go over the newest information on the Kira case. Afterwards you have a bit of free time before dinner,” Sebastian rattled off the days events as he brought the baggy jeans and long sleeved white t-shirt over to the bed.

L had pushed the covers away and he permitted Sebastian to pull the night shirt away before redressing him in the t-shirt and jeans. It was only a month since he had been revived by this Demon’s power and he was still getting used to the fact that Sebastian had things handled down to the last detail.

“Sounds fine,” he muttered. Sebastian smiled.

“Than I shall await your arrival in the dinning room,” and with that he turned and left the room. L sighed and finished the tea in the cup before going to the bathroom to take a piss, brush his teeth and wash his face. Afterwards he felt refreshed and in no time had arrived at the dinning room.

The Manor was given to him by the Queen after she had knighted him; it was a decent sized Manor and his staff was spotless in their histories and so he knew that they could be trusted with the cleaning and security. Sebastian ran a tight household as well. They had all fallen easily under his knowing hand. Even in these modern times, Sebastian knew his station and what was expected of him.

The Butler awaited him in the dinning room. A single setting for him at the head of the table; He stood behind the door, smiling cheerfully as always at L as he slouched over to take his seat.

“If Master always slouches, his back will never stretch out correctly,” it was a mild reproach but L didn’t care. Sebastian was prone to such things. He ate his muffin and the eggs with little interest. Usually he had sugar in the mornings; however, Sebastian insisted that a healthier meal should be prepared. L wasn’t going to tell Sebastian that he felt better for eradicating half the sugar he usually ate in a day. He was a Demon and knew these things, so L saw no point in telling him.

“Is something the matter, Master?” Sebastian asked. L shook his head in the negative and continued on ignoring the other. The sudden slamming of a door and two voices arguing made both L and Sebastian look to the closed door of the dinning hall as they swung open to knock against the wall. Thankfully, they did not swing back.

“What the hell is up with this, first you’re dead and then you aren’t!” Mellow yelled; his hands were fisted at his side. Behind him Near was smirking.

“Ah, you’re early,” Sebastian had a raised eyebrow, as if this wasn’t in his plans but he continued politely,
“would you like to sit down? There is enough breakfast for everyone,”

“I don’t want to eat,” Mello seemed dejected.

“Not I, we are here on business after all,” Near nodded.

“Very well, I faked it, there,” L said simply and continued eating the muffins. Sebastian had brought extra because he knew that L hated mint salad.

“That’s it?” Mello blinked.

“Yes,” L shrugged.

“How?” Near asked. He wasn’t prone to one worded questions but it was the only one he could think since he was just as surprised as Mello.

“I don’t know,” L shrugged again.

“Master, you are being careless,” Sebastian bent over L and brought the other’s napkin up to wipe at crumb covered lips. Mello and Near gaped at this, no one had ever dared do that to L. Granted, they had never met the man so…

“I am not,” L pouted.

“What Master meant to say, is that he had me take care of the matter,” Sebastian turned a glowing smile to them, “And I am nothing but one hell of a Butler,”

“That’s weird….” Mello muttered.

“Now, if that is all, Master has other business to attend to,” Sebastian said as he shooed the children – to him they were children – out of the dinning hall. L glared as he returned to L’s side.

“What the hell was that all about?” he demanded.

“I wouldn’t know,” Sebastian said as he poured L another cup of tea, of which L immediately put ten sugar cubes into just to spite the Demon.

- - -

Kira was no where to be found. Light was good, not better than L. However, the other still posed a threat and since he believe that L was dead, he had assumed the roll and now the Real L had a bit of a problem. He either had to use one of his other assumed names to bring Kira down…or...regain his title.

He sighed and twirled the lolli in his mouth for what seemed to be the fifth hundredth time as he thought about the problem. He could use Near and Mello as his cover. He could tell them what to do in order to bring Kira to his knees.

But it felt fake and part of the deal was to do it himself. Wasn’t that why Sebastian had brought him back from the dead to begin with? To do this personally? That was why the Demon did as he was told, that was why Sebastian protected him – so that he didn’t die before he killed Kira. That would be the end and Sebastian would eat his soul.

It was a price that he was willing to make, now that he had met the afterlife and didn’t like one bit of it. In the end, it was boring and…he wanted to see Kira die by his own hands. Not those of the two who vied for his position. No, they would never understand.


L looked up, surprised that Sebastian was there, fawning over him as per usual; “Luncheon?”

The tea tray was over flowing with all sorts of food and sweets, L liked snack foods the best and Sebastian made what L could never find at a five star restaurant. The tea was poured and this time it was rose with orange. He chomped down on a pink petite fore with enthusiasm.

“Have you found anything of usefulness?” Sebastian asked, not as constrained by the rules of the 1800’s England he had know by Ceil Phantomhive’s side, he could – almost – freely ask questions when his curiosity got the best of him.

“Kira has taken my name and is keeping the investigation alive,” L replied.

“He is a formidable fore, I hope you are up to the challenge,” Sebastian said with a soft smirk disguised as a pleased smile at simply serving his Master. L gave him a hard look.

“What are you saying?” L asked.

“Don’t forget, you have to get close to him in order to kill him,” Sebastian winked as if this was an inside joke and not L’s second Death they were talking about.

“I know the rules,” L replied.

“These cannot be bent or circumference,” Sebastian said; pointedly looking at L’s hidden eye. Behind a long fringe of black hair was the Faustian brand that marked L as Sebastian’s till their Contract was fulfilled. Sebastian wore the same mark on his right hand as his own reminder. This was the way Deals with the Devil went. There were no loopholes.

“You’re not going to compare me to your precious Phantomhive, are you?” L deadpanned.

“Of course not, though…” Sebastian leaned in till he was just breaths away from Kissing L, “His Soul was stronger than your own even when he was alive, I wonder if you were really worth this or not…” he stood to his full height and turned to refill L’s cup, “Alas, I have been wrong before,”

“You say that as if you didn’t care,” L muttered.

“I don’t,” Sebastian replied, “Though, William and the other Reapers will have some big problems with this Shinigami of Kira’s,”

“Why is that?” L asked.

“Because, apparently, a Death Note isn’t something one can just go and write names down in, it’s pre-decided by the higher ups of the Shinigami who dies and when,” Sebastian cocked his head to the side, “I am sure they are very aware of the situation,”

“How can I meet these other Shinigami?” L asked.

“I am sure they will show up, sooner or later,” Sebastian smiled pleasantly. L ate a sweet apple pie bun as he thought about this bit of information.

- --

William T. Spears didn’t get his job just by dawdling his thumbs. No, he was better than most at this job, only the Undertaker surpassed him and even though he was retired, sometime she was called in on the most pressing of cases.

That being of the soul named L Lawliet, who was supposed to have gone to hell – he was alive and there was only one reason for it: the Demon who had gone by the name Sebastian Michaelis. William could have screamed when he found out that the Abomination was once again interfering in the job.

However, he wasn’t allowed to just walk up to Light Yagami and take the rejected Death Note. Death Notes that are rejected are done so for a reason and sent to a realm that is only opened by Shinigami. How this realm could have brought about its own….that was unheard of and a problem he would have to take care of. He either had to destroy the realm completely and find another way to destroy the rejected Death Notes, or seal it up for good, in which case he was back as square one.

Rejected Death Notes didn’t happen often, but when it did it was a problem. If they fell into the wrong hands, any number of humans could die before their time. Add to the fact that the Death Note was blank…well. Normally, one couldn’t chose the Death of a Human either. However, William knew from a Rejected Death Note that whoever had gained power in the Other Realm – had the presence of mind to make some very substantial rules.

He glared at the safe that was confidently sitting atop his desk. His hand never stopped at signing off on the papers after they were carefully read. He was a pro and so got his work done at a good clip. Beside his elbow was a cup of tea he sipped at every once in a while.

He wouldn’t be able to get away any time soon to look in on the matter first hand; Which meant…he could shoot himself just thinking of the red haired Shinigami, but he had no choice.

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