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They Called It Tourette's

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They called it everything but Tourette's (Mikey's P.O.V.)

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The eyes roll back. The throat produces whimpering sounds. The eyebrows scrunch together. The knee twists. The throat makes soft breathing noises. The stomach presses out. The jaw moves to the side. The wrist tightens. The shoulder pushes back. The left eye winks.

They called it habits.

Questions were asked. Assumptions were made. Doctors were contacted. Tests were conducted. Accurate results were non-existent. Comments were said. Commands were given. Annoyances were screamed.

They called it attention-seeking.

Habits were camouflaged. Feelings were forgotten. Social skills were lost. Friendships were broken. Words were spoken less. Lies were told. Fears were developed.

They called it timidity.

Ignorance was constant. Reliability was gone. Anger was over-used. Frustration was present. Shame was unbearable. Hatred was found. Loneliness was always. Physical pain was felt. Mental pain was inflicted. Assistance was not offered.

They called it life.

The neurologist was seen. The conclusion was correct. The understanding was discovered. The loneliness was behind. The shame was no longer. The frustration was lessened. The relief was found.

They finally called it Tourette’s.
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