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Matt's life is like an emotional rollercoaster; some ups, but mostly downs. You choose the ending, happy, or sad? MattxMello

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Author's Note: Hello people, this is my first time putting a story onto this site ^^ To be honest, for now I'm just going to be rewriting my fanfiction on and posting it here for now. Please enjoy the first chapter of Rollercoaster!
Disclaimer- If I owned Death Note, I would make Light fall in love with L and get Matt and Mello together.


Chapter One:

Matt stepped into the apartment he shared with Mello with a bounce in his step,eager to see his blonde lover again."I'm home, Mello!!" He called cheerfully to his boyfriend.

Silence greeted him.

Matt frowned, taking out his cigarette; he knew Mello was home,his shoes were there. The redhead grinned thinking that the blonde was probably asleep, and Matt was the lucky one who had the chance to wake up the trigger-happy man. "This is great," he smiled to himself. Mello looked like an angel while asleep.

Smirking, Matt went up to their bedroom door, the stopped. Was it just his imagination or was noises coming from the room...?

"Oh! N-near!! More! More!"


"Faster, Near!! Faster!!"

Grunts and groans filled the hallway, and made their way up to Matt's ears.

"N-no..." Matt whispered "Mello is not cheating on me with Near!" Matt reached for the door, his breathing ragged. With an unsteady heart, he opened the door.

Matt just stood there, his heart desperately trying to take in what was in front of him. "No..." he whispered distraught, his heart breaking.

Mello turned to him, his eyes wide. "Shit! Matt!" Mello got off of Near and swiped up his clothes. Near just sat up and smirked from his position on the bed.

Matt slowly turned around, and then bolted out the door. "Wait!! Matt!" Mello yelled after him, clambering up.

Ignoring him, Matt rushed out the building, tears running down his cheeks. Why had he been so stupid? He knewthat Near like Mello, and he knewthat Mello found the white haired genius attractive. But he had still holden on to the strand of hope that Mello loved him and not the smarter, cuter boy. "How stupid of me..." Matt smiled bitterly; there was only one thing to do.


Mello was getting worried; he had been searching for Matt for over half an hour now and still couldn't find him. "I need to find him," He muttered "I need to explain!"

That's when he saw him.

The red head was climbing up of the top of a high business building, his small frame barely noticeable amid the brightly coloured ads plastered on the building. Mello looked up, not believing his eyes. "No!!" He cried, already taking off towards the building, oblivious towards the strange looks the other people were giving him. "Not my Matt!"

When Mello finally found Matt, he was standing on the ledge of the roof.

"Matt," Mello whispered, distraught "Please Matt, get down."

Matt turned to him, and Mello was astonished to see that he was smiling. "Hey, Mello." He chirped cheerfully. "I finally realize what it's like to be second." He took off his orange-tint goggles. "I don't want to be second, Mello. So I'm going away. Permanently."

"No!!" yelled Mello "I only did it because Near was blackmailing me!"

Matt shook his head, "I don't believe you." Matt smiled one last sad smile and took a step off the roof.


hehe ^^ alright people, a SAD or a HAPPY ending? Tell me in can you review on this site? :) what will it be?
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