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Its Okay To Be Messed Up

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Gerard and Mikeys Dads a homophobe.. What will happen when Gee tells Mr Way about his new boyfriend?? FRERARD

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"Be straight!"
"No! I wont be straight"
"Thats It Im taking your bike!"
"Nah! thats it its gone..."
"What did she ever do to you?!"
"Its Bloody hot pink! with its fucking tassles! and its ri God damn dicioulis purple basket!"
"I like it! it makes me complete!!!"
"Fuck you Gerard!"
"And Im the gay one?" I smiled walking out the door.

"Get back here... You! hey Emo!"
"Whats with the man bag!"
"Its not a man bag... Its a purse"
"FAG!" Dad screamed slamming the door in my face.

"God people these days" I muttered walking down the stairs.
and went off to school


I sat in the back left corner of the classroom with my head down drawing a way for my Dad to die.

"Blood blood blood... Stab stab stab... Cut cut cut... Blood blood blood... Dead dead dead" I wispered to myself.
I looked up to find a few people giving me a concerned look... It made me hang my head even lower.

The teacher walked in and begain rambling something about english and not drawing... Blah blah blah

"And Frank. Why are you late again?"
"Uhh I had a family problem"
"Always your answer now go sit down before you make an idiot of yourself some more"
What a cunt.. How dear he speak to an Emo like that!

He sat opposite me... On the other side of the room like me.. Head down.
What was wrong with him? He was always like this.
didn't talk, Didn't even make eye contact with anyone.... True little Emo.

I pulled out my phone and searched my bluetooth. A few minutes later I was searching through the names that had poped up such as
'football king'
then I found one that said
'Gay Emo PrideXO'

And then I sent the user a request to swap numbers and hoped like Hell it was Frank.

I saw Frank look up in confusion and pull out his phone looking at his screen very close and very angrily
He pulled it away and I'm amazed it didn't zoom across the room. He jabbed at a few buttons angrily
He slammed his phone viciously down on the desk causing me to jump a tad Rooftops style.

My phone buzzed and I looked at the screen it informed me that Frank had accepted my whats it and had sent his number to me.
I sent him a text





-y wer u so mad


-bcoz y

ur face



-meet u sumwer

bike shed

-lunch tym

no sht shrlok


u r

I put down my phone in confusion and shot him a look.
He grinned viciously.

he stood up and said loudly

"Teacher, Teacher this boys abusing me!" Then collapsed into his chair pretending to cry.
The teacher shot a warning look at me

"Gerard Way!"
"Yes?" I asked innocently.
"Ask this boy if he needs to go to the nurse"
I looked at Frank

"Umm Do you need to go to the nurse?"
"Mmmhm" Frank mumbled.
"Okay Gerard, Frank you can be excused"

Frank walked out before me and lent against the door.

"What the fuck was that?!" I wispered

I felt a strong grip around my wrist and started being dragged down the hallway.
He weaved me through the people like a maze then took a sharp turn into the bathroom causing me to hit my nose on the door.

"What the fuck man!?"
He just grinned at me.

Oh god I'm gonna die.

Two firm hands were placed on my shoulder blades as I got shoved into a cubicle

"Um um um um um um Frank this isn't the nurse!"
"I know that dickhead"
"Woah... O-"

Uhhh Why are Franks lips on mine?
Why is his tongue in my mouth...
and WHY are his fucking hands down my pants!!!


I walked out of the cubicle completely shocked...
Did that actually just happen?

Did.. I .. We all knew I was gay but NOW!!! Now I know HE'S gay too.

"See ya at lunch time Gerard" He hissed before walking into the sunlight causing a whole bunch of hissing noises.

My back found the wall as I slid down it with my head in my hands...
I never thought I would have fucked a boy.. Frank in the bathrooms at my school. Talk about a hard days work.

The bell went and I knew I had to go to next period.

I looked out the door to see if Frank was there... No where to be seen.
I headed to maths.

Luckily I wasn't late. I kept my head down and walked to the back of the room but got stoped by someone.. Someone in the seat next to mine.. Nobody sits next
to me.

I looked up and no shit Frank was looking back at me. We mouthed a simple hello and I took my seat.

I was focusing on my desk when a piece of paper cut my wrist.

I looked out the corner of my eyes to find Frank licking his lips.
He ripped my hand up to his mouth and began sucking at my blood.. What the fuck?

"Uh Mr Iero is everything okay down there?"
"Its fine sir" I smiled.
Frank had dropped my hand on the desk and I read what the paper said.


What the fuck?

'Why are you in my maths class?'
'asked to get put in here'
'see you' He wrote with a smiley face.

aw damn hes cute for a weird blood sucking, Boy fucking,- emo.


I looked up to find Frank smiling at me.


He began writting again.

'Gerard Way fucks like a stallion'

I read it choked on saliva.

"Mr Way are you okay down there?"
"yes.. no.. I mean yip"
"Good... If I can continue"

I looked at Frank who had an evil grin playing on his face.
Now what the fuck could this kid possiably have come up with now?

I looked down at my paper I was drawing on when I felt something slipping down my pants.
My eyes widened and I sat up straight in my seat... I feel like I'm in the Military.

I looked to Frank who continued to smile at me
His hands progressed into my boxers.
I went hard instiantly at the contact of Franks hand.

I gripped onto the edge of my desk trying to contain my moans.
I began to break a sweat.

Frank knew excatly what he was doing.. He went fast then slowed right down.
twisted around the rim of my head.
Slowly stroked back down then up fast.
Twisted around my base.

I knew I was close... so close.
Frankie began speeding up.
He was going so fast I began to think he was about to rip my dick off.

Theres no way I can keep my moaning in.
My arms sat on my desk folded. I threw my head into my arms and began biting at my flesh.

Frank rubbed me straight into orgasim.
at the same time I began to climax

"Uhh".. "Uhh" "Oh fuck" "Ohh" I was wispering.. I wont be able to keep it a wisper very much longer.

I came hard.. all over Frank, All over me and probably the school.

"Uhhhnn!!!!" I cried causing everyone to turn and look at me.
By this stage Frank had his head down like he was pretending to do work

"Mr Way! outside now!" Mr Murry called.

I stood outside blushing.

"Mr Way, what the heck was that about?!"
"I'm sorry sir, I think my mind went on vacation for a while and I had no idea what was happening" I answered quickly with an obvious lie
"Go home. Your suspended for the day!"
"Go home"

"Let me get my bag" I said walking back into the class room.

Frank gave me a concerned look.

"Gotta go home" I wispered to him.

I smiled and walked out.

I stood by the front gates and text Frank.

'wana cum help me out? im screaming 4 ur tuch =)'

I pulled out my iPod and started listening to Queen.

'wer u @' Frank text back
'frnt g8'
'c ya ina few xx'

I sat there smiling. I don't know why the sudden attraction to Frank but it just feels good.

"Heya baaaby" Frank said kissing my cheek.
"Hello again" I said taking his hand in mine.

"I was thinking maybe, we could go back to mine?"
"Who's there?" Frank asked standing up.
"Nobody. Dads at work and Mikeys at school"
"... Whos Mikey?"
"Little brother"
"Is he like you?"
"sure is" I smiled.

"Sweet. Well lets go to yours then" Frank smiled yet again.

I put my iPod back in my bag and started walking down the road with Frank.


"So this is where you live?" Frank asked walking towards the stairs
"sure is" I said leading the way up the stairs and unlocking the door

"Wow.. this is a really nice house" Frank said looking around at the pictures on the wall.
"meh.. Its okay"

I walked to the kitchen taking 2 cokes from the fridge.

"What time will someone be home?" Frank asked walking up to me.
"Uhh.. 3:20.. When Mikey gets home" I said giving Frank a coke.
"Thats good" he smiled viciously again.
"Whys that?" I said as Frankie ran his hands up the inside of my top..

"We've got an hour before Mikey gets home... We could really make this last" He smiled taking my top off.
"Yes we do" I said putting my hands on Franks hips.

"Lets go to my room" I smiled taking Franks hand.
"yeah, Lets"

I walked into my room with Frank right behind me
There was no talking being done..

Franks lips went onto mine as we tried to undress each other.

"f-fuck" Frank moaned as I licked his neck.
"G-Gerard.. Fuck me" He growled in my ear..

I pulled his pants off as I put my mouth back onto his.. I could feel him growing against my thigh as I'm sure he could feel me.

Frank had my pants on the ground as I pulled off my boxers.
I ran a hand down Frank as he shook and let out soft moans.

Frankie sat on my bed as I sat on his knees
His lips made there way back to mine as we fell backwards onto my bed...

I spat in the palm of my hand to lube me up...
Frank looked at me as a huge smile took over his face.... He knew what was about to happen.

I pushed a finger inside Frank as far as it could go before adding another one... Once I had my fingers up far enough I spread them apart to strech Frank.
When I was sure he was ready I place my dick at his entrance...

"Are you sure?" I asked Frankie who had his legs wrapped around my waist..
"Yip" he smiled.

I pushed myself into him and stoped at his entrance
How ever Frank pushed himself down onto me so I was inside him..

To start with I pulled out slowly and went back in slowly as Frank thrusted in time with me
I took his hard cock in my hand as I began to pump him in time with my thrusting.. But that didn't seem to work

"b-baby, I can take care of myself" He smiled taking my hand off his dick as he place a hand over his own erection and place his left hand in my hair
Each time I pulled out I thrust in harder and faster

"f-faster" Frank demanded from under me.

I did just as he wanted.
I went faster and faster and could feel my climax coming..
Sure enough I hit orgasim seconds before Frankie

I came hard inside him as I let out a finial scream of his name
Frank exploded all over mine and his stomachs.

I thrust into him at a completely slowed pace
As we both tried to get our breath.

"Hey Gee, AHHHHHHH!!!" Mikey cried slaming the door shut.

"M-Mikey" was all I managed to tell Frank.
Who just nodded at me..

I wiped the sweat of my forehead as I pulled out of Frank and lyed next to him..

We were there for roughly 15 minutes getting our breath back.

"Should I take you to meet Mikey?" I smiled sitting up when a sudden sound of Barbie Girl shook the house
"maybe not?" Frank said leaning his head on my shoulder.

"Lets get dressed so you can go home" I said climbing over him.

I helped him up as we both got dressed.
When we were dressed I pulled him into my chest placing a kiss on the top of his head.
He looked up to my lips as I pressed them to his.

He is so fucking adoriable.

"Gerard, Mikey! You boys home?!"

"Whos that?" Frank asked me..
"My retard of a Dad"

Mikey came running into the room and hid behind me.

"Its okay Mikes... I've got a plan" I told him as I gave him a hug.
"what is it?"
"come watch..I promise you it'll be worth it" I said hugging him again.

"yeah Mikes?"
"Are you and Frank like.." He lowered his voice to a wisper
"Like together?" He said.

"yeah" I smiled walking out of my room.

"Hey Dad, we're here"
"Oh! and Dad?"
"What is it Gerard!?"
"I have someone for you to meet"
"So help me God if it isn't a girl"
"Dad, I'd like you to meet my new.... Boyfriend. Frank" I smiled as Frank walked out before Mikey..

I'm sure I could see Dads face turing red.

I walked Frank to the door.

"I'll see you tomorrow Baby.. Thanks for everything you did for me today"

"What did he do for him??" I heard Dad ask Mikey.
"well they we're having sex when I came home" I heard Mikey try to say without laughing.

I kissed Franks lips as he grabbed my ass.
We heard a thud and as we turned around Dad was lying on the ground.

Dead.. from a heart attack.
Nah, Just kidding... He fainted..
Mikey stood there smiling

"Guess I will be getting my Pink bike back after all. Aye Dad" I smiled kicking him.


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