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think you know a guy

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There above us was a very pissed off Bob, he was standing on the roof of the three storied building dressed in, what apears to be his boxers. I could feel his anger radiating off him from where i was. The screams turned into quite laughter, which only angered Bob more.
Shaking my head in amused disapointment, i turned around to question Ray
"what the hell?!!!!" i yelled.
right before me was not Ray but my brother and best friend MAKING OUT!
the two of them stopped and looked at me with innocent eyes.

"oh, hi Gee" Mikey said, then looked up "why is Bob on the roof half naked?"
"i dont know and i dont care! and dont change the subject!! how could you do this Mikey!"
"do what?"he asked and i pointed at Frank who was looking at his shoes.
"oh. see......"
before he could say another word i lept at him, grabbing his shoulders and shaking him hard.
i didn't have time for this, i want answers NOW!

"Gerard stop it!, it wasn't his fault" Frank yelled tackling me to the skanky ground.
how he over powered me, i have no idea, but he had me pinned.
"what do you mean it wasn't his fault?" i asked looking up into his sweet pale face.
"well i guess he did start it"
"not helping" i growled
"okey okey, Mikey asked me if i knew what it was like to kiss a guy, i said that i was probably the same as kissing a girl, but then he said he had never kissed a girl, and he wouldn't shut up so i kissed him!"
what the hell? Mikey wanted to know what it was like to kiss a guy?
and OMG hes never kissed a girl!

its weird. here i lay, with Frank on top of me, and yet i feel jealous.
why? and of what? that Frank kissed Mikey but not me? nah... that cant be it...
"could you let me up?" i asked
"will you hit me?"
"okey" he rolled off me and jumped to his feet, i did the same though with less energy.
Mikey stood about a meter away from me, i think he was scared that i would try to attack him again.

"well this is awkward" Ray anounced.
"does anyone even know why Bob is on the roof?" i asked
"he had it coming" Frank muttered to himself but to us he said "well i must head home to get my shit together for tonight, cya" with that he disapeared into the crowd.
"im sorry Gerard, if i knew you liked Frank i wouldnt have let him do it"
i looked at Mikey evily.
"i dont like Frank!" damn i responded to quickly
he raised his eyebrow at me
"you dont? well then why did you mind me kissing him?"
"my little brother was making out with my best friend! how can i NOT mind that"
"thats true but.....ugh im not letting this go" he ran off.
"idiot. forgot we live together and that i can make his life a living hell, not to mention tell the whole school that he hasn't kissed a girl"
"dont be mean" Ray said "and anyway Frank counts more as a girl thn a boy"

"i am going to kill Frank next time i see him" Bob growled walking up to us.
he had found his clothes and was quickly pulling them on.
"what did you do to make him do that?" Ray sighed
"and when did he do it?" i added
"i think i said something about his height and the next thing i knew i was half naked up on the roof, this was about an hour ago"
which explains why he wasnt in drama....

"yeah well you can kill him tomorrow, but not tonight at my MANover" hehe MANover.
"but Gerard!"
"no Bob, cant you just settle to insults for tonight" i asked
"your such a nice friend Gerard" Ray said "well my bus is here so laters" and then the fro and the poor soul it took over was gone.
"i guess i could try....but i demand to be payed!!"
"i'll pay you in Mr Cheese" i said holding out my hand
"DEAL!!!!" Bob screamed while shaking my hand like the mad man he is.
"now thats settled i better get home so that i can remove all breakable things from the living room"
"oh come on, were not that bad"
i raised my eyebrow
"well okey, we are, but its not like we do it on purpose"
pfff whatever.


what the hell do you take to a guys sleepover?
im guessing a change of clothes and....well thats about it.
i looked around my room in confusion.
bloodly hell why did Gerard have to come up with such a girly idea.
hes such a girl!
with a guys body,
a really good looking guys body and very very beautiful eyes.........
but anyway so far all i have packed are clothes for tomorrow,eyeliner, my ipod and a little suprise for the guys.
im ready to head out and its only 5:36, a new record!

but why make a reputation of always being late to social gatherings and then one day come early?
so i skipped downstairs to the living room and sat myself down in front of the tv, which had my most favourite movie "mean girls" playing.
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