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The battle against Naraku is finally over, but what will Kagome do when she finds that living in her own born time is practically unbearable? When Inuyasha is just as miserable will they find thei...

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Captivated Hearts.

Inuyasha retraced his steps along the broken path that led to the well for the twentieth time. He was trying to remember her. The way she smelled, her laugh, and the way her forehead had an unmistakable crinkle when she was about to sit him... There had been something he had forgotten. Something about that last hug and in that last kiss.
It was in her eyes.
There had been something, which kept replaying over in his memories. Taunting. The battle had finally incurred, they won... the journey came to its rightful end and she had decided going home would be the best option for all. But there had been something in her eyes that he had never seen before. It was a lust, a need, a painful goodbye. Her eyes had been glazed over threatening to betray her victory of controlling the tears from falling. They kissed, but she broke it and turned away. He remembered he had grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"Wait Kagome..." He could hear himself say ever so softly. She stood there trying to avoid his eyes if not only for the sake of her own pride, as he lifted the gold locket from around his neck. He had kept it close to his heart since the very day that she had given it to him. Despite his false agitation, he had treasured it from the start. Finally he caught her gaze and lifted the necklace over her head, grabbing her face with the both of his hands as the locket came to rest upon her collarbone. He pushed his forehead against hers and stared into her watery eyes.

"Don't go Kagome... Don't leave me here alone without you." He whispered to her. Pushing his forehead back with hers, she kissed him tearfully. That was when she turned and left him standing alone... close to tears.

He hadn't seen her since that day eight months ago. Sango and Miroku had gone from him and started their life together with new and endless promise now that Miroku's Kazaana had been broken, but they hadn't left without objections. Miroku seemed the most worried about leaving Inuyasha behind, but after a deliberation... Inuyasha finally convinced them that he would be fine... pointing out that he had been okay before anyone came along and that he would be now that everyone was gone. Shippo had disappeared the day that Kagome left. Unfortunately the group gave up their search for the kitsune when nothing bad turned up and just as well assumed that he had gone on with his own life. In the end, that left Inuyasha... the pathetic fucking hanyou dog-demon living in his memories. Letting out a long sigh he laid on his back beneath the canvas of lights and stared up at the night's sky... at the wondrous array of stars above him knowing... that he was looking at Kagome's past, 500 years before she was even thought of in the world she now inhabited. Inuyasha pulled himself from the grass and strolled over to one of the nearby sakura trees and tried to relax his aching soul, body. He closed his eyes.

"Tomorrow Kagome..." He said aloud. "Tomorrow I will come back through to find you... first thing in the morning." He had to tell her he loved her. He had to say all the things he left unsaid; it was killing him far too much to live without her.

** * * * * * * * * ***

Kagome lay in her bed fresh from a 'relaxing' bath. It was supposed to have been relaxing, but nothing could relax or calm her restless spirit. Subconsciously, her hand reached to the heart pennant that had laid to rest around her throat. She stood and walked over to her window twisting the chain in her fingers. Staring at the perfect stars that lit the night, her thoughts drifted to a time 500 years past, to a boy bound to a tree and to a journey that ended as quickly as it had begun. Of what Kagome knew was the source of her aching heart. She wondered how, within the three years she had been with him, she ended up loving him unlike anyone she had ever known. She wondered what he was doing at that very moment 500 years ago. If I would have stayed... what would that have meant? For my family, their lives, my life. Truthfully, she had decided that she didn't want to come back. She would have rather lived in the feudal era with Inuyasha, struggling with a few minor inconveniences that she hadn't gotten used to quite yet, than live in the present with all her daily stresses... Alone. Somewhere... something inside of her heart told her not to leave him standing there near the well, while another part of her... told her that she didn't belong there. She was screwing with the future just by being there so long. She knew that. The only reason she had stayed was due to the fact it was her fault the jewel shattered in the first place. She never expected to become so close to Inuyasha, to meet Shippo, Sango and Miroku along the way. She never wanted to make any personal attachments, but she couldn't help it.

Without realizing it, Kagome had started to cry. She could feel the sting of her warm salty tears, as they treaded down her porcelain cheeks.

"I'm so sorry for leaving. I wish I could find the strength to go back... to tell you all that I feel but... never said. I just... I just can't do it." She hit her knees crying considerably so, that she could feel the sobs catching and hiccupping in her throat. She opened the locket and gazed at the photos within the hearts, focusing mainly on Inuyasha's face. His teeth were sharp, his eyes burning with annoyance. She laughed thinking about that day in the picture booth when Sota put the money in and it started to take pictures of them. He had thought it was a demon, that they were being threatened. It hadn't been too long after, that they had shared their first kiss; she saved him from his inner self that day. Leaning her back against the side of her bed, she reached out for a pillow that sat on the mattress, clenching it in her arms; she softly shut the locket, hearing a slight clink as it snapped closed. She could feel her energy drained from her body as she attempted to pull her exhausted body onto the mattress. The day had been long... grueling and unsatisfactory to say the least. The bath was her last hope, which had miserably failed in its purpose. When she was finally able to get onto the mattress, she turned from her stomach to her back and stared up at her ceiling. She could see him before her, in her mind of course, and she imagined him throwing another tantrum because she had decided that she needed to go back for a few days, or getting annoyed by Shippo's constant teasing and joking. She could almost see those Amber eyes staring into her own. To prevent her tears from falling yet again, she tightly shut her eyes and turned to her side. Get some sleep Kagome; it's been eight months already, you must move on with your own life. She tried to imagine her life going on the way it had been, with only a memory of a boy that she once loved residing in her mind. She tried to think of school considering that she was merely just in high school, but as hard as she tried, it only made matters worse by far. She couldn't get that beautiful hanyou boy out of her thoughts. Her tears attacked again at the meager image of him in her mind.

"Oh Inuyasha..." She whispered to the empty room, to the vacant ceiling above her once again choking on her tears. She disdainfully closed her eyes realizing that everything was crumbling in her heart.

About an hour after she finally fell asleep, the sun had begun to peek the horizon bringing the cruel days light through Kagome's sheer curtains. Kagome turned her head to the clock that sat positioned at an angle on her night table. Seeing that it was almost 6 am, she lethargically pushed her body up from her mattress, she knew that this was going to be another hard day considering that she hadn't been able to sleep the previous night; she had no real motivation to make any effort. Realizing this, Kagome simply pulled her uniform on and threw her hair in a rubber band. She was as ready as she wanted to be for the rest of the day.

Her entire school-day consisted of walking in a zombie-like trance trying desperately, but failing, to see past her loneliness and need to see that silver haired demon boy with the ears and red kimono. It had been a challenging and flawed attempt for peace. Hojo must have been sensing her discomfort especially at that moment, because he seemed to be paying even more attention to her than he ever had before. Normally, she would have welcomed his friendly gestures, but on this day she just found it annoying. Like the small knat that kept trying to fly in your eyes, she wished she could just swish him away. But it didn't work that way with people, she knew that. Only an idiot didn't.

** * * * * * * * * ***

Inuyasha awoke in the empty silence of the lonely sakura tree near the vacant well. As his eyes adjusted to the sun, he stretched his tired arms and leapt from the tree in which he had found solitude. She was yet again the first thing that crossed his mind as he made his way down the broken path that led to the well.

"Fuck..." He muttered under his breath. He could still catch her lingering scent in his nostrils, even after all this time. He had to see her again, touch her; he needed her... more than he ever wanted to admit to even himself. Inuyasha peered over the well's edge into its core. "Let's see if this thing still works Inuyasha..." He said aloud to himself as he jumped into the vast abyss below, the mysterious portal that transported him to another time... another world. It still worked. When he came out on the other side, it was dark; he recognized the beat up old shrine from the many times he had come through before. Without much of anymore thought, Inuyasha made his way towards Kagome's house. The day's light struck him when he opened the door of the shrine, causing him to squint his eyes considerably to scope out his destination. When his pupils adjusted, Inuyasha looked out towards the house. Where the hell is her window? He thought. Then, he spotted it. It was at the other end of the home only a short distance from the shrine. He darted to the roof and walked to a spot right above the bedroom. Carefully, Inuyasha peeked inside the room... it was empty. /She must be at the place she calls school. /Knowing this, Inuyasha sat on the tiles that lined the roof and awaited her arrival back.

** * * * * * * * **

When her day finally came to its end, Kagome unlocked her bicycle from the bike rack in front of her school. Finding she was just too exhausted to ride home, she opted to walk her bike the rest of the way. It was getting dark as she made her way up the pebbled drive, and she indolently pulled the bike with her looking more and more forward to her comfortable bed and a dreamless sleep with every step she took.

Her mother and a fine yunomi of Sencha and Gyokuro tea greeted her as she stepped through the front door.

"Oh! Arigatou Gozaimasu! You have no idea how much I needed this mom." She eagerly grasped the yunomi from her mother's offering hands and started to make her way up the stairs to her bedroom.

"Aren't you hungry Kagome?" She questioned.

"Iie, not right now mom, I am too exhausted to even think of food! This tea will serve me plenty for tonight."

"Well, Sota is at his friends' house for the night, and I am going out to dinner with one of my group friends. I will have a cell on me, have the house to yourself. Do me a favor Kagome...?" She lovingly touched Kagome's arm.

"What mother?"

"Please try to get out of this depression, I hate to see you so upset all the time dear. And please, eat something later okay? There is some left over food from yesterday in the fridge." She kissed Kagome's forehead and swept the hair from her daughter's eyes. Smiling.

"Hai, I promise to." She shot back to her mother's figure at the base of the stairs. Kagome made it to her room and shut the door, leaning against it for a second. She lifted the warm tea to her nose and inhaled the refreshing and calming aroma it exuded. After sipping it slowly, she placed the yunomi on her desk and walked towards the window to examine the sunset. Her thoughts were still racing over the events of the day, over her thoughts of the day. Over Inuyasha. Turning back to the tea on the desk, she lifted the yunomi to her lips and made her way to her dresser, setting the drink back down as she opened the drawer. She pulled out a strappy negligee-type bed gown, then slipped out of her school clothes and into the nightgown. She could feel him, his presence with her even though he was 500 years in the past. She could almost hear his quiet curses that he thought nobody else could hear. She could almost... that's so silly Kagome! She thought to herself not even letting her last imagining settle into her thoughts or finish its self. Deciding to prevent her thoughts from interrupting another nights' sleep, she turned around to shut out her light for the evening.

Then she saw him. It took but a moment for her mind to register what she was seeing.

"Inuyasha!" she cried as the hanyou in the vividly red kimono crawled through her window. He walked over to her slowly, stopping approximately five inches in front of her. A wave of shock overtook her emotions. She was frozen, speechless. His arms reached out to her as she lost all her abilities to stand, falling into them, eyes tightly closed. She was trying her damnedest not to choke on her own tears of confusion, depression, and need...

"Kagome, I don't know why I ever let you walk away that day." He whispered to her. "It was stupid, it was selfish, and it was..." He stopped when she looked up at him. Her gray eyes were glazed over teary. "Kagome I ... I'm sorry... please come back?" he pleaded with her. She pushed herself from his grasp and walked over to her bed.

"I ..." she trailed off before sharply turning; looked him square in the eyes. "You expect me to just leave my whole life behind Inuyasha? I don't /belong there... in the past. What would happen if I /did go back with you? What would that mean for this world? My family?" She softened her gaze when she noticed his posture of confidence slink. "Inuyasha, I love you... I pray you know that, but... sometimes... love just isn't enough." Kagome sat on the edge of the mattress and bit her lip to keep the tears from swelling. Letting out a defeated sigh, Inuyasha sat beside her.

"So, then... this really is goodbye?" He was trying to contain his own tears but it was proving difficult. He turned his body to hers and grasped her hands in his. "Kagome, I ... I cannot live without you. These last 8 months have been hell for me. I am not used to confessing, or being soft, but... I need /you." He shut his eyes and turned his head away. Damn tears... always make me weak,/ he thought.

"I wish I could tell you that I haven't felt the same. For the first two or three months I think I was in shock. I hate not being able to see you, to be with you. I'd like to believe that somewhere in the world there is a destiny, a reason. I'd really like to believe that I was supposed to fall through the well that day, but that just makes me feel that staying wouldn't affect anything. I... I just can't do that Inuyasha!" Inuyasha abruptly stood.

"Why the hell not!"

"Inuyasha what the hell is your problem! Why are you yelling at me?" She stood as well with a look of confusion washing over her face. He simply looked down, ashamed. She hated to see that look on his face, so much so that she couldn't bear to look.

"Go home Inuyasha. You don't belong here, and I don't need this... it hurts bad enough." Kagome walked towards her bathroom.

"I love you," he whispered quietly, but she still heard. She stopped as soon as the words were out of his mouth, and held on to the doorframe of the bathroom for support.

"I've... I've never heard you say that before Inuyasha." She turned towards him. He looked so sad, pathetic standing as he was. She slowly started to walk back towards him. "I mean, I always knew you did, but... I never heard those words ever pass your lips." She was standing in front of him now. He brought his hands to her shoulders.

"Yeah, well... I guess I just didn't want to admit it to myself. Loving you meant, possibly falling into the same fate my father faced. I know I am not like my brother, I know I am a half demon, but... it's still something that makes me feel weak. You make me weak and yet... strong at the same time and it confuses the hell out of me when we aren't together. I can't stand not knowing if you are in danger or seeing you sad... I'm not good with words Kagome... I'm sorry... I'm just not, but I wanted to tell you I love you. I regret that I was stupid enough to let you walk away like you did, without telling you how I feel. Without telling you that ... I love you. " She was trying to avoid his gaze. The amount of honesty that filled his voice and eyes was a bit too much to handle.

"I don't know what to say Inuyasha... I..." He caught her eyes deadlock in a fiery stare. There was a sense that washed over her. It was of calmness, of serenity. In that moment she wanted nothing more than for him to hold her in his arms, she loved the way his touch felt against her bare shoulders. She wanted to feel his safe embrace engulf her entire being. She leaned into his frame and let his arms wrap around her back and waist. Inuyasha pushed her back slightly and took her chin in his hands. Letting out a sigh of defeat she surrendered her lips to his, needing him. The desires were flaring within them both, and she couldn't take it. At 18 years old, she had already made up her mind that he was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. So many times she tried to convince herself that she was far too young to even think about that, but the way she felt had no boundaries. He was her first kiss, her first love; she wanted him to be her first everything. She couldn't believe that she was even thinking it but... she wanted him to make love to her, right at that moment. His kiss deepened as she tightly pulled herself closer by wrapping her arms around his neck. She staggered backwards slightly as he led her near her bed. Kagome swept his coat from his shoulders and ran her hands over the yellowish shirt beneath, eventually removing that as well. Inuyasha pulled Kagome's body up causing her to wrap her legs around his waist. He was stronger than she thought. She knew that he was strong, he had defeated all those demons, he had protected her all those times that could have been disastrous, but she didn't truly realize how strong he was until that very moment. For some reason it just never registered. She looked down at his face as he broke their kiss and lowered her delicate body onto the edge of the bed.

"We can't do this Kagome." She let out a disappointed tantrum-like moan at his objection.

"Why is that? Inuyasha you've never been one to rationalize something before... why all of a sudden?"

"Your family, I... I don't want to wake them or... do something and... well..."

"Well what?"

"Well, what if someone hears us? Or walks in because they hear something?" He was obviously nervous; she could tell by the way his breath kept catching in his throat as he tried to speak. She gave him a smug smile that seemed to make him even more nervous. Inuyasha had never seen that kind of lust before in any woman's eyes. It was the way that Miroku looked at Sango so many times before. It was a need, a want that he knew, but he couldn't exactly explain it very well. Her voice became deeper...

"Everyone is gone for the night, Inuyasha." Her smile turned to a serious face, she needed him and she knew he could see it in her eyes. A feeling of both fear and excitement filled his heart, and it skipped as she ran her hands over his muscular stomach and chest. Shivers of pleasure and anticipation plagued his body at her gentle touch. She once again had that smile on her face that told him that she wanted him. Reaching down to his hand, she pulled him towards her. He kissed her and brought one knee to the mattress as she started to move back towards the middle of the bed nearer wall. Her hands were still holding his, guiding them to her hips, her waist. His kisses moved from her lips to her neck. She made little moans to show him that she was definitely enjoying what he was doing. Her thin negligee suddenly seemed to feel as if it were suffocating her. She was burning with a desire that she never experienced before, and she needed the heat within to be quenched. At that moment, he was the only one that could calm her lust, and extinguish the fire within.

"Kagome..." he whimpered in to her neck as his hands moved up and across her thighs and backside. There was a hesitation in him, and he backed away. "I can't do this Kagome... this just... it isn't right."

"What's wrong Inuyasha?" she sounded as if she were going to cry. So this is what rejection feels like she thought to herself. "Is there something wrong with me? Or... are you afraid of me ... of /this/?" He could tell she was trying to mask her tears, trying to prevent them from falling down her already salt stained cheeks. He brought his hand to her distended face and brushed her tears as they fell.

"Don't cry, Kagome I meant it. I just... I just can't do this, not here. Not now." He kissed her forehead and took her hands in his. "Come with me Kagome. Please, I know you said that you couldn't but... please come with me, back to the feudal era, to me." He whimpered another please quietly to her ... he was begging. Kagome gave a sigh, she didn't understand why she didn't just go ... she wanted to be with him so bad, she wanted to be there so bad, so... why was it so hard?

"Let me think about it Inuyasha, okay?"

"Sure, I mean, I wouldn't want to rush you into something that you didn't want to do, I could never do that to you." He collected his stance and made his way to the window. Kagome bit her lip; she didn't want him to leave.

"Inuyasha?" she called out to him as he turned away from her. At the almost whisper-like mention of his name he spun around.

"Hai? What is it Kagome?" She looked down. There was a glimmer in his eyes, a hope in his voice. Come with me Kagome; please don't make me go back with out you.

"Stay." His attention shifted at her words, her eyes grasped his soul. It was as if her gaze was looking through him, through everything he was, everything he wasn't.

"Huh? How do you mean?" She took a step towards him never breaking eye contact.

"I mean... Stay. Inuyasha stay with me tonight, don't leave. They aren't here, please, don't go yet." She had a pleading look on her face as her hand reached out to his. "Will you?" She purred. He stood firm and took a deep breath in.

"Hai. Kagome I will." Inuyasha moved where her hands led him. If she couldn't be intimate with him yet, she would settle for his safe arms, that she had been longing for all these lonely months, wrapped around her tight. It had been too hard living without him, and by the look in his eyes, she knew that he had been suffering the same fate. He looked so lonely.../what about Shippo, Sango and Miroku?/ She thought. Lying on her side she felt his body press against her, his arm pull her waist closer to him. He grabbed her hand and she quickly held his to her heart.

"Inuyasha?" she asked him quietly.

"Hai Kagome? What is it?"

"Can I ask you something?" He coddled his face into the curve between her shoulder and neck, playfully placing a kiss on her shoulder letting out a grunt indicating permission to ask. Kagome took a minute to collect her words before speaking her thoughts. "Your eyes, they... they look so lonely... did you take off on your own after I left? What on earth happened to the others?" There was a short silence that filled the air. Kissing her neck, Inuyasha took in a breath.

"Shippo took off, and no one knew what happened. Don't worry... we were all pretty positive that he wasn't hurt or anything... then well, Sango and Miroku ... after deliberation of course, they went to start their lives together. I was actually glad to be without any company Kagome, I found it to be worse having them around... much to my surprise and even more so /to Sango's... that lecherous monk, well... he is actually faithful. Kinda make me think that perhaps it /was the Kazaana that possessed him... as silly as that sounds. /Anyways.../I couldn't stand to see how in love they were, to see that and know that I let you leave... that I didn't even put up a fight to let you go." He stopped. His words were caught in his voice, and she could feel the hot tears on her neck as he buried his 'shame' within her skin. She turned her body to face his and reached her tiny hands to his soiled face.

"Hold me Inuyasha," she whispered to him. "I don't think you will ever know how much I need you in my world." He pulled her close and rubbed her back with his fists.

"Come back with me Kagome...we can start a family of our own...together." He whispered to her as she tightly closed her eyes. They both knew it wasn't that easy. Though they wished it were, the truth was that... if Kagome went back, there was no telling what would happen to her present world, and... her family. But if Inuyasha stayed... how the hell would they be happy? Inuyasha could never adjust... people couldn't possibly adjust to him. Bluntly put, he was a demon, and no body knew about demons other than in the storybooks... It just could never work. She looked into his eyes sadly and he responded as if he could read her mind.

"I know all that stuff that goes along with us staying together, in both scenarios... but did you ever think that maybe you were meant to be in the past? There has to be a reason you came through the well, why you found me and were able to break the spell that Kikyo had placed on me 50 years prior... /I know /it has to be true... there has to be a reason that before you were able to return, the Shikon jewel was shattered." That thought had never even truly entered Kagome's mind before that moment. It was a thought that made more sense than anything else had to her. Inuyasha let out a sigh and laid on his back staring at the plain ceiling that she had so many nights prior, one arm behind his head. Kagome turned over on her stomach and laid her head on his chest. She fell asleep to the sound of his hanyou heart beating, a sound that brought her into a sleep well needed.

** * * * * * * * **

When Inuyasha awoke the next morning, he noticed Kagome sitting up, motionless and quiet. He reached a hand to her arm.

"What is it Kagome?" She took in a shaky breath.

"I have to say goodbye to my family." Inuyasha stared up at her from his position on the bed. Eyes wide.

"What? Kagome does that mean-"

"Hai." She said, emotionless as she cut him off before he could finish his question.

"But I ... I thought that ...that you couldn't come back to the feudal era Kagome." She turned her head to him as he lifted his body from the mattress to a sitting position.

"What you said last night, it... it made more sense than anything I have ever thought of. I honestly don't know why it didn't come to my head sooner, but you're right."

"What about exactly?" He looked so confused... her face was glazed over, in a state of shock that she hadn't figured it out earlier.

"You." Her voice became animated with joy.

"Me?? What about me, Kagome? That doesn't make sense." His face only became more distorted as he tried to figure out what she meant. She grabbed his hands.

"Don't you get it? You are right! Why ... there are so many whys... the answer has to be that it was meant to happen. I am not meant for this world, I am meant for your world." His eyes widened more and he pulled her close in an embrace. She had never seen this look before. It was happiness and a hope that she had never seen cross his expressions.

"So, you will then wont you Kagome?" He smiled. "Be my ... my ... wi... my wife...?" She only nodded letting a calm and knowing smile plaster itself on her lips.

** * * * * * * * **

As she looked at her mother's tearstained face, she cried. There was always going to be a sort of melancholy for home, but... Kagome never felt an attachment to the life she was creating in the present, there was something about Inuyasha's time that drew her in and made her feel as if for once she was where she belonged.

"Goodbye mom, Sota... Grandfather." She turned to her grandfather who stood erect with a stoic look on his worn out face. As she turned she heard him speak her name. "What is it Grandfather?"

"I knew this was what you wanted all the time. I knew from the start that the feudal era is where you are needed... where you belong. I love you Kagome... and... I want you to have this." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small pocket watch.

"Grandfather! Arigato, I don't think you will ever know how much this means to me." She hugged him tightly for what seemed an eternity. Inuyasha stood near the well entrance holding her bags. He was looking down at his bare feet, trying to avoid anyone's sad eyes from invading his emotions.

"Goodbye everyone... I will always love you..." She knelt down to Sota. "Sota, don't forget me okay?" He wiped the tears off his cheeks with his fist and fiercely hugged her.

"Never big sis. Never." Sota hugged his mother's leg and forcefully closed his eyes as Kagome and Inuyasha turned their backs, and went through the old well to their future and past.

** * * * * * * * **

She never saw her family again, and though she always held them in her heart... she was happier than she had ever been in her life. One day, as their daughter play in the yard of the village they inhabited, Inuyasha came up to his bride from behind and hugged her close.

"She really is beautiful isn't she Inuyasha?"

"Hai Kagome... I knew she would be, after all she is ours. Yours. I only wonder... I know it's not something to be thinking about... after all it is our past, but... what really made you decide that you wanted to come back?" Turning her head to him, she replied simply.

"The truth is that I decided a long time ago, it was all a matter of following up on the decision I had made. I guess I needed to go back and see just what it was that I needed. I tried to go back to that life... my life, but I realized /you /were my life. It just got to the point where I knew exactly what I had to do... I got the sign I so longingly needed to receive. You. Coming through my window. Now I say... we find Miroku and Sango and see what they have been doing. After all... there is no reason why friends should be separated forever." They smiled at each other lovingly as he nodded in response.

"I think I can sniff that monk out, for sure."

"Tomorrow." She said to the setting sun just out in the distance. Calling his daughter inside, Inuyasha knelt down to pick her up as she ran to his arms. Lifting her to his back, as he had with Kagome all those years before, he reached his arm around Kagome's waist resting his hand on her very pregnant stomach.

"What a pair we make my love." He whispered in her ear, smiling so that his fangs were ever present.

"Hai... quite..." She flashed a smile to he and her daughter. Her heart jumped as the baby kicked and her realizations truly settled in. Her dreams had come true... only thing was, it was better than either of them could have possibly envisioned.

*Authors Note*

Look, I know that It's not perfect in grammar, spelling, or formatting, but I did most of this in between classes at school. I have edited some of it so please try to refrain from commenting me on those things.. i would however appreciate some reviews. Thanks for reading! i hope you liked it!



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