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Don't Save Me

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Another one-shot. I write a lotta one-shots at school. as well as other stories, ven if i never upload them to anywhere....

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yay for one-shots!!

Gerard's POV

I stared at the gun laying on the floor. It reminded me of him. I knew he loved me. I loved him. No problem, right? Wrong. He was married, as was I. Frank and I knew we could never be together. I stared at the gun again. I lifted the gun into my hands. I raised it to my head, the hopeless screaming inside my mind, telling me to stop. I felt the gun against my head. I sighed deeply, throwing the gun down. I grabbed a pen out of my pocket, as well as my notepad.
'To everyone who loves me,
Lindsey - I'm sorry. I love someone else. I still love you, though. I guess... I just prefer him.
Mom + Dad - I'm sorry. I will ALWAYS love you.
Mikey - I love you sooo much. Please don't hate me for this.
Frank - I will always love you. I will also always want you.
Bandit - Daddy loves you. I hope you understand.
Ray - I'll miss you, buddy.
Everyone else - I'm sorry. I love you all...I promise. Long live the MCRmy.
xoxo Gerard'
I put the note next to me and held the gun to my head. It was then that Frank opened the door and walked inside.
'Gee, you've been in here for ages...' He noticed the gun about then 'Gerard! Don't!' he yelled, grabbing the gun. I snatched it back and shot myself in the stomach.
'Gerard! I'll call an ambulance!' he yelled.
'Don'' I managed to choke out. My eyes snapped shut and my world span around. I felt something soft brush against my lips and then kiss me. Frank's lips. I died there that night, because the love of my life did exactly what I sked. The band broke up and a week later, a mangled body was found in a car. The body was of the driver. The driver was drunk. The body was that of Frank Iero. He told me he couldn't live without me. And he meant it.
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