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In the Middle of the Day that Starts it All - One

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Alexa Toro isn't sure what she wants. Does she want the simple, powerful love she gets from Mikey? Or does she want the electric passion she gets from Frank?

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“Wakey-Wakey. Rise and shine!” Ray called, pulling the duvet off my body and throwing my curtains open.
“Dude! C’mon” I yelled back, groping for the duvet.
“Sis, we’ve got ten minutes before our ride gets here”
“Shit!” I shot out of bed, taming my shoulder length curly brown hair with one hand. Rummaging through my wardrobe with the other. I found a respectable white t-shirt and grey skinny flares. I was just about to put them on when I paused, glaring at my big brother Ray. “Get out!” I growled.
“Why?” he asked, puzzled.
I gestured to my clothes.
“Oh… right” Ray blushed, leaving me to get ready in peace.
After I’d wriggled into my clothes, I shoved as many rainbow bands as I possibly could up my right arm. It annoyed the hell out of the teachers, so was perfect for me. I was busy framing my brown eyes with charcoal grey liner when Ray shouted up the stairs to tell me our ride was here. I smiled at my reflection before running down the stairs, grabbing my (Rays) biggest hoodie. Even though it was a warm, mid May day I still wanted the hoodie.

A few minutes later I was crammed into the back of my best friends, Gerard Way, car.
“What’s your first lesson, Twink?” Gerard asked me.
“Double Chemistry” I replied, sighing. By the way, Twink isn’t my real name. My real name is Alexa Paloma Toro, Twink is my nickname; short for Twinkle. Gerard had dreamt up twinkle the first time Ray introduced us. They had met at school and Gerard had a brother the same age as me. I was ten and covered in glitter glue, Gerard said I ‘twinkled’. Hence the nickname; Twinkle.
“ Double Chemistry. With Mikey?” Gerard asked.
“Yeah. We’re doing practical today. I’ll try to return him in one piece” Mikey Way was Gerard’s younger, accident prone, brother. He had longish brown straight brown hair and amazing glasses. Somehow, he avoided being teased for them, and he never got called anorexic either. I mean, I’m skinny, but Mikey is positively skeletal. Me and Mikey were in the same classes for everything along with baby of the group (not counting me), Frank Iero. Frank was extremely cute, you just wanted to put a ribbon on him and frame him. (Well, I did). He was always there when you needed a hug, or a chat. Or someone to make you smile. The final member to make up our posse was Bob Bryar. Bob was initially very shy and quiet, but when you got him talking he just would not shut up. Unless you produced a camera, then he smashed it or ran other way. Me and Bob have a weird bond because we both play drums and he likes teaching me new stuff in the Music rooms after school. I was hoping to get my own drum kit for my birthday, in three weeks’ time.

Before I knew it; Me, Mikey and Frank were putting on our plastic safety goggles and collecting bottles of various chemicals.
“When you’ve finished add some universal indicator” said our teacher, holding up a bottle of green liquid. “Your experiment should go orange. Do not drink it” She finished, looking at Mikey.
“Why me?” Mikey asked, exasperated.
“Mikey… remember the time you set fire to the flame retardant foam” Frank said, grinning.
“And smashed the smash proof beaker” I added.
“Filled with hydrochloric acid” Frank grinned at me.
“All over your shoes”
Mikey had gone magenta. “Well, they were all”
“Accidents” me and Frank said in unison., rolling our eyes. “We know”

Thirty minutes later and we were finishing heating our concoction on a Bunsen burner.
“Guys” Frank whispered. “Look what I’ve got”
He held up a beaker, filled with some orange liquid.
“Lucozade” he grinned. “Time to give Miss a little heart attack”
“Frankie… you can’t” I protested.
“I know…” he smiled evilly “But Mikey can”
Mikey began to protest but he could see it was a losing battle.
“Fine” he sighed, grabbing the beaker and taking a swig. Just as the teacher looked up.
“MICHAEL WAY!” she screamed so loud Mikey jumped, and knocked our real beaker off the burner. I screamed as the acid narrowly missed me. However, my Chemistry book was busy dissolving itself into some weird chemistry-book mush. And it smelt. Real, real bad.
I tried to hide my laughter, I honestly tried. But just couldn’t.
“Frank Iero, Michael Way, Alexa Toro. Detention. Tonight. Your parents will be informed.” She turned round and Frank let out a snort. “That does it. I’ve had enough of your mindless mistakes. All three of you. Principles office. Immediately” We left the room, hanging our heads in ‘shame.’ The second we were out of earshot we burst into hysterics.
I couldn’t stop laughing all the way to Miss Thorn’s office. The three of us seemed to spend more time here than any other part of the school.
“Her Face!” Frank was barely breathing, the amount he was laughing.

But we quickly stopped laughing when we saw Miss Thorns face.
“Inside” she glared at us. I saw Mikey shaking like a leaf and grabbed his hand.
Once inside the familiar office we each took a chair opposite her desk. I was still clasping Mikeys hand.
“What the hell do you three think you’re playing at?” she roared, her black bob going haywire. “Drinking a substance the same colour as a science experiment in front of a teacher you know to have a nervous disposition”
“But it wasn’t the experiment” Frank unwisely pointed out.
“Iero, that is not the point” she was staring him straight in the eye; Frank met her laser beam gaze with a perfect nonchalant poker face. “You have been prone to reckless behaviour before. I seem to remember a few months ago you were suspended for fighting in history”
“Re-enactment of the American Civil War, Miss” I replied, a little too cheekily.
“Alexa Toro” Miss Thorn looked at me. “A week of isolation and a month of detentions for turning up to school drunk with Gerard Way”
“Hung-over. And it was Gerards birthday” Mikey hissed. He hated anyone, no matter how authoritarian, talking trash about Gerard.
“Michael Way” Miss Thorn laughed, void of humour. “New Jerseys answer to testing Health and Safety regulations and hazards” Mikey blushed. “Because no one was hurt, you three are only receiving a detention. An hour after school, cleaning the music rooms”
I sighed, yet another hour after school.
“Toro!” I jumped at her raised voice. “I will inform your parents. It is a shame you are not as hard working as Ray. Now, the three of you out of my sight before I make it a month of detentions”
We left the room sharpish.
“Can you believe it?” Mikey said, mournfully. “Gerard will kill me” Mikey was very nearly in tears. The three of us were walking down the main corridor, back to chemistry. (For no apparent reason as we all had our stuff.) Frank was busy looking unbelievably guilty. Sighing, I put an arm round each of them.
“Mikey, Gerard wont find out” I grinned at him.
“How?” He sniffed.


Gerard would kill me. I just knew it. He had warned me to stop getting into so much trouble, but I couldn’t. It was the fault of the girl I loved. The girl who had put her arm round me.
“Mikey, Gerard wont find out” Alexa said, smiling. She was gorgeous all the time but when she smiled it made her even more dazzling. When she smiled she seemed to be lit from within.
“How?” I inhaled her warm, citrus smell; disguising it as choking back tears.
“Well” she smiled evilly, making my heart skip a beat. “Its my birthday coming up. So… we’re staying after school to ‘plan’ it”
“Twink! You genius” I pulled her into a giant bone-crushing bear hug.
“I know” she said innocently when I put her down.
“Dude, I’m sorry” Frank looked like he was at a funeral, he was so sombre.
“ ’s alright” I smiled weakly at him.
“Kay, so we have” Twink consulted her phone. “Five minutes before break. Wanna go hang and try and not tell Gee-Bear about the detention” She looked at me and Frank, both of us nodding.
“Excellent” and before we knew it we were being dragged to our hang out area.

So what do you guys think? Should I carry on or not? Incase it isn't clear, Alexa is Rays baby sister. Gerard is oldest, Alexa is youngest by several months. Alexas birthday is in three weeks, in the middle of June. Oh and Mikey is very very VERY accident prone.
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