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Please God

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Ever wondered what Mello prayed about? Mello's thoughts before the suicide mission. MelloxMatt

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Please God

A thirteen year old Mello kneeled on the ground. "Please God," He prayed silently "don't let me die...' He clutched at his rosary tightly. A few seconds later, the blonde heard someone approach him. "Go away Matt," he said, not once lifting up his icy blue eyes.

"What are you doing?" questioned the red-head frowning. He had put away his game and crouched near his friend.

" I was praying" the blonde jumped off the atler he was praying on and stomped off. Matt watched Mello go sadly, "I hope you have no regrets... " He whispered.

Years later...

An adult Mello kneeled down on the atlar praying, not even looking up when he felt someone wrap their hands around him.

Matt nuzzled Mello's neck. 'Please God, don't let Matt die" Mello prayed. " I love you, Mahael" Matt whispered into Mello's neck" "I love you too, Mail" replied Mello, pulling the red-head in for a kiss.

' I love you so much, so , please don't die...Don't die, my love."
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