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Calling all NEW ZEALAND MCRmy!

by lovingMychem 2 reviews

This is not actual Fiction.. This is me begging you to help us out.. New Zealand MCRmy! Please read!

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Hello all, No this is not a story.
I'm writting to you now about needing your help.. Me and my best friend Dunn (KatieKat) are holding a MCRmy day in Hamilton.. We're unsure of the excat date but it will be November sometime.
We want the whole MCRmy to come together.
I don't know if this has ever happened. So we want to make it a first.
The day will be full of Mychemness.. Talking, Listening to their music, Stories, Experiances Everything..
Now this isn't going to happen without you. We want you, To be apart of this day..
Have you ever gotten angry when someone's called Mychem emo? I know I certianly have.
So, lets show them. Lets show them Mychem's NOT emo.
They are a band that saves the lives of people who thought they could never make it

If you wanna find out more, Review or e-mail me at
or Dunn at
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