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chapter 4

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“Hey Leto, wow I didn’t know you had it in you. You guys totally rocked it up there.” Michael told me as Jet and I headed for the door.

I couldn’t believe all these people, Michael most of all. He had made my life a living hell.. We used to be friends way back in third grade, We used to have sleepovers and everything. But hey I guess everything changes as we mature, maybe we can blame it on hormones and shit.. But I just put it down to people wanting to fit in and be in that it crowd but not me!

“Enjoy it Leto, this ain’t going to last.. People will be back to seeing what a losers you and you’re gang are sooner then you think!” As always Adam was there to bring me back down to earth. God I wish just for once the guy would keep his god damn mouth shut. And let us just enjoy what we accomplished tonight…

“Come on Jar lets get the hell out of here before he ruins our night.” Jet said gently taking hold of my arm and dragging me towards the dance floor.

“Yeah Leto you better do what the little woman tells you, Unless of course you want the whole school to see a girl kick you’re ass” God all I wanted to do was turn and smash him in the mouth and wipe that fucking smirk of his face. But the pressure from Jet on my arm was increasing, maybe I should just follow her but listening to the laughs of my peers as she dragged me toward the dance floor made something snap inside me.

“Go fuck yourself Adam. That’s the only way your going to get laid tonight.” Oh my god I couldn’t believe what had just come out of my mouth. Where the fuck had that come from, Well I guess blows to my head had finally paid off , I had gone totally and completely insane.

“What the fuck did you just say to me freak?” I barely heard Adam say over the laughs that where coming from the crowd that had gathered around us. I had to get away while I still could, but now I had opened my mouth once in my own defence. I just could seem to get it to shut.

“You heard what I said Adam” I said with a small chuckle.

“How dare you talk to me like that you little runt” Shannon and the rest of the guys had joined in the struggle to get me out of harms way. But there was no way I was going to back down now what’s the worst thing that could happen? Yeah he could kick my ass again but hell I was going to finish school on a high and I was going to make sure I went down fighting.

“I would rather be a runt then a great big dumb oaf like you! I can grow you will always have the intelligence of a pile of dog shit.” The whole dance hall burst out into laughter and for a moment I felt indestructible as I looked around the room, That is until my eyes came across Adams and I knew I had pushed things to far.

“Well look who is acting the big hard man now… Well lets see how hard you really are out in the parking lot Leto” Oh fuck I really had pushed it to far the look in Adams eyes was pure murder. How the fuck was I going to get out of this one.

“Let it go Adam I am sure Jar never meant it. Did you jar?”

“Well Leto?” Adam asked me he looked just like a cat toying with a mouse, now I had to decide was I going to take my beating now or later.

“Every word Adam and hey I am only saying what everyone in this damn school thinks.” Why couldn’t I just keep my fucking mouth shut tonight, I’m a dead man.

“Jar what the fuck man? Do you have a death wish?” Shannon whispered. I think I must have or at least wanted to be humiliated in front of the whole school. What could I say to Shannon that could convey to him that I was no longer in control over my own mouth, that I had lost my sanity. So I just shrugged my shoulders and waited for my humiliating beating.

“Outside now! Or fuck it shall we just show everyone how hard loser Leto is right here? You’re choice freak!” I couldn’t move I guess the confidence my mouth had developed hadn’t decided to tell my body.

“Here it is then” Adam said as he closed the gap between us. The closer he came to me I could see the fury in his face and the way his whole body was tensed ready for the fight oh fuck.

“You want my brother you are going to have to go through me!” Shannon said as he stepped in front of me. Poor Shannon had always been loyal to a fault and now I could see that it was that loyalty that was going to get him hurt.

“And me Adam you have already tortured him enough. I think its about time you picked on someone your own size!” Oh Chris you poor dumb shit I thought as I waited for him to stand in front of me as Shannon had. But it wasn’t Chris that did.

“Mike what the fuck?” Adam looked shocked at the way Michael had stepped in front of me. But what he felt was nothing compared to the shock and gratitude I felt.

“look man I think its about time you left Jared alone. We know you can kick his ass you have proved it over and over again for years. Just let it go, let him walk away.”

“He’s asking for it and if you get in my way so are you Mike!”

“Well I guess I am then, lets see how you get on against someone your own size then.” Mike said as he prepared to fight to protect me, just what the hell was going on here tonight.

“Ok whatever run off with your pussy friends Leto quickly before I change my mind.” I couldn’t believe that Adam had backed down it must have been because of Mike he certainly wasn’t bothered about me or Shannon. The pressure came back on my arm reminding me that Jet was there, But instead of dragging me to the dance floor she was now pulling towards the door that led out of the building.

“Go Jar and find somewhere else to finish partying. I wouldn’t put it past that douche jumping you the minute my backs turned.”

“Why did you do that Mike? Not that I’m not grateful.” I asked him and believe me I really was, I think if he hadn’t stepped in the mood Adam had been in he would have killed me.

“I saw the Jared I knew as a kid up there on that stage tonight, and nobody was going to hurt him while I was around. I meant it you know you where awesome tonight.” Jet was pulling me harder now trying to get me to leave but I had just one more thing to do before I left.

“Thanks Mike” I said as I shook the hand of my old friend before turning to leave.
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