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Something to Hold Onto

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Biting off more than you can chew always turns your normal life into complete chaos. Mikey finds this out the hard way when he dips into his homeless brother's life.

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So self absorbed, he is. He always puts himself before everyone, even his family and friends. Taken that he is a narcissist, everyone was sure that he would have a hard time finding anyone to share his life with. Life always dealt him the best cards in the deck; wonderful home, nice parents, and an adorable sibling to not share a thing with, unless family counts for something. Not too many people knew about the truth as to why he acts the way he does.

Look deeper into his eyes and the truth shall be revealed. The teen feels empty and alone, but covers it with snotty grins and ugly insults. Everything he does repels everyone and everything, only leaving him with no one to confide in. At school, he sits alone and at home, he locks himself in his room in hopes that everyone there would learn to ignore his very existence. Often times, his existence is well known in the household and this is only because a teacher calls from the school complaining about his academics dropping tremendously.

He now skips class to hang around with the wrong crowd in order to have someone to stay with so he does not have to face his parents and his younger brother, whom has grown curious of his elder brother’s new life. He has not seen him in a few weeks and their parents have not grown worried.

“He’s a waste of our time, Donna,” their father spits almost every night. “He had it good here and what does he do? He fucking runs off with a bunch of punk ass kids with nothing to do, but terrorize the neighborhood.”

Everyone knows that he is, in some strange way, telling the blunt truth. Digging deeper could give him an even better clue as to what his oldest son has been up to, but his negligence may end in something terrible for everyone else in the long run.

On the other hand, his youngest son, Michael James Way, has been sneaking around trying to dig deeper than he would ever dare to. Every night, he snuck out after his curfew of ten-thirty, so he could wander around Newark in attempt to catch a glimpse of his nearly non-existent brother.

Tonight, like most nights, he only saw him stumbling about the streets of New Jersey murmuring to himself. He came to the conclusion that his brother had taken or drunk something he bought from someone that he has seen him wander around with. Eventually, like most nights, he commenced his journey back home after stopping at an all-night diner for a quick meal. As he was leaving, he laid a tip on the table to an elderly waitress before he stepped out of the door only to find the unexpected.

“Mikey, wh-what are you doing out this late?” a voice asked, frightening him in the process.

“Uhm,” he began once he realized the voice belonged to no one else, but his own brother. “Getting a midnight snack.”

“It’s almost five,” he stammered hoarsely. “Tell me the truth.”

Bowing his head, he knew deep down he could not lie to him, “Gerard, I’m out looking for you.”

Clearing his throat, his brother had almost nothing bad to say. He loved Mikey and would murder for him, but having him wandering around the streets of Newark after midnight was asking for trouble, “Have you done this before?” His younger brother nodded guiltily before he continued, “Okay. I’ll walk you home, but you have to promise me something…”

“What?” Mikey asked desperately.

“If you ever come out this late again, let be for a better reason than trying to find a low-life like me. I love you too much for any junkie or mugger to lay a finger on you. Okay?” he explained briefly gaining another, less enthusiastic, nod from his younger sibling. “Or at least try to get up with me and I’ll make sure nothing happens to you. Dad would massacre me and mom would… Do her motherly thing and keep the old man from riding both of our asses.”

Soon enough, Mikey was escorted home by his older brother that he has searched weeks for only to have him walk him back to their living hell of a home. Gerard embraced his brother before boosting him up into his bedroom window. “Mikes, one more thing.”

Mikey loomed out of his window and watched his brother dig into his pockets, “What?”

“I want you to have this,” he stated in a low tone and tossed up a chain into the window. “It’s a necklace I found. I don’t want anything to happen to it and wanted to give it to the only person I trust anymore. Keep it. Wear it and know that you’re the greatest little brother ever.”

Mikey picked up the necklace from the hardwood floor then leaned back outside the window, “Gerard, why are you talking like that? You’re not going to… Commit suicide or anything, are you?”

“Hell no,” he stated reassuringly. “I just know I haven’t been the greatest older brother and wanted to finally show some appreciation, but I have to get going. I got to meet this guy soon. How about we go do something tomorrow after you get out of school?”

“Okay. Will mom and dad get mad?” Mikey asked curiously knowing their parents would not let him hang around with his not so wonderful brother.

“Say you’re meeting some friends and will be back before curfew,” he said. “You’re creative; make up something. I’ll meet you at that diner; sound like a plan?”

“Yeah,” he responded glancing at the necklace then back down at his brother. “Take care of yourself, please.”

“Don’t worry about something like me, Mikes,” Gerard stated starting to walk towards the gate to their backyard. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
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