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Not Breaking

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Days have past since I started talking to Stephanie. I never seen the point of talking to her I never plan on getting better so why should I have to talk to some stranger. Today I was going to be talking to Stephanie again, I got to the point were I do not listen to what she says; I am a liar there is no changing that. I was sitting on the couch waiting for Stephanie to come in, just then I heard the door open.

“Hello Frank” Stephanie said while walking in

“Hi” I mumble more like to myself

“I know you hate talking about your problem but I want you to get better, I know deep down you want the same thing,” She said while sitting down in her chair.

“There is no deep down I want to get better. I never ever plan on getting better. “I said in angry

No one was getting the fact I never wanted to get better, even if I wanted too I could not I never could tell the truth. The truth is something I never knew how to say I always told lies and that is how it is always going to be.

“I think you’re scared of changing I think if you started to tell the truth you wouldn’t know how to deal with it. I really do think part of you wishes you could get better” She replied in a soft tone.

“I’ve been a liar for as long as I can remember why would I want to change now? I have no reason to change. “I said while trying to clam down.

“Your lying you have reasons to get better I know you thought about it at least once” She said.

She was trying to break me down trying to make me want to get better; it was not going to work. I love being a liar it was the only thing I knew how to do in life was to lie I was not stopping now.

“I have never thought about wanting to change not once in my life” I lied.

I lied told you I always lie I could never better I would keep on lying until Stephanie would just let me be. Liar’s never change they have no reason to, lying is a part of my life I have no plans to stop. After two hours Stephanie finally let me go into seeing I would never admit that I thought about changing I would never admit it. I walk out the doors to head towards the sun deck; I needed to clear my mind. I got to the doors to see Gerard sitting in the same table as always; I open the door and walk towards the table.

“Why does she keep questioning me?” I ask while sitting down.

“To break you down to admit you’re a liar,” He said while looking at me

“Well I have news for them I will never admit I’m a liar, I know I’m a liar there’s no need to say it. I have no plans to getter better either I wish all them would just let me be” I replied tying not to get angry again I had so much angry in me, all of them were pushing me until I break it was making me beyond mad.

“Stephanie is doing the same thing to me, making me admit I have an eating disorder like I don’t know I have one, I just keep silent until I can leave.” He said with a little bit of angry in his tone.

“I don’t understand why she just can’t leave us alone. Neither of us wants to get better, it’s a waste of time” I said.

“ Like I said there all pushing us until we break and one day it will happen like we like it or not, we’re all going to have to get better sooner a later. “ He replied.

Getting better was not my plan I will show them all that I will not get better, I would always be a pathological lair.

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