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Worship the Sun

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The boys make a bet as to who can get Sanzou into bed first. Oh my, whatever will our grouchy Preist do?

Category: Saiyuki - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Erotica,Humor - Characters: Cho Hakkai,Genjyo Sanzo,Sha Gojyo,Son Goku - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2010-03-30 - Updated: 2010-03-31 - 888 words

Worship the Sun


Goku/Sanzou, Hakkai/Sanzou, Gojyo/Sanzou

Warnings include – Bondage and sex. Along with Gojyo giving Goku the birds and bees talk. As only he can.

Summary – the boys make a bet to see who can get Sanzou into bed first.

Note – Goku is of age, so no shota here. I’m weird about that stuff, I won’t write a kid with an adult. Never.

-- -

Sanzou moaned as he bucked against the strong hands slowly massaging his member, almost, to completion. His eyes were closed against the world – just enjoying the feeling of Goku handling him in these ways he had never imagined.

Goku licked his lips and just watched Sanzou gasp and buck as his hands played over the cock in his hands. Sanzou wasn’t big but that didn’t matter, he was beautiful. Goku moaned when Sanzou accidentally brushed against his own weeping penis. He needed to get his own release, but he wanted to be deep inside his Sun. He leaned down and took a quick kiss from Sanzou before he slowly pushed himself at the pink, puckered hole.

Sanzou seized up. His mouth wide open but no cry came from him as Goku worked his huge length inside the Monk. Sanzou gasped and writhed beneath Goku as he slowly encased himself entirely inside Sanzou.

“Please….please…please….” was the only thing Goku heard as he brought himself out only to push back in, slowly. Goku loved the noises Sanzou made as he took the Monk. He shuddered as muscles clapped around him, trying to get him to go faster. He stopped his movements and Sanzou groaned in lustful despair.

Something whacked him hard on the head and Goku sprung from his dream to find himself on the floor with Gojyo and Hakkai standing over him.


“You were moaning in your sleep,” Gojyo snickered.

“Ah….” And Goku suddenly grew embarrassed because he had a hard on the size of China and Sanzou’s moans playing through his head.

“So…were you dreaming about banging Sanzou?” Gojyo asked, he snickered again at the thought of the Monkey topping the Monk.

“Gojyo, must you be so personal?” Hakkai asked.

“Yeah…” Gojyo blinked at his best friend, as if the other didn’t know that all ready.

“Okay fine…I’ve been having these dreams and…” he was all red and it just made the situation worse. However, neither Hakkai nor Gojyo laughed at him.

“It’s all right, Goku, it’s quite natural to have wet dreams,” Hakkai said with a wide smile.

“Come to think of it…I too have dreamt of Sanzou in ways I never had before…” Gojyo muttered with a slight smirk on his face.

“What did you dream of?” Goku asked, “I dreamt of him under me and I had my….but the sounds…” Goku trailed off a bit of drool grazing his chin. Gojyo shook his head and hit him on top of the head with a closed fist.

“That’s nothing. I have him tied down and gagged…” Gojyo sighed. Gojyo was bviously taking much pleasure in the thought.

“I too have him tied down, but I’m missing my ear links,” Hakkai admitted in a pleased/sadistic sort of way that scared people.

“Oooohhhh, Hakkai, if you weren’t all ready going to hell, you sure are now,” Gojyo chuckled.

“I might as well make it worth my while,” Hakkai replied quickly.

“Isn’t it wrong though…to have those sorts of dreams? I mean, ain’t a man supposed to do it with a woman?” Goku asked.

“Well….human’s have turned that concept all over the place and can’t make up their minds,” Hakkai started, “I came to the conclusion that as long as the sex is consensual…” and then he shrugged.

“Huh?” Goku blinked.

“Wait a second…are you telling me that you dream of sexing our Monk but you don’t know what sex is?” Gojyo asked, surprised.

“Well….I saw two Monks do it behind the tool shed once. I told Sanzou right away and he was pissed, he went out there and had a fit in front of everyone!” Goku grinned.

“Okay, in a nut shell, sex is when a man puts his penis into a woman’s vagina, however, two men can do it anally and its still the same thing,” Gojyo explained succinctly.

“Oh my, must you be so vulgar?” Hakkai asked.

“Stop acting like a prude, Hakkai, you and I have done dirtier stuff,” Gojyo rolled his eyes.

Hakkai chuckled; “that’s true,”

“That does give me an idea…” and the wicked smile meant much amusement to Gojyo. Hakkai perceived some trouble that he might have to clean up and Goku was just curious.

“What is it?’ Goku asked, bouncing up and down. His hard on had since passed and he didn’t feel as if he had to jack off.

“Are we going to regret this?” Hakkai questioned.

“How about a bet, one of us has to get into our dear Monks pants…whoever does it first wins and the losers have to do whatever the winner says for a week!” Gojyo said happily.

There was a slight silence before both Hakkai and Goku agreed to all the terms stated.
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