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Summer Song

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Patrick Stump's life sucks. His parents don't give a damn, he gets bullied at school for being gay, and for hanging around with his (also gay) best friend; Pete Wentz. Patrick has hidden only one s...

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I groaned as I felt the metal from the locker I was just pushed into collide with my ribs. I slid down to the floor, grabbing my sides in pain. "Fucking fag," I heard James say, as I stayed on the floor. James' foot was soon connected to my side in a matter of seconds and was gone soon; yet back again. "Hey!" a voice echoed through the empty hallway making both the victim and the jock look up. I was relieved to finally receive some help. "Look Fagtrick," James spat on me, "your boyfriend, Pete, is here."

My eyes were clenched in pain but he heard Pete's voice near. "First of all asshole, I'm not his boyfriend and second, watch who your calling a fag," Pete growled. "You're gay just like him," James said, not backing down. "So, at least I know I'm gay. You have been hanging around Patrick lately, touching him a lot too..." Pete challenged. Patrick heard James groan in disgust and then his Nikes running down the hall. Pete knelt down to where I was lying in pain. He brushed my strawberry blonde hair away from his pained face. "'Tricks? Come on, let's get you to the nurse," I gave out a groan as Pete tried to stand me up. Limping on Pete's shoulder, I asked "Why do they do this to me?" Pete chuckled at his question. "We're the kids who feel like dead ends. I guess they know that too and want to keep us like that. We're also gay and best friends. That's another reason."

I smiled along with him and leaned on him with more to feel his warmth. I took a deep breath to summon up his courage. "Pete?" "Yeah?" "What would you do if one of your closest friend likes you?" Pete shrugged, moving my arm that was draped over his shoulders. "I don't have many friends that I consider close. Only you," he took another deep breath even though my ribs burned. "Exactly," Pete stopped in his tracks, I having no other choice but to stop with him and the horrible awkward silence. Pete turned to face his best friend, whose gaze was on the floor. "Patrick?" he called quietly. I looked up cautiously. "Do you like me?" I nodded slightly, fearing that a bigger nod could make things worse.

"Oh, 'Tricks," Pete said his face scrunched up apologetically. "You're adorable and the greatest person, but..." there it was. The 'but' I had been waiting for. The one that made my heart shatter. "...but I only see us as just friends." I nodded trying to fight back the tears. "Are you okay?" Pete worried. "Yeah, I'm good. It was just a minor crush- that's all," I started to limp down the hall to get to the nurse, mostly to get away from Pete. "Are you sure?" Pete asked, running to catch up to him. "Yes." "And the lies just won't stop slipping," I thought as Pete helped me again. "At least we know where we stand," Pete offered, trying to make things better but making them even worse. "Uh-huh." I took a shot and didn't even come close at trust; and love; and hope. "I guess I'm just hopelessly hopeful." I muttered to himself as they reached the nurse's office.
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