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Broken souls

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Gerard meets Leslie and Avenged Sevenfold only something bad happens

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Broken Souls

The three men advanced towards her; hungrily they rip of her top exposing her breasts. Leaning forward, one of them caresses her face and feels her shiver under his touch. The other two watch in hunger at their companion as he starts removing her bra. Slowly and menacing, the shortest of the three slaps her across the face, leaving his handprint on her face. Enjoying the pleasure of seeing her weep and the terror in her eyes, he leans closer and lifts his other hand, bringing down with incredible speed; he lashes at her face...

Screaming, Leslie jolts up in bed. Fear and terror washes over her as it usually does when she wakes up from the nightmare. Reaching out, she switches on her bedside lamp and turns over to where Zacky lays, asleep. Just the sight of seeing him sleep peacefully calms her a bit but not enough to go back to sleep. Sighing she gets out of bed and makes her way to her bathroom on the other side of the room. Leaning over the sink and letting the tap run, she splashes her face with water, feeling the coldness of it. Unexpectedly arms rap themselves around her waist and she stiffens, holding back a scream. Slowly lifting her head up, she sees Zacky standing behind her with his arms around her.
"You Okay?" he ask anxiously, his emerald green eyes light up with worry as he stares at his fiancée.
“Ya. It’s just a dream, just a dream.” she reassures herself more than him.
Growling softly to himself, Zacky will never forgive those fucking bastards that screwed up his fiancée life. He would never forgive Leslie’s brother for what he let those inhumane beasts do to her. They had broken her soul and it was far from mending.
“Come on.” grabbing his hand Leslie tugs him back to bed. Once lying down, Leslie snuggles in Zacky’s arms and falls asleep. For the rest of the night she dreamt of My Chemical Romance and Gerard Way.

“Les!” Valary’s voice floated up to where Leslie was standing. Peering over the balcony, Leslie looked down at her best friend and smiled a brilliant smile.
“Up here!”She shouts down to get her friends attention. Just then Michelle walks into the house and smiles up at here, her chocolate brown eyes sparkling with excitement.
“Come on we’re gonna be late!”Michelle’s voice rising with excitement as she fly’s up the stairs to reach her friend on the balcony. Following closely behind her is her twin. As the sisters reach the top, they virtually jump into their friend’s arms.
Laughing, they make their way to Leslie’s bedroom. Sitting on the king sized bed, the sisters look at each other, before turning to face Leslie and give her a sheepish smile.
“So...”Michelle slurs on the word before continuing, “Can we see the ring?”
Dumfounded, Leslie stares at her two friends before cracking the brightest smile they’d ever seen her smile. It looked so angelic, so exotic on her face that they eyes water up. Before she noticed they controlled their emotions before standing up and walking over to where Leslie was standing. Showing them the ring, Leslie couldn’t help but wonder where they heard the she was engaged.
Damn! What a stupid question! Of course they’d know! Val’s husband, Michelle’s fiancée and her fiancée were all in the same band.
“Okay enough staring at the ring.” she said, pulling her hand away from their gaze.
“She’s right.”Michelle said nodding in agreement with Leslie.
“Ya I guess so, but is so beautiful” Valary said making sure to add extra emphasis on the word ‘so’.
“We better get going. Don’t wanna guys to worry.”
Leading the way out the room Michelle sang to herself. Damn, she was excited for tonight’s concert.


Lounging around in the practise room, members of My Chemical Romance and Avenged sevenfold joked amongst each or argued. Looking around him, Gerard hadn’t felt this happy for weeks. Sitting across from him was Zack Baker, also known as Zacky Vengeance; the rhythm guitarist for Avenged Sevenfold and his fiancée Leslie. Gerard wasn’t surprised to see why Zacky had fallen for her; she had a dark chocolaty brown hair that fell down to her shoulders and had the clearest blue eyes he’d ever seen. Whenever she smiled or laughed, her eyes would brighten and the colour of her eyes would turn a truly amazing crystal blue.
“Hey, Gerard?” Gerard hadn’t realized that he’d been staring at her when Frank called him. Turning around, Gerard saw frank beckon him to come to him. Rising to his feet, he crossed the wooden floor and approached Frank with a curious look on his face.
“You called?”
“You should stop staring.”Frank said jokingly. “It’s impolite.”
“Don’t tell me what to fucking do!” Gerard exploded. Lately he’d been unable to control his anger and exploded at the smallest things.

Staring at the unusual in front of her, Leslie couldn’t help but stare at him. There was something about him that attracted her and at the same time terrified her. His shaggy black hair fell in front of his syrupy brown eyes hiding the emotion that passed through them. A shiver ran down her spin as she realized that he’d been staring at her. Zacky felt her shiver and squeezed her closer to him thinking that she was cold. Leslie watched as Gerard pulled of the couch and walked towards Frank Iero, My Chemical Romance guitarist. She watched them talk and stiffened when all of a sudden Gerard exploded with anger. He was pissed off and that scared her.

As Gerard left, Leslie felt a sickening urge to follow him. Control yourself Les. You’re engaged for Gods sakes! Trying to get her feelings under control, Leslie glanced around the room, looking for a distraction to take her mind off of Gerard.
“The Rev’s in the house motherfuckers!” scaring the crap out of Leslie, Jimmy or The Rev, drummer for Avenged Sevenfold had jumped into the room as usual in good spirits. Behind him was his partner in crime, quite literally, Brain Elwin jr. Hanner or Synyster gates, lead guitarist of the band. As usual Michelle was with him. Whenever Michelle and Brain were around it was rare to see them separate.
“Jesus Christ!” Zacky wasn’t expecting his friend to barge in the room yelling his arrival.
“Time na get goin’” Brain said holding up his guitar and slinging it on his back. Leaning down he gently kissed Michelle before he turned to Jimmy who was now picking on their bassist, Johnny Christ. Leslie looked up at Zacky with pleading eyes, she didn’t want him to leave, but then again it was why they were here.
“Good luck.” She whispered in his ear. Turning towards her, Zacky kissed her slightly then was off the sofa in less than a second.
As the guys left, Michelle came to sit by her. Looking around the room that was now empty, she glanced towards the exit. Seeing her gaze, Leslie turned to her and smiled briefly before saying, “hey, go find her.” Giving Leslie a thankful look, Michelle got off the sofa and walked out the door to find her sister.

Walking down the empty hall, Leslie couldn’t shake off the feeling that she was being followed. Carrying on walking, Leslie came to the hallway in which the dressing room were held. Slowly walking down the hall she glanced at each door, reading the name of whom dressing room it was. Once she arrived at the last door, she turned her back to the door to see if anyone was following her, she was so preoccupied that she didn’t hear the door behind her open and by the time she realized that it did, it was too late. The man standing behind her roughly grabbed her by the back and clamped a heavy hand over her mouth, forcing her to swallow her screams. Then silently he dragged her back into the room.


Now standing in the door of the practise room, Gerard glanced back and forth between Bob and Frank. The two of them were messing around and laughing. Gerard felt a smile play on his lips as he stared at his two friends. What Goofs! He laughed to himself. It was around twelve-thirty pm and the show had ended and everyone was ready to leave, when out of nowhere Zacky Vengeance came rushing into the room with a look of worry. Matt Sanders or M.Shadows, lead singer of Avenged Sevenfold and a close friend to Zacky saw his friends worry and moved off the sofa and was next to him. Before he could say anything, Zacky burst out “I can’t find Leslie anywhere.”
“What?” Matt ask incredulous.
“She was here before you guys left.”Valary stated joining them.
“Ya, she was here on the sofa when I left her.” Michelle said clearly worried for her friend’s safety. They all knew what Leslie’s brother had let his friend do to her and they were afraid for her safety.
“I saw her walking down the hallways about an hour ago.” Gerard said clearing his throat.
“Which hallway?”
“Sound check one.”Gerard was positive that he had seen her walk down the hallway.
“Okay, what’ll do is...”Matt leaned in and told them his plan.

An hour later a horrific scream broke the silence. One of the cleaning ladies had found Leslie.

“Oh My God! Someone please! Someone?”the lady was one the verge of having a heart attack and crying at the same time. She could hear footsteps run down the hall towards where she was standing.

Gerard and Mikey had heard the cleaning lady scream, now as they both ran down the hall to where the screaming was coming from, Gerard heart speed up and a feeling of uneasiness settled down on him. As he arrived at the scene where the lady was, Gerard saw her sitting on the floor head in hands and crying. Gently Gerard knelt down besides her, “hey what’s wrong?”he asked gently. With a shaky arm the cleaner stretched her arm and pointed towards Leslie.

“Dear God!” he exclaimed.

Mikey who was now a few steps behind him heard his brother’s remark, wondering why, he approached closer and regretted it. The scene before him was the most brutal one he’d ever seen.

“ that c-cant...” Mikey couldn’t make himself say what he wanted to say.

“Mikey, call the police and go find everyone else now.” albeit Gerard spoke softly, Mikey could hear the anger in his voice. Without a word he pulled out his cell and phoned, walking away from the scene.

A couple of yards away, Zacky was racing down the halls with Brain on his heels. As soon as they reach the hall which holds the dressing rooms, Zacky saw Gerard sitting on the floor with a frantic woman. His heart spiked up a notch, as he saw the terror in the woman’s eyes. Running down to them, Zacky stopped when Gerard got up and turned to face him. The look Gerard gave him frightened him and he slowed downed to a walking pace. Once reaching him, Gerard took Zacky and embraced him in a friendly hug before looking deep into his eyes and saying, “I’m really sorry.” With that he turned Zacky to face the horror that lay before him.

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