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Gerard’s POV

I sighed, staring at my phone laying on the bedside table next the hospital bed that I had been staying in for the last few days. I had been calling Frank everyday for the last five days. He had become like a drug to me, every time I talked to him he made the all the pain and sickness that I was feeling go away. I hadn’t told him that I was staying in the infirmary though. I didn’t want him to worry any more than he had to, especially since I would be on my home in a matter of days.

I had been calling him so much that the doctors and nurses put me on a schedule. I could only talk for ten minutes at a time, and I could only call every ten hours. It took me a while to get used to it, but I did eventually, I was dealing with it at least.

One of the nurses walked over to me and smiled, “You’re water, Mr. Way.”

I nodded and popped the Advil pills in my mouth and washed them down with the water, “Thanks very much.”

She nodded and walked away. After a few minutes another nurse walked over and smiled, “The doctor said you can call again.” She bent down to whisper in my ear, “I won’t tell him if you talk for longer than ten minutes.”

I nodded, “Thanks.”

She nodded and sat down in the chair by the end of the bed. I grabbed my phone and quickly dialed Frank’s number. After a few rings he answered, “Frankie ” I exclaimed.

“Gee? Is that you?”

“Yea... Who else would it be?” I asked, confused.

“I don’t know... You just sound different.”

“Oh...” I shook my head. I could feel another headache coming on, stronger than the one before.

“Three days.” I could hear the smile in his words.

I nodded, smiling, “I know. I can’t wait to get out of this place.”

“Hopefully that’s not all you’re excited about...”

I laughed, “Not at all. There is this one person that I want to hug and kiss as soon as I get home.”

“Hmm... I wonder who you are talking about.”

I laughed, “I wonder...”

I glanced at the nurse and she was tapping on her watch. I nodded and sighed. I didn’t feel like talking anymore. My headache had come back worse than before, and all I wanted to do was sleep. It felt like I could sleep for the three days I had left.

“God, Gerard... I miss you.” Frank sighed.

I nodded, “Me too, babe.” I paused, “Well... I have to get going. I’ll call you as soon as I can.”

“Okay. I’ll be waiting.”

I hung up the phone and placed it back on the side table. The nurse smiled, “Eleven minutes and a few seconds.” She laughed.

I shook my head and laid back, “I think I’m going to get some sleep.”

She nodded, “I’ll close the door.” Sure enough, while she was walking out, she closed the door behind her. After she left, it didn’t take very long for me to fall asleep.
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