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In My Arms She Dies

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As Oona lies dying. A stranger shows her the first true kindness she has ever known. (Note - Oona means remember)

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I hated him, the mother fucker who beat me every night. The bastard of a Father Satan had enforced upon me. He said he’d rip my heart out. He was right.

He took me to the alley behind our house, in the pouring rain. He pulled out a shiny blade from his coat before pressing it to my throat.
“It should’ve been you.” he increased the pressure, enough for a droplet of scarlet to stain the blade. “I’m gonna make you wish you had never stole her”
He blames me. Blames me for my mothers death. She died in labour. He maintains it should have been me. For the past fifteen years.

He ripped off my thin skirt, forcing down my underwear. He unbuckled his work trousers and proceeded to rape me. I hated having him inside me, it stung like hell. He was rough and my head banged against the concrete floor. He moved the knife from my throat, pulling himself out of me. He jammed the blade as hard as he could inside me, twisting it every which way. I let out a small scream, the throbbing was unreal. He pulled out the knife and brought it to my throat.
“Make another noise, and I’ll cut out your voice box” he crossed the knife over where my larynx was situated.

The bastard had been a surgeon, his knowledge of the human body was unprecedented. He could torture me for hours and not kill me. After mother died he trained as a butcher. He could easily dissect me, a living autopsy.

He brought the knife to my arm, dragging it from my shoulder to the tip of my middle finger. It bled like hell but he missed every artery. He ripped off my thin, lacy top and cut my stomach up. I screamed in my mind every time his knife bit my skin.
“Babies shouldn’t have those” he tore off my bra, leaving my chest exposed. He took his knife and expertly cut off my left breast. I couldn’t help it, I had to scream. The pain was so intense. He laughed, wickedly, and did the same to my right. He picked up the limp pieces of flesh and rubbed them in my face. As I sobbed wildly.
“Poor baby, have a tissue” He tried to blow my nose with my own flesh.

I screamed again.

“Bad baby, lets silence you” He took the knife, and sliced my throat open. Like you carve a turkey. He fiddled about a bit, before removing my voice box. I tried to scream, and no sound came out. Instead I sobbed uncontrollably.

I reached up to slap his face but he expertly caught my hand.
“Naughty, naughty.” He pulled out a larger knife, a meat cleaver. I relaxed, knowing soon I’d be in the arms of my mother. He placed it over my shoulder and cut. I screamed, but no sound was made.
He picked up my severed arm and hit my face with it.
“Stop hitting yourself” He mocked cruelly.

I knew his next act would be his final.

He took another knife from his midnight trench coat. He placed the tip of it above my beating heart. He sliced open the skin, exposing my rib cage. He opened my ribs up with expertise that, in an operating theatre, would have been applauded.
“Well, I don’t like that, its going far too fast” He moved the blade, my heart pumping furiously.

From nowhere I kicked him. A mistake, but I hoped that someone would notice his scream.
“That’s it you little shit” He shoved the knife, blood soaked, into my heart.
My mind screamed in pain. It was so unbearable, but I was still alive.

“Baby, my poor poor slutty murdering baby.” He kicked me. Over again. Over. And over. And over. And over. Till my legs and arm were black. Till I could no longer see from blood in my eyes.
All the while a three inch blade in my chest.

“Hey! Stop!” A voice said from nowhere.
“See you in hell bitch” Dad yelled, kicking me again. Just before he ran he spat on me. Right on my heart.

“Oh Jesus” the voice said as it reached me. “I’m Ray. Stay with me” He held my hand, as I felt the pain go away. I knew I was dying.

“Ambulance.” I heard him talking on his mobile, unaware of what he was saying.
All I wanted was for the knife to exit my chest so I could die.
He came back. “The ambulance is on its way. Stay the fuck with me.”
I shook my head, pointing to the knife.
“You want me to pull it out”
I nodded.
“But you’ll die”
‘I’m already dead‘. I thought desperately. Instead, I nodded.
“Are you sure”
I nodded again.
“Okay, sweet angel.” He kissed my forehead, and pulled.
My mind screamed again.

Then, nothing.

“Baby?” A woman asked.
“Mother?” I ran forward, into her familiar arms.
“ Oona. Baby! I’ve been waiting” she kissed me.
“Where am I?” I asked, looking round the field. Flowers, rainbows, picnics. All my favourite things.
“You’re in heaven, Honey. I’ve been waiting.”
“Yes, pretty soon, a Parade happens. It’s the happiest time of your life, everyday. For eternity”
“A parade?”
“Yes, a parade. They show you the happiest time of your life.”
“That would be my death?”
“Oona why?”
“A man called Ray looked after me. He showed me not everyone’s evil.”

It was true, in death, I found the most peace I had ever known.
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