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The streets were flooded and in the tides were pessimists, so I just dove right in I felt at home

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Super short chapter. Ok. This is just filler.

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Brooke's POV:
Lights flashed above my head. Camera of view number one, which was directed for front view, flashed to me. A childish but witty catch phrase left my lips, and the laugh track played on mark. "Cut!"
The brilliant Hollywood life was, well, MY life. I was the child prodigy. There were fucking t-shirts made out me. My many house maids catored to my every move. I had to have the best of the fucking best clothes. Tailor-made dresses. Hand bags that wouldn't be out for months. Now where was I? A fucking circus?
Pete brought an old talkie to his mouth.
"Please excuse this announcement. I need Paige to come to the train imediately," His gruff voice rang clear throughout the speakers on the ceiling.
Pete pursed his lips, his hazel eyes flickering to us, then to the door. Blatant annoyance. Talk about impatient. The door to the room where the three of us sat opened, and in strolled one of the girls I'd seen earlier. She wore a ridiculous sequense leotard, that fit snug to her small body. Her dark eyes were directly fixated on Pete. "I apologize for the wait. What's up?" A pretty smile formed at the end of her words. Pete disregarded her aplogy and steadied his eyes on Natalie.
"Would you be a doll, and show Natalie where everything is at," he asked, looking back at Paige.
"You got it!" Paige didn't skip a beat at answering. Natalie quickly stood up, and followed her out the door. Her full lips pressed together, never saying a word as the two walked out. Pete gave me another one of those oh-so generous smiles, his eyes staring back into my mossy green ones.
"So Ms. Baker, what can you do." As strange as it is, his careful words sounded more like a statement than a question. I shifted uncomfortably in the metallic chair I was situated in, and drummed my fingers on the table separating us. My mind wandered around my many talents I had. Only a few seemed qualified for a circus job. My lips tugged to a smile.
"I can do a lot all at once," I offered, finally meeting his penatrating eyes. He chuckled.
"And what might these multi-tasks be," He asked, smirking. God knows where his mind is.
"Well, I can balance plates. Juggle. Ride tricycles," I said, biting my lip to restrain the rising giggle in my throat. What I was saying reminded me a lot of the clichè circus jobs I'd watch on Dumbo as a kid. Pete's eyes widened, and his polite smile broke into a huge grin.
"Looks like we've got a keeper." With that, he extended an arm and took his warm hand in my signifantly smaller one. It felt like a business deal, and I just made the sale that would save my ass.

Natalie POV
People piled into the huge red and white striped tent. Mostly druggies and kids who had nothing better to do. Paige showed me where we'd pack up and where to stay for the rest of the show. Despite how young she looked, she definitely knew her way around this place. I plopped down on the dirt floor, ready to watch the show from a safe distance of the crowd. It smelled and the people weren't the friendliest, but fucking anywhere was better than where I was. Taking a deep breath, stretched my aching limps, which were still slightly bruised. A shiver ran down my spine just thinking of the harsh way I'd been thrown around before Pete found me.
"So has Wentz given you a job yet?" A bitter voice with a slightly sarcstic tone. Monica strutted towards me, her light and choppy short hair bouncing slightly with every step. She was set to go on pretty soon.
I shrugged. Last I'd seen Pete was in the train.
"No. Was he supposed to," I asked, my eyes widening a little. Nobody ever mentioned a job. Mo chuckled darkly, and rolled her eyes.
"Well you sure as hell aren't going to sit on your ass forever," She scoffed, arching an eyebrow. There was nothing else for me to say. She rolled her eyes yet again, and walked passed me. So much for the life I was promised.

Paige POV
Four ceramic plates hit the dirt floor yet again, smashing into pieces. Brooke groaned loudly, picking up a couple more whole plates. God knows how long she'd been there. I couldn't help but smirk. Everyone always thinks they can perfect their talent and start on the first day arriving here.
"We're packing up," I said, lingering there. She nodded, walking with me to the train.
"So where you from," I asked, smiling, taking a shot at being friendly. Her mossy green eyes looked to me than straight ahead, looking far off.
"You ever watch that old show 'Zoe's World'," Brooke asked, her pink lips curling to a smile at the name. I felt my cheeks heat. Growing up in a place like this doesn't exactly come with pop culture knowledge.
"Nope. I never really watched tv as a kid," I replied, avoiding telling her that I'd actually lived here my whole life.
"Oh, well, I was the star of that show. I was from a wealthy family. But, as it turned out, my dad wasn't who he'd claimed he was. That shitty scandal left my family bankrupt and in poverty. So, here I am," She stated this bluntly, bitterness rising with every word. I noticed
her hands ball up into fists.
"Oh." Here, nobody's sob story was any worse than the one before.
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