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Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss.

Category: Doctor Who - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst, Romance - Published: 2006-04-21 - Updated: 2006-04-21 - 578 words

Timeline: Either before or just after "Boomtown",
but no particular spoilers.
Disclaimer: Not mine, the characters are owned by the BBC, obviously.

Please comment on this, and not just to gush, but really tell me what you think. I've never written fic in this fandom, and I want to know what I'm doing right or wrong.

The shouting could be heard from seemingly miles away. Even
though the words themselves were unintelligible, both Jack's
and the Doctor's distinctive accents clearly rang throughout

Right now, it was Jack's turn in the argument. It was
so heated that apparently neither of the others had noticed
her arrival. Rose paused in the doorway to the control room
to catch her breath. It seemed it was up to her again to
make these two behave.

Then her heart just about stopped.

Right in the middle of Jack's tirade, the Doctor had grabbed
the other's lapels and drawn him close, into a kiss. Jack
struggled for an instant, but then relented, melting into the




She turned and ran, as far away as the TARDIS would let her.


She was in some sort of kitchen, crying, trying to sort herself
out. Jack chose that moment to walk in on her. She slapped him,
as hard as she could manage.

"What the f..." He sounded shocked at first, but he caught on
quick enough. "Ah. Y'know, technically you should be slapping
the D..."

He got another slap for his trouble.

"Well, I guess I did deserve that one." He rubbed his cheek
where Rose's hand had hit home. She was still too confused to
say anything to him, so there was a long, awkward silence.
"Look, Rose..."

"Go away. Just... go."

Jack left.


How much later was it? She didn't know.

Someone was in the doorway. Or at least, the silence around her
seemed to have that extra component of someone being very still.
She ignored it.

An arm, clad in leather, hovered over her, tentatively touching
her shoulder. She turned to face the person the arm belonged to,
pummeling his chest with both her fist, shouting incoherently.

The Doctor took the abuse for about half a minute. Then he
caught her in his arms, holding her against her struggles,
rocking her like a baby, constantly murmuring: "Oh Rose, I'm so
sorry. I'm so sorry Rose." He kissed her, a gentle kiss, on the
top of her head. Still he was rocking her, waiting for her to
calm down.

It took a long time. Rose rested her head against the Doctor's
chest, listening to the odd rhubadub-dub of his hearts. When she
finally looked up to him, the Doctor tried to say something, but
the only sound that would come out was some sort of desparate

He hadn't meant it like that. He was trying to apologise. But
how could you apologise for something like that?

He looked utterly miserable. Rose felt sorry for him. This wasn't
worth it for either of them. She smiled, and even if the effect
was slightly spoiled by her running make-up and the tears still
in the corners of her eyes, it was good enough to also brighten
the Doctor's face.

"Shall we dance?"

The grin that appeared now on the Doctor's face made all the
darkness of the moment lift. Out of nowhere, the tones of 'In
the Mood' sounded.

Rose and the Doctor swung around each other.

All was forgiven?
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