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fuck it.
fuck this.
fuck you.

i know this girl, who can't even look at herself, who can't look herself in the eye. Who can't look at the truth. Who can't accept her shit so is someone else. And this girl can't stand it anymore. She doesn't know what to do, and truth to be told. She can't go anything about it. She's scared. And not just only that. There's many other reasons too.
But this isn't new.
What is she gunna do now?
She's going to suck it back the fuck up, get on with her life, that she's can't stand, and it gets worse every day. No, she doesn't get bullied, or abused by anyone but herself. So what is there that she can't stand? Simple. Herself. But it's more than a case of "I'm ugly, fat etc" or whatever. It's something far deeper. That she can't even stand to talk about, or think about, so she blocks it out.

There's only 6 words she ever needs in her life;
Get on with it.
Fuck it.
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