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Chapter 01

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Waking in an asylum, Laguna finds himself in a struggle to keep his sanity while trying to find some way out.

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"Funny," Laguna thought to himself as he slowly awakened. "I don't remember the bed being this soft."

He tried to sit up, but found himself strapped down to the bed.

~So,~ he thought to himself, ~I've fallen into the hands of the enemy. Very well. I just have to keep calm until Kiros and Ward find me.~

"Good morning," a man in a long white coat said, as he walked in. He checked the chart, and smiled, "I trust you slept well, Mr. Loire."

"That's Sgt. Loire to you, Mister," Laguna had earned his rank and while he didn't insist on Kiros and Ward using it, he expected such from ranking officials and from the doctors who occasionally healed those rare wounds that potions could not.

"Not any more," the doctor replied, "Psychological discharge."


"Calm down or we'll have to sedate you." the doctor told him. "My name is Doctor Jennings. You had a psychotic episode."

"What are you talking about?" Laguna demanded, trying to remain calm, though all his training was telling him to get the hell out of there.

"One week ago..." seeing the look on Laguna's face, Jennings interrupted himself. "Yes, you've been here for one week."

"You're lying," Laguna challenged, "if I've been here all week, then why haven't Kiros or Ward come to visit?"

"They're not permitted to..."

"Bullshit!" Laguna cut him off. "The only time visitors are not permitted is in the case of indefinite..." his eyes widened as he watched the doctor nod.

"One week ago, you claimed you could summon demons. You then challenged a monster most men would have run from. When your demons failed to show up, you got this confused look on your face. We barely managed to subdue the monster you angered before it killed anyone. You were badly hurt. The monster had cast a confusion attack on you, but instead of returning to normal after Kiros cast Esuna upon you, you passed out. Since then, you've been suffering various stages of psychosis. The last time, you attacked a patient and nearly killed him."

"Is... is he all right?" Laguna could not believe what he was hearing. "I'd like to apologise."

"I'm afraid he was transferred when your attack cost him his eye."

Laguna slumped a little in remorse. The doctor put a hand on his shoulder, but he shrugged it off. The doctor didn't push the issue and went to stand by the window instead.

"I don't remember doing anything like that. Why can't I remember? Why?!"

The doctor shook his head as he watched the inmates in the courtyard outside the window. "I don't know."
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