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Shade of Gray

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Ray realizes that in life there is a thin line between black and white.

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Please be honest, does this all sound like rambling nonsense?

Is it odd that I am in your presence nearly every day, yet I hardly know anything about you? Is it odd that I see you quite often, yet we never use direct eye contact? Is it odd that I hold conversations with you, yet our discussions rarely consist of more than a few words? And is it odd that I used adore you, yet now I am unsure if I desire our relationship to be rekindled?

These questions once seemed abnormal to me, for the answers have always been as definite as black and white. But in life there is a thin line between black and white. And soon the difference between normal and abnormal becomes unclear. Black and white becomes a shade of gray.

It becomes difficult to conclude answers to questions that are shaded gray. How is one to propose an answer when the question itself is not comprehensible? But perhaps it is of more importance to first ask if the incomprehensible should be answered at all.

At times it is crucial to determine a line between the black and the white. It is imperative to gain a clear understanding between the two, for answers may originate from this examination. Then with the differentiating comes knowledge. And with this knowledge comes lesser incomprehensible questions in a lifetime.

But in few circumstances it is better to leave a question as is. Analyzing complicates the question far too much. It is sometimes more suitable to leave the answer to a question gray.

And maybe the questions concerning you are considered to be one of these few circumstances. Perhaps it is more acceptable to leave my questions untouched, unanswered. Perhaps it is better to leave you as a shade of gray.
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