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Author's Note

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Boy, I am full of the author's notes today

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Author’s Note:
“I’ve decided, due to my inconsistent life style (and more importantly inconsistent writing styles) that a lot of the stories I have here that were one shots then expanded upon will return to their original form until I have enough to post several chapters.”
And something more original about Golden: How Cruel Is The Golden Rule is part of a series I am writing. It is meant to run at the same time as the book (which cannot be found on here, sorry) One Love. Actually, it’s beginning starts after One Love, and runs into Mortal Love for Immortals. They eventually cross in a yet to be titles third book. So right now, while I finish One Love and Mortal Love, I have to stop this. I was running ahead of myself and that story lines weren’t matching up anymore. So for now, this too is taking an indefinite hiatus. Call it the Blink 182 of stories. Blame whoever moved my notebook with One Love in it. Do what you need to do to sleep through the night. Other, better, stories will be posted as they become available and once Golden Rule is active again, you all will be the first to know.

“So, loyal readers (I know there are at least five of you), I am going to repost this all… until then, I have a new story, fresh off the presses and dying to leak it’s controversial juices into your brain. Look for it sometime today or tonight. But for now, I miss you and I can’t wait to write for you. Writing is the air I breathe, and you lovely morsels are the oxygen I crave. “
Until we meet again,
Violet Tendencies
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