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Remember Me.

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A letter from an ex-lover.

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Remember me when you are walking in the rain. I am the person you left behind. Do you remember me? I am the person who you walked away from. Leaving me bleeding on the floor.
Remember me when you are with her. Remember how her smile reminds you of mine, how when she says your name you wish it was my voice saying it.
Remember me when you wear black, as you did that day. Remember how the colour reminds you of the church, and the headstone bearing my name.
Remember me when you cry, like you made me. The nights your comments made me stay awake, made me cry. The nights I never slept, the nights that coached my madness into what it became.
Remember me as you sleep. Remember how you would wake up and see me next to you, sleeping. How you would hold me as you guided yourself into slumber.
Remember me when you smile. How you would use that mouth to kiss me. How you would be smiling at me.
Remember me when you eat. How I would cook your favourite food for you, making it just they way you like it.
Remember me as you wash. Your shower gel triggering the memories of me.
Remember me as you pray. Think of how you wish you would hear my voice in reply.
Remember me when watching the news. Hearing about the deaths. Feel guilty that you caused mine.
Remember me when you see a razor. Knowing how it could be manipulated by me.
Remember me when you see a rope. Know how the handiness of it could be used for evil. Six feet of rope for six feet of earth.
Please do not pretend you never think of me, I know you do.
Remember me as you drink. Knowing what your rejection drove me to. I hope you remember how you made me from teetotal to uncontrolled drunk.
Remember me when you are ill. With the knowledge of what your painkillers could do.
Remember me as you hear news of drug war. Remember how I was a part of it.
Remember me as you look at poppies in November. Remember how they are linked to me.

My love, remember me. For I am soon a memory. Never forget me, the moments we shared. Remember you caused my fall, and for that, I will cause yours. I hope you will be broken hearted, drunk, addicted and suicidal.

For that is what you made me.

I may soon be gone from earth. However, darling, I will haunt you until you join me once more.
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