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Day 5

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Zexion has a fling with someone...

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Dear Diary,
I actually had a pretty good day, other then hiding from Axel. I met Namine today. She was amazing and beautiful! She and Kairi really resembled one another.
Riku, on the other hand... I really haven't heard much about him lately. Lexaeus is gone and so is Vexen and they were the only two that told me anything.
Back to Namine. She made me feel like I had a heart! I could practically feel it pounding against my chest! It was the best feeling ever! Why were we created without hearts? I feel kind of left out now. Sora, being a Heartless and all, shouldn't be able to feel them either, but he can! I need help, Diary. What should I do? Namine is actually Roxas's girl! I'm so confused, which is pretty bad considering that I'm the smartest one in the Organization! I'm so lost! I need your help, whoever reads this!
(Why would someone read my diary!?)
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