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Chapter 4

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This chapter was written by Sam. She changed it from 3rd person POV to 1st person POV. THANK YOU FOR REVIEWING IT!

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Friday came. I packed a bag, and slung it over my shoulder. I left the house, without saying a word to my parents, and took off for Pete’s house. I knocked on the door; and Pete came to greet me. “Hi!” he said; breathlessly, and Brendon quickly followed him. My heart sunk, but I grabbed my rucksack and pulled out a small bag. “I brought you some nuts- penis- I BROUGHT YOU SOME PEANUTS.” I said, turning completely crimson. Pete burst into laughter and pulled me into a hug. “I love you, ‘Tricky,” Pete gushed. I returned his hug, pulling him tightly. “Aw, haha, hey,” he chuckled.

Brendon cleared his throat. “Oh, Brenny,” Pete said, breaking our hug all too soon, and turned to our company. He pulled Brendon’s chin up; and smirked playfully. My heart sank deeper, and it felt like it landed in the pit of my stomach. Joe, Andy and Ryan appeared behind the older man; and the younger. They all waved cheerfully at me.

Everyone continued into the sitting room. I raced to sit down next to Pete on the cold leather. He grinned and left his head slump onto my shoulder. I smiled; victorious and smug. “I want to get stuck in your memories,” I whispered. Joe and Andy sat with their backs against the sofa; and Joe flicked on the DVD player. “UGH, PETE!” everyone cried, when The Nightmare before Christmas appeared on the screen. “Whaaaaat,” he exclaimed, “it‘s a classic!”
Andy snorted, “I brought Saw, will I put it on?” he grinned. Everyone murmured a yes. Brendon reappeared from the kitchen; laden with drinks and snacks. He sat down on Pete’s right, and passed me a bowl. “Your peanuts,” -he winked- “’Trickster,” he said teasingly. I threw an intimidating smile in his direction; and the smirk soon flew off his face. Inside I felt so bad, this guy was supposed to be one of my best friends! But Pete was secretly (not to me, obviously) smitten with him, so whatever I had to do, I would do.

Saw finished at three in the morning. Pete was snoozing peacefully on my shoulder. I nudged him awake after Brendon suggested a game of truth and dare. “That‘s just downright gay-” Joe started, looking at Pete and I; embarrassed. I grinned, and soothed him, “relax, Joe.” Pete awoke, and rubbed his eyes. “S‘morning?” he questioned. “No, Wentz,” I chuckled, “it‘s three a.m dude.” “Right; let’s play!” Ryan said excitedly, his first remark of the night. “I‘ll go first,” Brendon offered. “Patrick,” he started. My heart skipped a beat, “truth or dare?” I responded with “uh, truth?” Brendon smiled evilly and immediately said; “do you like Pete?”

I choked on my peanuts slightly; and said incredulously, “no!” Pete jerked upwards; abashed by my stern answer. I could almost feel him recollecting last Friday in school. “I mean,” I said quickly, “I‘d shoot the sunshine into my veins for you dude,” Pete’s eyes lit up and he stared up at me; infatuated. “But we‘re just friends,” I continued, “just friends.” It broke my heart to repeat those words, they pulled me apart.

We played for a good, interesting hour, which included Brendon and Ryan agreeing to air-hump for 5 minutes straight, and with Joe running around the Wentz’ patio, with no clothes on. “I am, so, so tired,” Pete said, yawning. Ryan was curled up on the armchair, sound asleep. Joe, Andy and Brendon were in sleeping bags; which left me and Pete to the couch. Once we were the only two awake; Pete broke the silence. “I want stuff to always be like this,” he declared in a whisper. I snorted, “Even the young ones become irrelevant,” I argued. “Huh. I don‘t care. Right now everything’s just perfect.” I was happy Pete could say this; but I’d be happier if I could say it myself. Pete took my nonexistent reply as an answer, and prodded on; “are you happy, ‘Tricky?” he whispered, barely audible. I took a second to reply, and then smiled. “If I could stay like this forever, then yes,” I said, and Pete began to interrupt, but I stopped him, “yes, I know I said even the young ones become irrelevant, but, you’re right. This is perfect,” I stopped and smiled at him again, “but, I think I love the mayhem more than the love.” Pete remained silent until he conjured up a reply; “It‘ll be okay, ‘Trick. You‘ll always have me and I‘ll always have you!” he said cheerfully. I chuckled, “oh, Pete, imperfect boys with their perfect ploys,” I joked. “You‘re an absolute sunshine machine, I swear!” Pete grinned triumphantly at my statement, but then his face fell. “Don‘t you always say ‘the lights of the city are too heavy for me’?” Pete asked, his low voice distant. I hesitated. “Peter Wentz. You‘re my best friend and I love you more than anyone, you just remember that.” I reassured him. Pete shot me a small smile, satisfied. “The only problem,” I thought, “I‘m half doomed and you‘re semi sweet.”
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