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Best Friends, Ex-Friends 'Til The End

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We started out as best friends until things took for a turn for the better...then the worse. CURRENTLY ON HIATUS.

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“Babe, get up.”



I slowly rolled over, opening my eyes enough to glare at my best friend as he continued to poke my side.

“You’ve got class in two hours.”

“You’re going to let me go today?”

“I have to, I have an interview.”

I pushed him back, slowly sit up as he gave me a smirk, “What?”


“What Peter?”

“I told you not to call me that!”

“It’s your name!” I mocked, “It says so on your birth certificate, Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III. It’s not like you changed it to Captain Dipshit or anything.”

“For your information I wouldn’t change my name to Captain Dipshit, I’d change it to McSexy.”

“Someone beat you to it, Genius.”

Pete rolled his eyes, pushing me towards his bathroom as he made his way downstairs. This is how most days in my life start. I either wake up in his bed, or he in mine, and we make fun of each other until one of us has to leave. That is, every day he’s not on tour...or you know, being an idiot.

“Biz? You in the shower yet? I gotta piss.”

“Yeah!” I quickly jumped behind the curtain, all he’d be able to make out is my shadow. Besides, he’s not the one I have to worry about. Hemingway is. As if on cue, the rather large puppy bursts through the curtain and starts barking at the water. It’s like he expects it to attack him, or something!

Anyway, back to talking about Pete. I get sidetracked like that often, like this one time we were getting milkshakes and...wait...I did it again. Okay, /focus time/, I’ve known Peter since before I was born. His dad was my mom’s mentor at law school and then our mom’s became friends and as soon as they found out they were having children of the opposite sex, they began planning our wedding. Too bad for them we have no interest in each other, or at least he says we don’t.

“Mama wants you to babysit me this weekend.”

I raised an eyebrow while peeking around the curtain at him.

“She and Dad are going to the lake, she doesn’t trust me to cook for myself.”

I giggled, trying not to stare at Pete while he changed shirts, it’s sad that Mrs. Wentz has to find a babysitter who’s five years younger than her son. “Why can’t you go bug someone else?”

“She’s hoping I’ll knock you up.”

**Author's Note**
Hey You Guys =) So if you've looked at my past accounts you'd know that I haven't been writing for a long time. I'm a bit rusty but I'll get back into the swing of things in time. Things might be a bit slow for a little while just because the schoolyear's closing up but come this Summer, you'll be glad you waited =D

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