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Chapter Two

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nothing new... intros for a new diary, incase I should forget my past.

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Feb 25

So maybe I will like this. Maybe this whole Mikey thing is a great thing. If Zacky isn’t going to pay attention to me, then I will seek it out elsewhere. I mean, he’s super yummy, he buys me anything I want, and his kisses give me tingles in places I wouldn’t want my brother to know about. But Zacky…

I needed to explain about Zacky Vengeance. There is something about him. His is pragmatic, exciting, electrifying. I’m drawn to him, moth to a flame. But it’s more than that. It’s like we are both moths, both drawn to the flames that make up each other’s wings. Most of the time. Most of the time it’s me fending him away, a desperation to preserve the gentle makeup of the house that is completely unnatural but necessary. Five guys and only one constant girl? A sure way to end the fun is to fall for one of them.

Synyster Gates is my twin brother, though with his longer black hair and deep brown eyes all over six feet tall he looked almost nothing like me. I have auburn hair that, if it’s done up and looks good, it looks pretty. My eyes, which change color from blue to grey and then onto green, are all light colored. Then there is the fact that, in two inch heals, I might be five four.
M. Shadows is basicly the same as Syn in my mind. My beloved big brother, though he does look at least a little bit more like me. His brown hair, was lighter and much shorter… spikier. His hazel eyes sparkle, even though he normally hides them behind the aviator sunglasses I bought him for Christmas last year.

Then there are the other two. There is Johnny Christ. He is barely six feet tall, stockier than they other boys with their lean, defined bodies. But what Johnny lacks in height, The Reverend Tholomew Plague makes up. The last time he told me, he was seven two. I love him to pieces, Johnny too. We’ve never boon as close as my brothers, but they are still death bats. They are still family.

But Zacky… I at one time thought Zacky was a greek god, or at least a demigod. Then again, I have been reading a book about a guy who actually found out he was the son of Posiden, and saw Vengeance within. I think he might really be a fallen angel, he is too dark, to seductive to be something holy. Zacky Vengeance has amazing green eyes. I mean I am in love with his eyes. They are as green as spring grass and always shining with light that is almost mischievous. If he was a demigod, he would Herme’s son with a glint like his. He was the first of us to go get any piercings, and now rocks two holes in his lips. He wants to get his nose done like a bull, but I’ve had my reservations. It’s his body, whatever he was to add to perfection is fine by me…

There I go again, on and on about Vengeance. He isn’t my boyfriend, he hasn’t been in years, and that is something I have to come to terms with. Dr. Armstrong told me I have an ‘addictive personality’ and that is why I should write in these. So I can go back and see how much I obsesses over everything, even the tiniest of things. Maybe I do, maybe not…

Oh, yea. The names. I meant to put it in the first entry. No real names. I don’t want someone in the school to find this and post on their blog about my sexcapades with the lead in the school play… while he has a girlfriend. Opps. My bad? Either way, I know who everyone is. And the someones tend to do things that I writing about, but I don’t really want my friends going to jail for running pills. Not that they do that. 

She’s an extrodinary girl, in an ordinary world, and she can’t seem to get away. He lack the courage in his mind, like a child left behind, like a pet left in the rain. She’s all alone again…

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