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One shot based on the word prompt 'middles'. A Frank/Gerard/Jacoby Shaddix love triangle ;3

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Frank had thought that his life was perfect. He had thought he had everything he ever wanted. He had thought he was living in a world that would always be the best. But now his world had been flipped upside down, and everything was alien to him. He couldn’t understand how everything had suddenly become so different, even when no one had changed. Gerard was still Gee, and Jacoby was still Coby. Gee was his husband, and Coby was his best friend. More than that, he was his engaged best friend. And yet everything was different, and Frank didn’t know what to do.

"No... C- Coby, we ooh... we shouldn’t..." Frank wasn’t entirely sure what had got them into this position in the first place, yet here they were, shirtless with kiss swollen lips and very little memory of how they had got there.
"Why?" Coby drawled, trailing his butterfly kisses up Frank’s neck and nibbling on his ear lobe. It had started off as a few playful winks here and there, a bit of innocent flirting after a drink or two. But as the months had progressed Coby had found he couldn’t deny his attraction towards the younger man, and Frank had always admitted he thought Coby was a good looking guy. But he had never dreamed they would be doing this.
"G - Gerard... Danny..." He whimpered, torn between what was right and what felt good.
"What about them?" Coby asked softly, realising Frank’s ear must be a sensitive spot as his insistent teasing was drawing out the most delightful sounds from the shorter man.
"I'm married." Frank choked, shocked by Coby’s words. "And you’re engaged and..." His sentence was cut off by a low moan as Coby gripped him through his jeans, giving him a playful grin as he moved his lips to his jaw.
"If they don’t know, they don’t get hurt." He whispered against Franks olive skin, his fingers tracing the body art on his chest as he stole more kisses from him.
"That doesn’t make it right..." Frank whispered into his mouth, though he made no attempt to push him away.
"But I've wanted you for so long now Frankie... If we don’t tell them then they won’t know... and it'll make us more relaxed..." Coby replied between kisses down the curve of Franks throat, his tongue tasting his flesh as he moved down his chest, curiously sucking on a nipple.
"Oh..." Frank gasped in surprise and his nails scratched lightly at Coby's back. He had to admit his words made perfect sense, though he wasn’t sure if that was just because his mind was hazy with lust, or if they were actually logical.
"Don’t deny something if you want it Frankie, life’s too short." Coby breathed hotly over his nipple and Frank closed his eyes, nodding his head.
"Yeah... yeah, you’re right..." He whispered and Coby 'mmm'd his satisfaction, proceeding to move his hot mouth down Frank’s body.

Frank had told himself he had Coby would never go far enough to actually have sex. They both agreed that it was bad enough they were cheating on their partners at all, but for them - Frank especially - Having sex was much more than pleasure alone, it was a bonding that he reserved for Gerard and Gerard only. Coby had agreed fully with him and it helped them to bury the guilt they felt. It was true that they loved their respected partners more than life itself, and neither of them wanted more than a little fling caused purely from sexual attraction. It hadn’t meant to last long. Frank had his perfect world and he didn’t plan on changing it. He didn’t want anything else... he had it all already.

"Mmm... Frankie..." Gerard’s voice always took on a delicious animalistic quality when he was aroused like this. Frank had come to adore and crave the deep tones that crept from the base of his throat when it became husky and wanting.
"Gee..." Frank arched his back lightly and bucked his hips up against Gerard’s, their bodies rocking as one in a rhythm all their own. They made love like they made music, creating something more amazing with each second, and every time they felt like they might be done it just kept building and building, their pleasure climbing so high it could touch the moon before exploding among the stars.
"Oooh God..." Frank moaned softly and tipped his head back into the pillows, his arms and legs wrapped tightly around his husband as his stomach clenched and heated with the familiar signs of climax, Gerard thrusting into him with slower, longer thrusts as he recognised how close his lover was. After five years of marriage he had come to read Frank like an open book and he knew how to make him feel good, loved making him feel good... It was times like these when he knew he couldn’t have anyone else.
"Babe... mm, so close..." He breathed, his pace increasing as animalistic need consumed him, burying his face in the crook of Franks neck he nibbled at the skin slick with sweat, their moans and gasps increasing in pitch as their orgasms drew ever closer.
"Gee... Gerard...Fuck... agh, Gee..." Gerard loved hearing his name on Franks tongue, loved the desperate sounds he could force him to make. Loved how his body convulsed and arched every time he hit that special spot deep inside him.
Franks nails dug into Gerard’s back as he clutched him, a deep, keening moan erupting from his throat as he felt his cock twitch, his climax crashing down around him with the stars as he came hard, his eyes screwed shut. Gerard came with a shout of Franks name seconds after, their bodies shaking and trembling as one as they rode through their orgasms, feeling boneless and exhausted.
"I love you." Gerard breathed as he pulled out of Frank and slumped at his side, Frank cuddling into him and tangling their legs together.
"I love you too." He whispered, placing a chaste kiss to Gerard’s lips

The little fling turned out to be quite a long fling. Six months after it started it still showed no signs of stopping and Frank was beginning to question everything he had ever known. He loved Gerard. He knew he did and he had never been more sure about anything in his life. To know how hurt Gee would be if he found out what Frank had been doing behind his back made Frank feel so guilty he half wondered if it wouldn’t be better for him to just kill himself and save all the pain he would cause. But he knew that it would only kill Gerard too, thus defeating the whole point.
He knew the best thing to do was just call off the whole thing with Coby and never cheat again, but it wasn’t that simple anymore. Their little fling had become something much deeper and lines they had drawn were beginning to be crossed.

Frank screwed his eyes shut and moaned softly as he felt Coby rocking into him, fast, gentle thrusts that brought him ever closer to the edge. He knew they had sworn not to do this, and it was killing him even as the pleasure reached unbearable peaks. This part of him, this physical and emotional act was meant for Gerard. He had never wanted Coby to see him so open and exposed. They had never meant to be so intimate, and yet they had been unable to fight it any longer. He half wished that it would feel all wrong, maybe then he would have had the strength to say no. But the terrible thing was it felt right... so horrendously right and he weren’t sure who he was anymore.
Was it possible to love two people at the same time?
"Frankie..." Coby gasped, gripping tightly to the younger mans hips as he pushed into him, the velvet heat encasing his throbbing erection driving him crazy. "Tell me this is okay... Tell me this is what you wanted..." He practically pleaded, feeling the same stomach churning guilt Frank was experiencing despite the need and the want and the love.
"Yes... Yes I wanted it..." Frank whimpered, mewling as he bucked his hips up, his stomach beginning to clench. "Unn, don’t stop..." He begged and Coby caught his lips in a hungry kiss. Their moans being passed and shared between their joined lips, tongues dancing as Coby's thrusts became erratic, their bodies arching and convulsing as their vision exploded.
Coby moaned deep into Franks mouth as he came hard inside him, the purely delicious sound bringing Frank over the edge and causing him to explode over their stomachs, breaking the kiss to gasp and moan, his lips trembling along with his body.
"Oh God... Frank, I love you..." Coby breathed before slumping to his side and Frank didn’t think before responding.
"I love you too."

Franks world was far from perfect anymore. Or maybe it wasn’t his world that was imperfect, but himself. He had always known what he wanted and strived to achieve it. But now he didn’t know what he wanted anymore. He loved Gee. He loved him with his whole body, heart and soul and there was no questioning it. If Gerard was ever upset with him it would break his heart. If Gerard ever found out what he had done it would kill them both. Frank loved him, wanted him, needed him - and yet Coby was suddenly in the picture.
Coby had somehow transitioned from friend, to fuck buddy, to lover. Frank found himself loving him so strongly it was scary. He didn’t love him as much as Gerard, he knew that, but he loved him enough to not want to let him go. He hated himself for letting things go so far, hated himself for not finding Gerard to be enough. Hated everything he did or said or thought. He was suddenly stuck in the middle, and it was a place he had never been before.
The middle was frightening. The middle was risky. The middle put everything he had ever loved or strived for on the line and one tiny mistake could ruin everything. The middle was a place Frank did not want to be. And yet it was a place he could not escape.
Frank was stuck in the middle. Stuck between two men he ultimately loved.
He was stuck in the middle, and it was his own damn fault.
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