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Our lady of sorrows.

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Kitty and Scarlett have an explosive argument about Frank and Gerard...

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Kitty's face was flushed with anger and hurt, her eyes bloodshot and heavy from crying. She was playing with her hands, her heart beating fast as she waited outside Scarlett's house. After her and Gerard's dramatic exit from the fun day out, she knew they wouldn't be together for much longer. She paced up and down and eventually sat on the wall outside the front door. The summer sun was setting and the cool night chill was whistling through the stale hot air. Kitty felt the blood pumping in her temple in unision with her heart thudding so hard it could burst through her shirt at any minute. She wasn't sure, exactly what she felt - angry? Upset? Hurt? Heartbroken? All of them? She felt sick, the palms of her hands cool but sweaty from the worry. She heard a thudding of footsteps and turned her head to be greeted with Scarlett. "Kitty!" her best friend wrapped her arms around her shaking body. "Are you okay? What the fuck happened with you Gerard? Did he hurt you? What's wr-" Kitty pushed her away and stared hard. "Can't you tell?" she spat. "He loved you. My wonderful, doting, perfect, amazing boyfriend Gerard fucking Way is in love with you," Scarlett's face dropped and her breathing rapidly increased. "Oh, poor Scarlett. Couldn't you tell? Couldn't you FUCKING tell? The way he looks at you?" she laughed. "He couldn't even tell me he loved me in the end..." hot tears filled her sore eyes. Scarlett spoke softly. "It's not my fault... I hardly speak to Gerard. You know that. You're making this up! It's your mind playing tricks on you, and you know it! You can't let anyone be fucking happy can you? Everything was perfect and your CRAZY mind fucking ruins it all!"

Kitty stared at her best friend in disbelief. She looked around, a hurt smirk playing on her lips. "So he rips my hurt out, and you fucking stamp on it. You are my best friend and you can't even tell the fucking truth! I hope you're happy. You can live your perfect life with Frank - or Gerard - or why don't you have them both! One big happy fucking family!"
Kitty shook her head and with a turn of her heel was walking away from Scarlett's house fast; before she knew it, she was 3 streets away and in a world of her own. Scarlett sat on her wall and began to cry softly to herself. Everything always has to go wrong.
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