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Take Me Back

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Tommy gets into some trouble while Mick goes to jail. Plus Beth Lynn proves to be a threat to Amy and Vince.

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"I'll be right back," I told Vince, staring after Nikki's retreating figure angrily. Vince stuck out his lower lip in a pout, "Aw, do you have to go? Nikki didn't mean any of that. He's just being a bastard like usual." I was tempted to stay exactly where I was. I loved the feel of Vince's breath on my cheek and of his tongue trailing over my neck. But right now, I needed to figure out what was going on with Nikki so it wouldn't continue to drive me crazy over the next few days.
"Yeah, I do have to go," I answered rather reluctantly. Vince made a face but rolled onto the other side of the lounge chair to free me. After disentangling our legs, Vince looked up at me and said, "Hurry back, will you?" I nodded, running my right hand longingly through his tousled blonde locks, "Always. I'll just be a sec."
Sliding off the lounge chair and getting to my feet, I ran across the slippery pool deck as fast as I could without falling until I caught up with Nikki, shouting at his turned back, "Hey, wait up!" Nikki slowly stopped and turned around to see who was following him. When he saw it was me, he turned back around and continued to walk away.
By that time, I had caught up with him and had grabbed his hand, forcing him to a halt. Nikki stared at me with a questioning look while I tried to catch my breath. Once I had stopped gasping for air, I stated, "What's wrong, Nikki? I know you're angry at me, but I don't see what I did to you. Is something going on? Or did I do something?"
Nikki stayed silent so long that I felt like I was going to have to repeat the question. As I waited for him to answer, I could feel the eyes of all the other Crue members on my back. They were probably all waiting to see how Nikki was going to react to my question. Finally, Nikki said, "There's no problem. I was just having a bad day. But I'm feeling loads better now!"
Suddenly, Nikki was smiling and his tone had lightened up. That was strange. After all, only two seconds ago he had been glowering and cursing at me. Was it possible that he had forgiven me already? I figured it had to be. Why else would Nikki be smiling at me right now? Hoping we were finally on good terms again, I took a step closer to him and said, "Oh, sorry about the bad day. So, just to make sure, are we on good terms again?"
Nikki put a finger to his temple as if he were thinking over my question. Then he opened up his arms to me. I eagerly hugged him back, glad to have put this argument behind us. Nikki's hands strayed from my back to my neck. I was starting to feel suspicious again. People didn't usually wrap their arms around your neck unless you had an intimate relationship with them. Nikki's fingers pressed into the back of my neck...obviously doing something back there.
"Uh...Nikki? What are you doing?" I asked a little apprehensively. I didn't pull away, but I did want to know what was going on. Abruptly, Nikki pulled back from me and yanked on something on the back of my neck. That something was the ties to my bikini top. Only then did I realize that Nikki had untied my top and had pulled it off completely.
Hoping no one had seen, I wrapped an arm around my chest and glowered at Nikki, "Nikki, what the hell? Give that back please! We're in a public place like you said two seconds ago for god's sake! Besides, I thought you had forgiven me..." Did Nikki think this was funny? Because if he did, he had a really awful sense of humor.
But from Nikki's sneering expression, I could tell that he was still mad at me. But seriously, why in the world would he want to get a look at my breasts? Nikki answered my question from earlier, "What do you think, Amy? Does it look like I've forgiven you?" With that, he tossed my bikini top to the ground and strode away.
I stood frozen, gazing after him. My cheeks were burning hot, not just from the sun, but from the embarrassment from the whole situation. Reluctantly, I took a glimpse over my shoulder to see if any of the Crue members lounging around had seen the encounter with Nikki, or worse; me completely topless.
As soon as I looked behind me, four heads immediately whipped away. Apparently, they had watched the whole scene intensely. My cheeks flamed about a thousand times redder as I turned away again and picked up my top with the hand that wasn't flung over my chest. I peered at it in puzzlement.
How the fuck was I suppose to get this back on with only one hand? That was like impossible unless you were a magician or something. A gentle hand on my back made me jump and spin around. Vince was standing behind me with his blonde hair ruffling in the wind and with an apologetic look in his eyes.
"Uh...did everyone just see what Nikki did?" I asked Vince cautiously, my voice shaking slightly. I was crossing my fingers he was going to say that none of the Crue members had been paying attention to my fight with Nikki. Vince just looked at the ground and chose his words carefully, "I'm not sure. I think Tommy might've seen..."
"Shit," I muttered under my breath. I felt like slapping someone or kicking something. I felt so stupid for letting Nikki make such a fool of me out of everyone. Vince's soft voice broke into my thoughts, "Amy? Want me to help you get that on?" Vince pointed at the bikini top I still had clutched in my right hand. I didn't really want Vince's help, but I didn't really have a choice. Besides, at least he took shield me from the rest of the Crue so they couldn't see anything I didn't want them to see.
"Oh...alright," I answered, slightly against my will. "But try to hurry, okay? And don't look!" Vince just laughed, a sign that he wasn't about to obey either of my commands. As quickly as I could, I removed my hand from across my chest to pull the top over my head. Then I gave the straps to Vince so he could tie them around my neck.
His fingers caressed the area on the back of my neck as he tied the straps of my top, "I'm really sorry about Nikki. Want me to kick his ass for you?" Now covered up again, I turned around and shook my head, "No. I want to take care of this myself somehow. I just don't see what Nikki's damn problem is all of the sudden."
Vince shrugged his shoulders unknowingly. Behind Vince, I could see a pretty brunette girl walking down the length of the pool deck with her eyes on Tommy. She approached him and appeared to be saying something. Even though I couldn't hear what they were saying, I figured they must be getting along because I noticed Tommy smile and shift over in his lounge chair to make room for her. Next thing I knew, she was drinking from his bottle of whiskey.
"Looks like Tommy's got a girl," I nodded towards the two, wanting to think about anything besides Nikki. Vince glanced over his shoulder and looked the girl over from top to bottom, "Apparently. She's not really my type though." I punched Vince's arm and glared at him, "She better not be your type!"
"So what do you want to do now?" Vince asked, eager to change the subject before we got into a fight again. I shrugged my shoulders, "You know, I think I've gotta get out of here for a while. I think I'll take a trip downtown and do a little shopping or something. I just have to get away from the Crue for a while."
Vince's face fell, "Want me to come with you?" I shook my head. I just wanted some time to think all alone without anyone else around. Vince watched me head towards the door and then ran to catch up with me, "Just be careful. And Amy, you are coming back tonight, aren't you?" I nodded. I didn't really have a choice but to come back. Where else would I stay? With that said, I waved goodbye to Vince and headed back up to my room.

Four hours later, I was driving back to the hotel with two bags stuffed into the passenger seat next to me. I had bought some new mascara, two new polka dotted tank tops, and some black sandals. It had been nice to get away from the constant company of the other Crue members. Sure, I loved them dearly, but sometimes I needed some time alone.
While I had been shopping, I had been thinking about Nikki and Vince. With Nikki, I decided that the very best thing would be just to avoid him at all costs. That way, I couldn't annoy him and he couldn't come up with any mean tricks to use on me. After all, this had happened before. Nikki had a habit of going into a bad mood for up to a week at a time, but he always turned around at the end. I just needed a little patience while he calmed himself down.
But Vince? Well, that was a completely different story. Truth be told, I hadn't exactly figured out what to do about Vince and me yet. The thing that bothered me the most about our relationship was that I still was with Izzy. Izzy still hadn't called me back, but he hadn't technically broken up with me. Should I call Izzy and break up with him so I could proceed with Vince without feeling guilty? Vince seemed like a much better partner than Izzy at the moment. He was here for me and was willing to give me what I wanted. Izzy, on the other hand, hadn't talked to me for a whole month now.
The second thing that irked me about my relationship with Vince was the fact that I was at his mercy. He had a wife, and she was top priority on his list. Meaning, once Beth Lynn dumped Nikki and came back to Vince, I would most likely be thrown away like an old toy. Another heartbreak wasn't something I could stand right now.
I pulled into the darkened parking lot of the hotel and parked my jetta across from the doorway. Throwing my bags over my right arm, I pushed the car door open and hurried inside the hotel lobby where it was nice and warm. Deciding not to wait for the elevator, I proceeded to the stairs and made my way up to our floor. My bags felt heavy in my arms and I felt myself starting to get sleepy. Shopping always wore me out. I never seemed to have much energy these days.
Once I reached the room I was sharing with Vince and Tommy, I slipped my room key through the lock and let the door fall open. The sight before my eyes made me freeze in my tracks. In less than four hours, our room had been completely transformed. Garbage and items of clothing were everywhere. Empty bottles were scattered across the floor and dirty dishes were piled up on the table. What the hell had happened to our room?
Nervously, I took a step inside the doorway and shut the door behind me. There was an odd squishing noise. Looking down, I saw that I had stepped onto a piece of pizza that had been lying on the floor. Grimacing, I wiped the cheese and sauce off of my foot with a tissue from my purse and looked around for Tommy and Vince.
It didn't take me long to find Tommy...because Tommy wasn't alone. He was lying on the king bed with the girl I had seen on the pool deck from earlier. They were clutching each other tightly and seemed to be knocked out cold. If I couldn't see Tommy's chest rising and falling, he would've looked dead.
I looked around the room for another second to see if I could find Vince. He was lying on his back on the smaller bed adjacent to Tommy's. God, he looked so damn gorgeous lying prone on his back like that. All I knew was that it was going to take all my strength to resist him tonight. But really, did I have enough strength to resist him anymore?
As I stood hesitating in the doorway, Vince sat up on the bed and noticed me watching him. He slid off the bed and took the bags from my arm and dropped them in the corner of the room. After my items were set aside, Vince walked back over to me. We were so close that we were only a few inches apart. Wanting a little more space, I backed up and said, "What happened to this place? It's a terrible mess! There's food and glass bottles all over the place."
Vince shrugged in a detached manner, showing he didn't really care, "I dunno, I'm assuming Tommy and that brunette had a party up here while you were gone. I was at the pool until about a half an hour ago. When I came up here, this place was all trashed up." I didn't like the way Vince seemed to shrug off the matter of sanity. I didn't want to live in a place that looked like it was inhabited by wild animals. I bit my lip and gazed around the room once more.
Vince placed his hands on my shoulders to get my attention, "Relax, girl! We don't have to clean this up. That's what maid service is for. So what did you get when you went shopping?" I didn't really feel right about forcing the maids to clean up after us. But on the other hand, I didn't want to go and pick up Tommy's garbage either.
I let myself be distracted by Vince's question and answered, "Just some clothes and mascara. Not much really. You can try the mascara if you want." Vince shrugged again, "Maybe..." Before I could figure out what was happening, I realized that Vince had cornered me against the wall and was now merely centimeters from me.
I reached up a hand and stroke his cheek with the back of my hand. His slightly tanned cheeks had a little bit of a flush to them and his eyes looked even bluer tonight because of the black eyeliner he was wearing. That was odd; why would he be wearing makeup? It wasn't like we had a show today or anything. Vince usually didn't wear makeup unless he had to.
"Hey Vince, why are you-" Vince cut of my question by pressing his lips against mine. I stayed stiff for a minute, trying to figure out what to do. I figured I might as well go along with our makeout session for now. A few innocent kisses couldn't hurt anyone. Besides, I knew that I wanted Vince just as much as he wanted me.
I let myself flop against the wall and let my lips work with Vince's. Vince skipped our first usual gentle kisses and went straight to French kissing me, slipping his tongue inside my mouth at the first opportunity. The very tips of our tongues met as Vince wrapped his arms around my waist. Wanting more, I reached my tongue out until it was lying on top of Vince's. Vince lifted me off my feet with an easy movement and pulled me up towards him.
Continuing to kiss him, I felt my legs wrap around his waist without me really knowing what I was doing. It was as if my reactions to Vince were spontaneous and uncontrolled. Vince carried me over to the the bed opposite Tommy's and toppled over on his back so I was lying on top of him.
My heart beat was going crazy and I felt like I was losing control of myself. Vince looked so beautiful lying underneath me. His light blonde locks were spread out behind him on the pillow and he was gazing at me with a look that was filled with adoration. My lips moved to his neck because I had to touch him, had to feel him, had to be with him.
I slid a line of kisses down his jawline until I reached the hollow of his neck and began to suck. Vince groaned and closed his eyes at my touch, his hands tangling in my hair. Impulsively, my hands reached for his dark blue tank top and slipped it over his head. I wanted to get every part of his body exposed as quickly as I could.
I tossed Vince's shirt on the ground with all the garments Tommy and his girlfriend, well not girlfriend...maybe aquaintance, had shed earlier. I was probably acting like as much of an animal as they had. My hands ran over Vince's chest and down to his belly. I let my lips lock around one of his nipples and starting sucking again.
Vince moaned again and murmured, "Mm, that's nice girl, but you ain't gonna have all the fun." Vince opened his eyes back up and grinned sneakily back at me. Vince reached up and pushed me gently so I rolled onto my side next to him. I shifted myself so I was lying on my back. Vince eagerly climbed on top of me and let his lips move around my throat. This time, it was me who closed my eyes and went limp in Vince's embrace.
For a few seconds, I just let myself go. I didn't worry or fret, I just let Vince kiss me and stroke every part of me. But when he slipped his hands under my skirt, I figured that our innocent play was coming to an end. I knew I shouldn't have sex with Vince. After all, I had several good reasons for that...but what exactly were those reasons again?
I wracked my mind trying to think of them while Vince pulled off my skirt completely and started to let us hands snake up the insides of my thighs. I opened one eye and instantly remembered my reasons. First of all, Tommy and some random girl were in the room and I was not going to let anyone fuck me while other people were around. Second, we weren't using protection and the last thing I wanted was to get pregnant. And thirdly, knowing Vince, he'd use me up tonight and throw me away after that.
Forcing myself to sit up, I looked over at Vince and said, "We should stop now..." Vince cursed under his breath and gazed up at me with coveting eyes, "But why? You do this every single fucking time! You said we could only two days ago. What's made you change your mind? You do know you can't keep doing this to me..."
Instantly, I felt bad. It wasn't fair for me to be doing this to Vince. Time and time again, I let him get close and then I pulled away when I felt things were going too far. Maybe I should break off my relationship with Vince altogether? It would probably benefit him even though the decision would just about break my heart.
Taking a deep breath, I leaned against the headboard of the bed and sighed, "Maybe we should just break up." Vince drew his hands back from my legs and rolled onto his side so he could look into my eyes, "What the fuck, Amy? Something must be wrong. You don't normally act this way. Is it Nikki? Is that what's still bothering you? Because I know you can't really mean what you just said about us breaking up and stuff...right?"
"I don't know, Vince," I replied truthfully, not meeting his eyes. "You want something I can't give you and I'm just acting like the worst kind of tease. If we break up, then you'll have the opportunity to find a girl who can really satisfy you." I had to force the words out of my mouth. I really didn't want to break up with Vince, but I was tired of being a selfish bitch. Me teasing Vince like this couldn't last any longer. It wasn't good for either of us.
"I don't want another girl," Vince whispered softly, tracing my jawline with his fingertips. "And if you're not ready...well...I guess I can wait. It's just hard to wait. Especially when we have a good opportunity like this." I peered around at the trashed up hotel room and at the sleeping couple next to us. They could wake up at any moment for all I knew. This didn't really seem like a good opportunity to me even if it seemed like one to Vince.
I pointed at the girl and Tommy in the bed next to us and said, "For your information, we're not alone. Didn't you notice that? The last thing I wanna do is get caught having sex." Vince reluctantly broke off his gaze from my eyes to look over my shoulder at Tommy. He shrugged and said, "Okay. But seriously, Amy, what's keeping you from doing this with me? Are you scared of me? You know I'd never ever hurt you..."
I quickly shook my head, "No, no. That's not it at all. I don't want to get pregnant though and what about Beth Lynn?" Vince thought through my questions for a minute before answering, "To your first question, can't we just use a condom? And to your second question, I don't see what Beth Lynn has to do with any of this. She's probably in the other bedroom fucking with Nikki for all we know. I thought we had talked about this already."
A yawn slipped out of the corner of my mouth. I was really starting to get tired and Vince obviously wasn't going to let this go. Knowing I had to answer his questions, I replied back sleepily, "I don't just carry condoms around with me. And about the Beth Lynn part, she's your wife. She isn't going to stay with Nikki for forever. She'll eventually come back to you. We both know that. And when she does, you'll forget all about me and go back to her." My lip started trembling much to my embarrassment.
"Aw, Amy, don't say that!" Vince cried out, cupping my face with his gentle hands, "You're making me sound like a bastard. You know I wouldn't forget you. I couldn't ever forget you after any of this." I shrugged and smothered another yawn. Vince glanced over at the digital clock on our nightstand and slid off of the bed.
"I'll be right back. Just stay right there," Vince called to me as he disappeared in the bathroom. As soon as Vince was gone, I moved over to the right side of the bed and pulled the sheet around my body and laid my head on the pillow. I felt so tired and weak. Vince was pushing me to my limits and I was completely worn out from a long day.
The bathroom door clicked back open and Vince's footsteps approached. I decided to pretend to be asleep. Our conversation could wait until tomorrow morning. But unfortunately, Vince didn't buy my little stunt. He climbed into bed next to me and touched my shoulder, "Amy? I know you're still up."
Hesitantly, I flipped back onto my side to look up at him wearily, "Okay, fine. What do you want?" Vince stuck out his lower lip in a pout as he settled himself on the bed, "I wanna know what the problem is now. We could use a condom if that would make you feel better, and like we said, I wouldn't forget you regardless of what Beth Lynn would do."
My mind whirled while I tried to come up with another excuse. But this time, my brain was much to exhausted to even think properly. Vince took advantage of my silence and said hopefully, "Even if you don't want to really do it, we could just have oral sex or something. Maybe?" Vince's words all seemed to slur together in my head and his face was blurring in and out of my vision. I could tell I was just minutes, if not moments, away from sleep.
"I just don't know, Vince," I managed drowsily. "Look, I'm tired. Can't this wait until tomorrow?" Vince's face softened at my sleepy expression and he nodded, "Of course, baby. Sleep well. You don't mind if I sleep here, do you?" Vince motioned to the adjacent side of the bed next to me. My eyes narrowed suspiciously. Could I trust Vince?
As if he could read my mind, he whispered, "Hey, stop making me feel like a monster! I'll behave myself, don't worry." I decided just to trust Vince mainly because my eyelids were already closing. I shrugged and Vince quickly slid under the sheet beside me. Two seconds later, he had slithered right up next to me and was holding me gently against him. The last thing I felt before I drifted off to sleep was his lips on my forehead.

The next morning, I awoke to find myself still cradled in Vince's arms. His hands were kneading my breasts gently, sending a rush of adrenaline through my body. Even though I was warm and cozy nestled against him, I knew I should probably get up. We had a show in Denver this afternoon and our plane flight left in a few hours. I forced my eyes open and touched Vince's cheek to get his attention. I knew he was awake.
"Morning," Vince opened his eyes and smiled a carefree smile at me. I couldn't help but end up smiling back at him. Vince just had a way of cheering me up without evening meaning to. I brushed the messy hair off his forehead and replied, "Good morning to you too. We should probably get up though, don't you think? You do have a show this afternoon."
"Oh fuck," Vince replied, glancing at the clock. "I guess you're right." He removed his hands from my breasts and pulled the sheet off of us. A gust of cold air seemed to engulf me and I shivered slightly. Vince rolled out of bed and started rummaging for his stage gear through his suitcase. After selecting what he wanted, he disappeared in the bathroom.
I stayed in bed. I didn't think I needed to get up until after Vince was done in the bathroom. It wasn't like I could change here with Tommy and the unknown girl still lying next to him. Settling back against my soft, fluffy pillow, I waited for Vince to come out of the bathroom. My mind was groggy and I still felt half sleep.
A few minutes later, Vince emerged in his stage garb, grinning at me and holding up a bag of cosmetics. Rolling my eyes, I finally got out of bed and went to him. For some reason, the Crue guys never seemed to like to do their own makeup. Vince sat down on the only chair in the hotel room and I carefully began applying his eyeliner and mascara carefully. We sat together for a long five minutes in complete silence. I was really starting to worry that maybe Vince was angry with me or something.
"Uh, Amy?" Vince asked finally, breaking the silence. "Are you mad at me for last night? I didn't mean to push you or anything..." I dabbed lip gloss over Vince's pink lips and shook my head, relieved that he wasn't upset, "No, of course not. I was worried that you were angry at me actually."
As I screwed the top back on the lip gloss bottle, Vince shook his head, "God, of course not! I love you more than ever." Vince looked so perfect and beautiful sitting in front of me with all his makeup on and with his hair sparkling in the morning sunlight. And those lips of his were so damn tempting...
I didn't have to dream about them much longer because Vince was already kissing me gently as sweetly, getting lip gloss all over our mouths. Giggling, I licked the rest of the gloss off his lips and rested my head against his shoulder. Things would work out. We were still together and nobody was mad. The only question was; how long would this peace last?
"Thanks for coming everyone! We're Motley Fucking Crue!" Vince's voice boomed out from the stage. They had just finished their show in Denver. I was sitting backstage reading a novel I had bought at the airport. It wasn't very interesting, but it gave me something to do. What was really annoying me was how Beth Lynn kept glancing over at me. She was sitting on the floor to my right and kept sending me glances out of the corner of her eye. I was glad the show had ended because I was really tempted to get right in her face and demand, "What the hell is your fucking problem with me?"
I snapped my book shut and looked up expectantly at the stage curtain, waiting for the Crue members to appear from the other side of it. A deafening cheer went up from the crowd and I could just imagine the Crue members linking hands and taking a final bow before exiting the stage. Just like I thought, at that moment, four figures came bounding backstage with wide grins on their glossy lips and their eyes were sparkling. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood after the show.
I stood up to greet them and smiled, "Great show, guys!" At that moment, something from next to me slammed into my shoulder hard, making me stumble to my right. Narrowing my eyes, I turned to see Beth Lynn smirking at me as she walked over to Nikki. In a simpering voice, she said, "Oops, sorry! Didn't see you there."
I watched her go to Nikki and give him a big hug. I was feeling really pissed off at her right now. There was no reason for her to be acting this way. Now was the time to act and get revenge on her. I wouldn't put up with her shit any longer. Of course now, looking back, I wish I had the sense not to do what my next actions were, but it was too late for that.
Powered by my anger, I stalked across the stage to where Vince was standing. When I glanced up at him, I noticed his lips seemed much farther away than usual. It was probably because of the fact that he was wearing those five-inch heeled black boots. But those boots weren't going to stop me. I flung myself into Vince's arms and kissed him almost viciously in front off all the other Crue members...and in front of Beth Lynn.
Everyone turned and stared at us with wide eyes. Sure, most of the members knew by now that Vince and I had become more than friends, but none of them would've guessed that we would display our affection in public like this. Especially right in front of Vince's wife. But right now, my main cool was to make Beth Lynn hurt. I didn't care what it took. Even the Amy's-crazy looks that the Crue members were exchanging couldn't stop me.
To my surprise, Vince kissed me right back without giving a shit about his wife standing inches away from us. Our kiss lasted only a minute longer before both of us broke apart. Mick was giving us an odd look and Tommy was gaping. Vince frowned and clapped Tommy on the back, "What are you staring at man?"
Tommy just shrugged his shoulders, looking taken aback. Nikki, who hadn't even looked at me once today, grabbed Mick and Tommy's hands and started towing them away, "Let's go to the dressing room, shall we? I'm just dying to get out of these sweaty clothes." To my horror, everyone agreed with Nikki, including Vince.
Vince followed Nikki's group to the locker room after blowing me a kiss and calling over his shoulder, "I'll be right back, babe." I wanted him to stop and come back. Being left alone with Beth after what I had just done didn't seem like such a good idea. But the Crue had already disappeared in the locker room and I was alone with Beth Lynn whether I liked it or not.
After a few moments of silence, I thought maybe she would just let it go. Maybe what I had done to her husband hadn't even really affected her. I was just starting to get hopeful when I felt a claw like grip on my shoulder. I gulped nervously as Beth Lynn whipped me around to face her. Apparently, she wasn't going to leave me alone like I had thought. Not meeting her eyes, I murmured, "Do you need something?"
Beth laughed a high pitched, witch-like laugh and jabbed a finger under my chin to force me to look at her, "You know what you tried to do just now with Vince? Well, it was pretty stupid. Just because you think he's yours and just because he says he loves you doesn't mean he'd rather have me. You do know that he's just substituting me with you temporarily, right?"
Beth's words hurt. I had been avoiding asking myself these questions. Was it true that Vince would rather have Beth Lynn than me? Vince certainly had a lot of experience with women; he could have easily lied to me about his affections. Feeling my stomach start to churn, I whispered, "I...I didn't really think about it."
"Hm, what a pity," Beth commented coldly, jabbing my chin up higher with her perfectly manicured fingernails, "I know what you're after and I'm gonna take it right away from you. Vince Neil won't be yours much longer. I can't believe you were so fucking stupid to let me know about your feelings for Vince. But guess what, Amy? I'm gonna do more than just take Vince."
I was really starting to feel sick at this point. What more could Beth do than win back Vince from me? Certainly nothing could be worse than that...right? Beth Lynn chuckled at my pained expression, "You're wondering what more I could do, aren't you? I might as well tell you. You've known for a while I've been after Izzy, hm? Well, I can make him mine easily now. I have enough proof for him to show you cheating with him on Vince. He'll surely dump you after he finds out you've been cheating. After that, he'll be emotionally unstable and will coming running to me with open arms."
"You wouldn't..." I started off, unable to believe that Beth could do such a cruel thing. But as I looked up into her light blue, unmerciful eyes, I knew that she would do exactly what she had told me. She would try to steal both Izzy and Vince from me. And the worst part was, I knew she would win them back easily. Beth could be quite seductive sometimes, not to mention how beautiful and perfect she always looked. She was right; I had been so stupid to kiss Vince right in front of her. I wished I could take back my actions, but it was much too late for that.
Before I had a chance to plead with her, the locker room door opened and the Crue members appeared once more. Beth realized me and hissed in my ear, "Mark my words, Amy, this isn't close to being over yet." With that, she flipped her shiny blonde hair over one shoulder and ran over to meet the Crue members.
I stayed slumped against the wall. Beth's words had left me rooted to the ground. I should never ever have gotten involved with Vince. That was clear to me now. I didn't know what proof Beth Lynn had of me cheating, but knowing Beth, she probably had something obscene to show to Izzy. I had never wanted to hurt Izzy or meant to hurt him by my relationship with Vince. The only explanation for all this was that the gods were punishing me for cheating. That must be what it was.
I was still frozen against the wall when the Crue members and Beth Lynn approached where I was standing. Vince waved a hand in front of my face and called, "Amy?" I blinked and tried to smile up at those gorgeous blue eyes that I loved to look into. I attempted a smile, but it came out stiff and and completely bogus.
Seeing my face, Vince lifted his pink and black sunglasses to get a better look at me, "You okay, girl? You look like you've seen a ghost." I simply nodded, not wanting to explain the situation to him. Vince wrapped an arm around my shoulder and started leading me away towards the car with the rest of the Crue, "We'll go back to the hotel and have a party. That sounds like fun, hm?" It did sound like fun, but right now, I couldn't have fun. My heart was still slamming against my chest and my breath was coming in short, little gasps. How much longer would I have Vince until Beth Lynn stole him back?

"Oh my god, that is so funny!" Nikki laughed loudly, slamming his fist onto the table. We had made are way back to the hotel and were now in the room Mick and Vince were sharing. We were all sitting around a little table that was covered with all kinds of alcoholic drinks and food. Nobody seemed to be eating the food though. The pizza lay untouched and the bag of chips was unopened. On the contrary, five empty glass bottles were already lying in the corner. Nikki and Tommy just couldn't seem to get enough of their drinks. They would down one bottle and then go back for another. Vince was drinking too, but not quite as much as the other two. Mick was staring out the window and wasn't participating in the conversation at all.
But again, I wasn't really listening to the conversation either. Normally, I would've been laughing along with the rest of the Crue and checking out Vince as usual. He was wearing a loose gray shirt that had "music festival" written on it in red and he had on shorts that exposed most of his legs. But instead of participating in the conversation or flirting with Vince, I was off in my own little world thinking about Izzy. I was trying to make up an excuse for why I had been with Vince over the tour. No matter how hard I thought, I couldn't come up with one explanation. Beth Lynn really had me trapped.
"Hey Tommy!" Vince's words seemed to come from a long ways away, "I dare you to run down the hall wearing that!" Curious about what they were talking about, I looked over to see what Vince was pointing at. In the corner of the room lay Tommy's leather g-string. What the hell it was doing there, I did not know.
"Okay!" Tommy agreed readily, standing up from the table and walking over to it. For a moment, I thought I hadn't heard right. Tommy wasn't actually going walk down the hallway wearing that...was he?
For the first time that day, my thoughts finally veered away from Beth Lynn's threats. I pushed my chair back from the table and stood up, "Tommy, you aren't really gonna walk down the hall wearing that, are you? You know that would be stupid, right?" Tommy, who was really drunk at this point, grinned over me with burgundy lips. Apparently, he hadn't washed off his lipstick from earlier. I looked at him incredulously as he shrugged and slurred, "Yeah, why not? We're just gonna have some fun, Amy. We're not gonna get into trouble so just calm down, will ya?"
Tommy already had the g-string in his left hand and was going into the bathroom to change. I stared wide-eyed at the other Crue members to wait for someone else to stop him. Beth Lynn and Nikki just looked at me coldly, Vince punched me lightly on the shoulder said, "Aw, it's just for a laugh, Amy!", and Mick exchanged a helpless look with me. He seemed to be the only one who understood just how stupid Tommy was acting right now.
"Won't Tommy get fined if he gets caught or something?" I asked worriedly, knowing it was up to me to stop Tommy. Nobody answered me. It seemed that they didn't really want to think about what would happen if Tommy got caught. Finally, Mick answered my question, "Yeah, probably. But at this point, it doesn't seem like we're gonna be able to stop him."
Unfortunately, I had to say that Mick was probably right. Tommy was very free-willed. He would do whatever he wanted without giving a shit about what the rest of us thought. I bit my lip and tried to keep my cool. I already had enough to worry about, but now I had to worry about Tommy too.
A few minutes later, Tommy emerged from the bathroom. I grimaced and looked away, "Oh god, Tommy! Seriously, don't do this. You could get caught and get into trouble. Besides, you're reminding me of a stripteaser." Tommy just grinned at me and said, "Oh, just shut up, Amy! This is only gonna last a few minutes."
The Crue members quickly got up and walked with Tommy to the door of our hotel room. Reluctantly, I followed them, praying all the while that nobody would be in the hallway. I held my breath in my throat as Vince opened the door and we all peered down the hallway. Luckily, nobody was in site. I let out my breath halfway as Tommy walked down the hall almost naked.
I wished he would hurry up a bit. He was swaggering down the hallway like he had all the time in the world. Just as he was nearing the hotel room again, a door opened and an old lady stepped out into the hallway. Her eyes seemed to bulge as she took one look at Tommy who was just entering back in the doorway.
I half expected the woman to start screaming or demanded to know what was going on, but she just stood where she was and continued to stare. I gave her a half smile and quickly shut the door behind us before anyone else appeared in the doorway. Inside, Vince and Tommy were collapsed on the bed laughing loudly. As a matter of fact, everyone was laughing except for Mick and me. Mick was shaking his head at Tommy ever so slightly.
Knowing that I didn't really fit in with the laughing two some, I took a seat next to Mick and tried to think of something else. But I just couldn't seem to get that image of the woman out of my mind. As I sat there worrying, Tommy jumped up from the bed and yelled, "Let's move the party to my room! I have some more whiskey in there."
I gave him a funny look, wondering why the fuck he would need more whiskey. After all, they had a big supply of it on the table. They hadn't gone through all of those bottles on the table already...had they? Nervously, I turned my gaze to the table. All the bottles on it were empty. Vince, Beth Lynn, Tommy, and Nikki were already at the door when Vince turned and called over his shoulder, "Hey, aren't you coming, Amy?"
I shook my head. I wasn't interested in being at a party with a lot of drunk guys right now. Vince just shrugged his shoulders and shut the door behind him saying, "Okay. Well, catch ya later girl!" As soon as the majority of the Crue was gone, I turned to Mick. He was staring at the table and didn't seem to be paying the slightest bit of attention to me.
Not wanting to sit in silence, I prompted, "Is it just me, or has the rest of the band gone completely nuts?" Mick blinked and looked up at me as if realizing I was sitting next to him for the first time. He managed a wry smile and said, "Those guys can act pretty crazy when they've been drinking. Sorry if I haven't been paying much attention to you, Amy. I just haven't been feeling too well. Want to watch a movie or something?"
I nodded, "Sure, why not?" A movie would hopefully take my mind off of Tommy and Izzy. The two of us settled down on the couch in front of the television and started watching a horror movie. Mick had flicked off all the lights so it was dark and almost spooky in the living room. We sat huddled together, completely entranced by the movie. Finally, my mind was miles away from Izzy and Tommy. The only thoughts going through my head were ones that concerned the movie.

Despite how captivating the movie was, I found myself getting a little sleepy half way through it. I was about to tell Mick that I was thinking about heading to bed when there was a loud pounding on the door. Mick and I jumped in shock and spun around towards the door. Mick was just standing up to go answer it when it burst open of its own accord. At first I thought that someone was breaking in. I held my breath and got ready to run if necessary.
Then two people dressed in police garb came into the room and looked around carefully. As soon as they laid eyes on Mick, they grabbed him roughly and handcuffed his wrists. Knowing that I had to do something, I leaped up from the couch and ran over to the police indignantly, "What the hell are you doing to him?"
That probably wasn't the nicest way to speak to a policeman, but I really angry and losing my temper. The police ignored me while they finished handcuffing Mick's wrists and started towards the door. Enraged, I grabbed one of the policeman's wrists and yanked him backwards so he was forced to look at me, "Why are you taking him? He's innocent!"
The police jerked away from me and said coldly, "We heard from a woman here that some obscenities have been going on here." Suddenly, everything fit together in my mind. The old woman must've called the police when she sighted Tommy earlier. For some reason, the police believed that Mick was Tommy and they were about to take him to jail instead. Shit!
"No, wait!" I called urgently after the police, "You've got the wrong guy! Mick didn't do anything. He-" The stern policeman cut me off abruptly and sighed, "Look girl, I know you want his to think your boyfriend is innocent, but we know better. Please just go back to bed." Mick and I exchanged helpless glances as the police towed Mick away.
As soon as they were gone, I found myself furious at Tommy. This was all his fault. Because of his stupidity, poor Mick was going to jail and was probably going to be fined now. I stalked out of Mick's room and went to find Tommy. He needed to know the consequences of his actions immediately. If he hurried, maybe we could catch the police and prove that Mick really was innocent and that Tommy was the real culprit.
Hastily, I rushed down the hall and yanked open the hotel room door adjacent to Mick's without evening bothering to knock. I was surprised to see that all the lights were turned off and that all was quiet. I would've guessed that the Crue would still have been partying and drinking. Maybe they had just passed out from drinking too much?
It was starting to feel a little eerie in the darkened room. Wondering whether or not I was alone, I crept all the way inside and shut the door soundlessly behind me. I was just about to call out Tommy's name when the sound of approaching footsteps made me freeze. I knew there was nothing wrong with me being in this room, but for some reason, I felt guilty.
Not wanting to be caught sneaking around in Tommy's room, I dropped to the ground behind the bed to hide myself. I risked getting caught by slowly peeking out from the corner of the bed. Bright pink toenails met my gaze. I immediately knew that I was in the wrong room. Beth Lynn wouldn't be in Tommy's room. I must've entered the wrong room earlier in my haste. I was trying to figure out how to try to get myself out of this mess without being caught snooping around Beth Lynn's room when I got a better look at Beth. She was dressed in black lacy lingerie and was looking more beautiful than usual. Something told me she was up to something. Despite the fact that I knew I should get out of here soon, I stayed crouched on the floor and waited to see what Beth would do next. If only I had known what was about to happen because then I would've made my escape right then and there. But of course, I didn't know and my curiosity kept me rooted to the spot.
Beth's voice simpered, "There you are, honey. Can I sit with you?" That was when I realized there was someone actually in the bed. Gulping, I pressed myself even lower to the flower, praying to god not to get caught. Finally, a voice replied to Beth's question, "Fine. What do you want?"
I heard the sound of Beth Lynn lowering herself onto the bed. Nervously, I peered upwards and found Vince lying on his back on the bed, staring at the ceiling. I inhaled sharply and gave Beth the evil eye even though she couldn't see me. It took all my strength to stay here on the floor instead of jumping up and yelling, "Stop, you bitch!"
"Aw, what do you think I want?" Beth replied in a syrupy voice. "I'm your wife." The sheets crinkled as Vince sat up in bed and looked Beth Lynn directly in the eye. I could tell he was about to yell at her until his eyes started traveling over her perfect body. His gaze trailed over her sexy lingerie, her perfect blonde curls, and her innocent-looking face. Whatever Vince was about to say was lost the moment that he took in her beauty.
"I thought you were with Nikki or something though," Vince said in a rather befuddled voice. Beth Lynn made an apologetic face and put a finger to Vince's lips, "Hush, dear. Let's not talk about that now. Nikki is an attractive man, but he's nothing at all like you. There is a reason we got married you know."
Beth scooted across the bed towards Vince and put her hands on his chest lovingly. Vince was still hesitating. I was crossing my fingers that he would stand up for himself and tell this whore to get out of his bed. But of course, that wasn't at all what Vince said. His next words were, "But what about Amy? I probably should break up with her or something first."
Beth rolled her eyes and pushed Vince onto his back, "Gah, forget about that bitch! She was cheating on you with Izzy anyways. Besides, she never gave you anything you desired, did she?" Vince stayed silent. For the first time, I was starting to think that maybe I should've fucked with Vince last night even though Tommy and his girl were in the same hotel room.
Beth laughed at Vince's silence and climbed on top of him, "See? I always told you she was just a teaser. Let's just quit talking about her now though. She's not worth our breath." I wished Vince would defend me or at least say something in my favor, but he stayed completely silent. Part of me wanted to get up and cuff Vince in the head to see if that would knock some sense into him. That was when I realized that my leg had fallen asleep. It had lost all feeling and felt numb.
I had turned my gaze towards the door for a second when the sound of kissing immediately made me jerk my head back to the scene on the bed. Beth Lynn was was stroking Vince's chest and Vince was moving his lips down her neck while tugging off her risque garb. I didn't really want to see Beth Lynn stripped down, but I just couldn't seem to force my gaze away from the two lovers. It was like I was stuck in one of those awful horror movies where you are forced to watch your worst nightmare.
Beth's fingers moved deftly from Vince's chest then to his belly. By this time, Vince had gotten most of Beth's lingerie off and she was left in her panties. I tried not to look at Beth Lynn's naked chest as she unbuttoned Vince's pants and slid them off easily. She let them crumple to the floor and rubbed her body against Vince's, touching all of his intimate parts with her dirty fingertips. Well, they weren't dirty exactly...but they belonged to a woman with a dirty mind.
I stared transfixed as Vince groaned and then tore off Beth's panties almost violently. Somehow, I was finally able to take control of my body and force myself to look away. I didn't need to see what was going to happen next. I had seen enough. What I had already seen was painful enough. Glancing covetously at the door, I laid my head back against the floor and got ready for a long night. I wanted out of here so bad, but it was impossible to move with my legs still asleep. I was just going to have to try to ignore the couple in bed and leave as soon as they fell asleep. Hopefully, that would be soon.
As hard as I tried, I could not ignore the low moaning coming to the bed. I tried to forget where I was and completely zone out, but it was futile. Beth's moaning became louder and louder until she screaming as she reached the height of her orgasm. After that, all I could hear was Vince's panting. Somehow, I had acquired a headache and my head was feeling like it was about to burst open. But the worst was yet to come.
Just when I thought the two were finally going to sleep, Beth's sugary voice said, "Vince?" Vince's only reply was a low grunt. Undetered, Beth continued, "Promise me you'll never love another like you love me?" Spontaneously, my fists clenched as if I was getting ready to punch someone. Actually, it was very tempting to punch Beth Lynn at the moment.
"Of course, baby," Vince replied sleepily, "You're my one true love. Now go to sleep. I'm getting tired." Vince's words were a shock to me. Had he completely forgotten about me? All those sweet words he had whispered in my ear...were they a lie? I did my best not to let my eyes fill up with tears. I could think about this later in the morning when I wasn't so damn tired. For now, all I could do was attempt to get some rest now that Beth and Vince were finally being quiet. There was nothing more to do.

A throbbing pain in my back awoke me early the next morning. My eyes popped open and I had to bit my lip to keep from whimpering from the pain. That was when I remembered last night's activities. I must've spent all of last night sleeping on the hard wooden floor adjacent to the bed Vince and Beth Lynn had been sharing. Blearily, I peeked up over the edge of the bed to see if Vince and Beth were still asleep.
Vince had his arms around Beth tightly and she was cuddling up against him. Their chests rose and fell rhythmically from sleep. If I wanted to escape before they awoke, now was the time to get up. Slowly and carefully, I rose to my feet and tried to ignore the pulsing agony that was still coming from my back. I had to remember never to sleep on the floor again!
Once I managed to get to my feet, I crept soundlessly towards the door. As I reached for the door handle, I glanced back behind me at the two peaceful figures on the bed. Just watching them made my heart ache. Forgetting about my goal to be as quiet as possible, I wrenched open the door with a loud creak.
My breath caught in my throat as Beth Lynn rolled over in bed and opened her eyes. I didn't wait to see whether or not she had seen me. I ran out the door as quickly as possible and shut the door behind me, heart hammering loudly against my chest. For the next few minutes, I stayed pressed against the door panting, tying to catch my breath. Once I calmed down, I took a deep breath and walked towards Tommy's room. I had forgotten all about poor Mick! Hopefully, someone else would've noticed his absence by now. I cringed; how could I have forgotten about Mick? Was I so selfish that I didn't give a shit about my friend?
I knocked softly on Tommy's door and entered without waiting for an answer. When I opened the door, Tommy was already dressed in his stage gear and was sitting on the bed. He had his back to me and was looking out the window at the bright, sunny day outside. The nice weather seemed like an ironic contradiction to my depressed mood.
"Let me guess...that must be Amy?" Tommy guessed without turning around to look at me. I strode across the room and took a seat next to Tommy on his bed, "What, are you psychic now or something? How did you know it was me?" Tommy finally tore his gaze away from the window to chuck me lightly on the shoulder, "Who else would be visiting me this early in the morning? Vince is probably fast asleep and Nikki's gone anyways."
My heart clenched. Tommy was right; Vince was indeed fast asleep. But what about Nikki? Where had he gone to? I opened my mouth and voiced my question, "Where's Nikki gone to? He does know we have a show today, right?" Tommy nodded and ran a hand through his dark hair, "Yeah, he know. He's...uh...going to pick up Mick."
I narrowed my eyes as I was suddenly reminded of Mick's arrest, "Yeah, he was arrested all because of your stupidity, Tommy! I was going to alert you of this last night, but distracted." Eager to change the subject and avoid my lecture, Tommy interjected quickly, "You got distracted?"
My face flushed as I thought about what had distracted me. Tommy didn't need to know about last night. That was something I would keep to myself. I waved his question aside and persisted, "You're missing the point. I hope you've learned your lesson about drinking too much and doing shitty things. You do plan to pay Mick back for the fines he had to pay, right?"
"Yes, of course," Tommy assured me, resting a hand over mine. "Just calm down, girl! What's got you so uptight today? You look like you didn't get a wink of sleep last night and you're still in the same clothes from yesterday." I blushed, looking down at my wrinkled clothes. It hadn't even occurred to me that maybe I should consider changing clothes and doing my hair and makeup before coming to visit Tommy. Oh well, it was too late for that now.
Trying to finger comb my hair, I said, "So when's the show?" Tommy glanced over at the black and digital alarm clock next to the bed, "Two hours from now. I hope Mick and Nikki hurry up. This is our final show and I don't want to be late." Just as Tommy was finishing his last sentence, the door burst open and Nikki walked inside.
I knew that I should probably get out of here now that Nikki was present, but I couldn't help but keep my next question to myself, "Where's Mick?" Nikki glanced over at me as he shut the door behind him. For a moment, I thought he was going to sneer at me or just ignore me, but he didn't. Without meeting my eyes, he crossed the room and said, "He went to his room to get ready. We're short on time." I was surprised to see that Nikki was already dressed in his stage gear as well.
Not wanting to be left alone in Nikki's presence, I decided to leave. Walking towards the door, I waved over my shoulder and said, "I'm gonna get going guys. See y'all later!" As soon as I was in the hallway, I realized that I had nowhere to go. I couldn't go into Beth Lynn and Vince's room for obvious reasons. Going back into Nikki's room was completely out of the question. That would only cause more trouble. And I couldn't go seek refuge in Mick's room since he was getting ready. Sighing, I slumped against the wall. It was going to be a very lonely day.
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