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Even Superman needs to cry sometimes, Sammy.

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Quiet sobs slip under the closed door and he hurries down the hall to his and Sammy's room; he knows daddy is okay, but Sammy won't understand. He closes the door and looks up at his brother, who has curiosity written all across his face. Dean ignores him before crawling into his bed.

"Why is daddy in his room? He hasn't done anything bad," Sammy asks sliding off his bed, his teddy dragging behind him.

"He's tired, Sammy," Dean answers to his pillow. "So leave him alone."

Sammy closes the door again and looks back at him. "Then why is his light on? Daddy's not afraid of the dark."

"He's not asleep yet," he says rolling over. "Now go to-Sammy get back in here!" Dean clambers out of bed, but Sammy's already down the hall and slipping into daddy's room. The door clicks shut and Dean sighs before going back to his bed.

John looks up when the door closes, his eyes red and puffy from crying. He stares at Sammy like a startled deer for a moment before wiping his eyes hastily. His sons aren't supposed to see him cry. He couldn't shield Dean from that, and now he has failed Sammy too.

"Go to bed, Sammy," John tells his youngest, but he hears no movement. "Sammy."

"Why are you crying, daddy?" Sammy sounds like Dean had when he had asked, it reminds John how much time as actually passed... so he doesn't answer. "Daddy?"

"Go to bed, Sam." Again Sammy doesn't move, just stands there staring at him.

"Daddy... was someone mean to you?" A child's logic; everything has a reason or an answer.

"No, Sammy."

Sammy scuffles to the bed and pulls himself up next to him. "Then why are you crying?" He asks, and John knows that he's going to have problems with him later in life.

"Sometimes people need to cry," Johns answers resting a hand on Sammy's head.

"But daddies don't cry," Sammy tells him, and Johns smiles.

"Why is that, Sammy?" He asks looking down at him. He's so much like his mother and that thought brings tears to his eyes again.

"Because daddies are /Superman/," he answers crawling onto his lap.

John laughs knowing Dean told him that, he remembers hearing him in the back seat of the car after John had gotten roughed up by a drunk one night.

"Dean, daddy's hurt..."

"No, he's not, Sammy."

"Yes, he is. He's-"

"He's not hurt, Sammy. He's Superman."

"Even Superman needs to cry sometimes, Sammy," Johns says before hugging him close.

Sammy hugs him back, burying his face in John's broad chest.

"Sometimes..." Tears start to fall again, but they're both silent as Sammy drifts to sleep, and Johns curses the life that has been dropped on them.
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