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Is killing myself an option?

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Depressed Frank, Frerard.

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Frank Iero, That's my name. I think. Well, i'm a simple student. I live in New Jersey, Belleville. Well, i'm not a simple student, i'm actualy not a student, 'cause students go to school, i don't. I'm to depressed for school. But it wass the start off the new schoolyear, so i guesse i should go. I pick up my jacked and look around my room. Bottles of jack daniels spread all over the floor, raisers everywhere. I should clean it up sometime. I smack the door shut and walk down the long hallway. Kids are waking up and staring at me. You can allmost read there minds. 'Is he still amongst the living?' That's what they think. I grin at a girl who's crossing the hallway in a towl. She looks at me, angry. "Pervert..." she mumbles when she enters her room. I grin wider. I run downstaires. Kittie was standing alone, against a wall. "FRANK?" she allmost yelled. "Your doing this schoolyear?" she smiled wider. "I'm gonna try, don't you freakin' hope on it!" i warned her, while we started walk down to our first class, Englisch. Yeah right, like i need englisch. She Skipped next to me. "Stop skipping." i told her. "Hell no! Why would i? You should chear up, love." she told me. "Why are you so jolly anyways." I asked while looking at the walls, Same walls, Same color. "First day off school, new people..." she said. "That's not everything, you're hiding something from me!" i allmost shouted. "Boyfriend." she giggled, then came red. "Boyfriend? who?" i giglled. Now i'm jolly. "Well, His name is Adrian, He's really sweet ànd! he's europian!" she giggled. "You're nuts." i told her while i start to kick the floor. Some guys walked past us, a long black dude, A lond blacked haired dude and a blond guy. Kittie jumped the blond guy. "Adriaaan!" she yelled. "Hi Kittie, And?" he looked at me. "Frank." i said, looking to my new all stars. "I'm Adrian and this are Gerard and Max" he said pointing to the two other dudes. "Gerard..." i said softly. Gerard looked at me. My Sheeks flushed pink, he had such nice green bright eyes.
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