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Pain, And Lots Of It

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Pain of a new broken rib.

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Fourth Chapter! [:


Pain, And Lots Of It

As the morning sun rose, Inuyasha transformed back into his hanyou self. First his claws, then his ears, and his hair. He shifted a little during his transformation and then settled down into the embrace of something warm. Warm? He slowly opened his eyes and looked up, into the eyes of Sesshomaru. Inuyasha flinched, thinking Sesshomaru would hurt him or something close to that because of the close contact they were sharing. Sesshomaru just stared and then shifted his gaze to the still sleeping ookami. “It seems that your wolf pup had a little too much fun yesterday,” spoke Sesshomaru, lowly.

“Kagome gave him a mountain of sugar,” Inuyasha said softly, hoping not to disturb anyone still sleeping, which was everyone but Kilala.

“I see.” Sesshomaru shifted so he could lay Inuyasha on the ground. He put his mokomoko under his head and opened Inuyasha’s haori to look over his wounds and make sure that they were healing right. He growled at the sight. During the night, Inuyasha’s broken rib shifted. “Inuyasha.”

“Hm?” he responded, eyes closed.

“Your rib has shifted and will not heal properly, should it stay that way.”

“Well, what do you suggest?”

“I must re-break your rib, Inuyasha,” he said, emotionlessly.

“What?!” he shouted, forgetting about the others.

“What‘s going on?” yawned Kouga. Inuyasha growled, not saying anything.

Sesshomaru sighed, “I must break his rib, wolf pup.” Kouga’s eyes widened.


“Because if I do not, it will not heal properly.”

“What?” he asked, not understanding.

“It shifted during his sleep.” Kouga nodded.

“Get on with it, then,” he said, simply.

“What?! You‘re supposed to go against this!” Inuyasha interrupted.

“Inuyasha, you have to let him. It‘s the only way to get your ribs to heal the right way,” Kouga reasoned.

“Fine, fine! Whatever. Just get it over with,” he ground out.

“Wolf, hold him down,” Sesshomaru commanded, glancing up for a moment. Kouga nodded. He grabbed hold of Inuyasha’s shoulders and put all his weight and power on the hanyou’s upper body.

“Ready?” he asked Inuyasha. He grunted in response. Sesshomaru places his hands over the boy’s broken rib.

“One. Two. Three!” he counted. He quickly pushed as hard as he could on the hanyou’s chest. Inuyasha screamed out. The pressure was worse than he thought it would be. He struggled against Kouga’s hold. He screamed louder. The pain was too much.

“It‘s almost over, little brother,” he said, trying to soothe the young half demon.

“Stop! It fucking hurts so much! Shit, oh shit!” Inuyasha screamed out. It even hurt more than when Sesshomaru made a hole in his stomach.

The rest of the gang slowly started to wake up. They ran to Inuyasha when he started screaming again. “What‘re you guys doing to him?! Let him go!” Kagome shouted just before she reached the small group.

“Stay back, miko. You haven‘t an idea of what we are trying to accomplish here,” Sesshomaru barked. Sango and Miroku held her back, though she still struggled on.

“Let me go, you guys! They‘re hurting him! Let go!” she screamed. She shoved an elbow into Miroku’s gut and jerked her arm out of Sango’s grasp. Kagome ran to Inuyasha’s side and unexpectedly pushed Kouga away from him. He fell onto his elbows and Inuyasha’s upper half shot up. He screamed again, louder than before. “Inuyasha! Oh my God, what have they done to you?”

“Stupid girl. You did this to him. Now get away before I shove my poison claws into your stomach,” Sesshomaru threatened.

“What are you talking about? Besides you did the same to Inuyasha,” she retorted. He flinched, forgetting that he had done the same thing not too long ago to his sibling under his hands.

Kouga got behind Kagome, pulling her away from Inuyasha, and threw her to Miroku and Sango, quickly going back to his job of keeping Inuyasha still.

He roughly shoved him to the ground. “Hurry up, Sesshomaru,” he grunted. Sesshomaru pushed his hands on top of Inuyasha’s chest again. He heard the crack he wanted and kept pushing until he had it in the right place. During this process, Inuyasha passed out due to his excruciating pain.

“Get me some wraps for him, taijiya,” Sesshomaru glared. He turned to Kouga. “Explain to the foolish miko of Inuyasha‘s condition before I tear her throat out.” Kouga nodded and walked over to Kagome.

“Well, you see…When you sat Inuyasha, he landed on a boulder under ground. With each ‘sit’ you said, his ribs got more damaged,” Kouga explained, warily. Kagome’s hand went to her mouth as she gasped.

“I had no idea,” she spoke, softly.

“You never do, miko,” Sesshomaru glared. Sango went over to him and handed him the wraps. “Have you ever thought of the consequences whenever you uttered that subjugated word to him?” Her eyes went wide. “I thought not.” He took off Inuyasha’s haori and gently raised his body to be able to put on the wrappings on his chest a bit better.

Kouga sat Kagome on a fallen tree and rubbed her back, comforting her. “It‘s alright, Kagome. You didn‘t mean it,” he reassured her, even though he was slightly mad at her for hurting Inuyasha. Kagome nodded.

Sango, Miroku, Kilala, and Shippou looked around, confused at all the commotion. “What just happened?” Shippou asked.

“It seems that Kagome knows the truth about Inuyasha‘s injuries,” spoke Miroku.

“I guess she isn‘t taking it well?” Sango asked.

“Guess n-”

“You lecherous, monk!” Sango yelled, slapping Miroku. He pulled his hand back from its spot touching the taijiya’s bottom. He smiled innocently, though far from it.

“Apologies, my dear Sango. This cursed hand of mine has a mind of it‘s own,” he said, smiling secretively.

“Why, you! I‘m not falling for that line!” she said, stomping away to the other side of camp, away from the leech. Miroku happily hummed to himself.

Today will be a good day.
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