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Cracked Glass

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A conversation between Shigure and Akito re-written.

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Characters: Akito, Shigure - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2005-05-18 - Updated: 2005-05-18 - 405 words - Complete


"I feel sorry for you... Tohru-kun is a dozen times a better person that you are."

Better? Is that why Yuki is apparently so happy, living with you, away from the main house? But Yuki is mine... he's supposed to be mine...

'The rat was the first one to the banquet and came before the Jade Emperor and announced the arrival of the twelve animals. Therefore the rat became special to the Jade Emperor.'

'Since I'm the head of the family, does that mean the rat will be special to me?'

'Perhaps, but it's not likely. You're sick too much for anyone to want to be around you. The rat will want real friends that he can play with; friends that aren't dying.'

Now he has one... a friend. He is special to me, but I'm not special to him. He is happy, finally, to be away.

'Yuki, you were supposed to come play with me today.'

'My other friends were playing tag. I wanted to go run, not spend the day with you being sick.'

'I wasn't sick today. I wanted you to come and play go.'

'I wanted to run.'

'Come play with me tomorrow then.'


'It's bad of you to ignore me, Yuki. It hurts me. I'll make sure you don't ignore me anymore.'

You're special to me... I'm not special to you. Not special to anyone except Kureno. The rest of you would leave me if I let you.

It hurts.

Why should I let you leave me all alone? Why, you perverted, oversexed, ass sniffing dog?

'... a dozen times a better person that you...'

What do you know about it? What does she? Pathetic, normal, nobody of a girl! She probably imagines that it would be fun, turning into something she's not! Or she imagines it that she can break the curse and win everyone's gratitude! Hah! As if some pathetic little nobody could make the pain go away!

It hurts! I'm tired of it hurting, tired of being sick, tired of you and everyone else! I want to be well! I want Yuki! I want to be someone else! Give me the vengeful spirit of an animal! Dog, rat, snake, rooster... even the cat! I would rather be /him/, hideous and reeking and /healthy/!

I always want what I can't have.

"I am well aware when my glass is half empty." And the remaining drink is bitter.

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