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Chapter Four

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FEB 27

If this is what I have to deal with for the rest of my life staying here, then I am packing my bags right now. World War Three has erupted in my livingroom tonight. I don’t understand where Zacky gets off, telling me who I can and can’t see. Like I would listen to him. In the same fucking breath he was on the phone with Marie, ready to hang out with her. I don’t see how we hid the fact that we were dating at least six months longer than anyone knew. We fight like exs, not like best friends.

It basically all started when Zacky brought up the fact the Mikey ate some of his cereal. Now, Vengeance could care less about the fucking Captain Crunch, he barely eats the shit, but I hadn’t gotten to the dishes before he was up. When he saw the leftover three pieces in Mikey’s bowl, he went off.

“How can we expected to feed every guy you parade through here?” He shouted at me, waving the box around and spilling what was left across the kitchen. I had to clean that up later, too. “If you want your little cock sandwiches to eat here, you better let them know what is YOUR fucking food, and not let them eat the last of my goddamn cereal.” I’ve only ever lived with these guys. Syn’s mother, and mine I guess, bailed on us when we were 14 for some artist. We get a check every once in a while, never for much. One big check had 300$ on it. We feasted for all of one day. She left us the house, which was our great grandmother’s wedding present or some shit like that, and all inside. Soon what was inside was our friends. Shad’s the same day we realized our mom wasn’t coming back. Shad’s is simply as built as he is because he had to be. His dad was a pos and liked to throw young M. Shadows around. Soon after Shads came The Rev, mostly because he didn’t want to live at home anymore. His mom and dad paid his rent (not that at the time we thought of charging anything like rent, we just were still getting our mother’s food stamps and child support checks) and for his food until he turned 19, when he really did leave for good. Sometime between Rev overtaking the attic and him actually moving in all the way we acquired the run away Johnny. We don’t know much about him, we just opened our door one night, and he was curled up against the door for warmth. Zacky was the last to join us, though he is the one I’ve known the longest, except of course for my TWIN brother.

The whole point of that terrible rant is to say I’ve lived with boys my whole life. They are who I know how to interact with. I know the rules of the house, and if Mikey were some sort of boyfriend, here most or even some nights then sure. I should buy some more food. But one bowl? I went off.

“Your little MARIE has eaten the last of my stuff more often than not, Zacky. So do not get all judgmental on me just because you are pissed some other male wolf has come on your territory. If you didn’t ignore me all the time-“

“You think this is a jealousy matter, Violet?” I could tell by the way his voice wobbled, and the way he said Violet instead of just Vi, I had hit the proverbial nail on the head.

“I know it is, Zacky. Now, if you don’t mind, I have to go to work.” I started to saunter from the kitchen, swaying my hips in the way I knew got Vengeance going, when I stopped. “And make sure the house is clean when I get home.” The boys all started making whipping noises, making fun of Zacky, when I stopped it instantly.

“That goes for all of you.” They don’t like to admit it, but I run that house like a fucking sprinter. Everything in its place, and all that shit. But instead of doing the smart thing, Vengeance decided to hold a grudge, and let the morning’s events fester under his skin. So when I came in the door tonight, he decided to jump me.

“You cannot run all over us, Violet. You can’t tell us what to do, where to go, who to see-“

“That’s right.” I told him. “And you can’t tell me.” I wish I didn’t always have to have the last word. Because Zacky didn’t let it die, and chased me down the hall with harsh words and harsher truths. I couldn’t control him, no matter how much he had control over me. It was a new dawn, one like I have had so many times before. I really don’t need Zacky to make my world go round. So the next time he spouts out about Mikey, or anything I do that rubs me wrong, then I will tell him. Maybe it will do him some good, or even better, do me some good.

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