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hiding beneath all that emptiness

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R for swearing. Drabble, Sai and Orochimaru.

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hiding beneath all that emptiness
h. tsuki

He watches him without the usual cat-and-mouse maneuver, without those eyes of his that can promise everything-and demand it all in return. There is no baiting here, no unsaid words that would leave Sai panting or his fingers twitching with inattention because Orochimaru is some kind of devil that slithers into a person's darkest desires and offers to serve them up; he is forever the hunter in countless games of capture and slow torture that pricks and tears and scuffs at a person until they bleed or break.

Sai is rifling through his pack; he seems worried, agitated, but Orochimaru doesn't think he's come under false pretenses; he doesn't feel aggressive or frustrated, he doesn't feel anything more than a healthy curiosity about a boy who would come to seek him out; even Sasuke had to be smuggled out of the village-he would not have come on his own; he'd required push after shove after pull after yank to finally sink himself into the truth enough, wet his feet enough to be pulled under by the delicious, lusty promise of power.

No, he is content to watch Sai, to allow the boy to reveal himself by stages as opposed to peeling back the layers himself. He did not miss the way Kabuto's eyes stole across his form, nor the soft pitch to his voice that considered "new male bodies between the ages of fifteen and sixteen" to be his estimate of Sai's age.

He does not want to kill Sai, or to torture him; he doesn't even want to fuck him much, but he probably will later-there is something alluring about his silence, and it's not the tortured-animal silence of Sasuke, whose hate is palpable and doesn't need words to articulate itself; no, it's an empty silence, a broken-down thing that is underneath the underneath. This boy has killed his emotions and is empty; he only follows orders, says only what is required to have the desired effect.

Orochimaru wants very much to see what he is hiding beneath all that emptiness. Sai is leaning forward and his midriff top slides up, showing more of his back, and there's a faint sheen of sweat to his spine.

He changes his mind; he does want to fuck Sai. But that can come later.
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