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Enter Perfection

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I noticed all this, as he shot between the traffic, on his skateboard, throwing a wink at Belle who had noticed also. We both shamelessly turned to look. But the Summer Boy was gone. I slumped some...

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Chapter Two: Reflections.

I was about as happy with my reflection as any girl could be. In fact I was really happy with it. I fluffed my spiky black and hot pink hair, and flicked my fringe out of my heavy eyelinered eyes. I smirked at my reflection. My thick black eyeliner made my blue contacts look amazing. I smoothed dark red lipstick over my full lips, taking care not to get any on my two lip rings. I cocked an eyebrow at myself and looked down at my outfit.
David and Goliath vest shirt – check. I giggled. Spooning defiantly leads to forking.
Short black skirt. Check.
Black laddered tights. Check.
Black doc martens? Check.
I smoothed my hands over my tattooed arms and grinned. I'm ready for school.
See im in high school, and I didn’t always live in America. My Mum moved us here after Dad got killed by some psycho serial killer back in London and my friend Belle moved here with us because she was emancipated and bored. We had a pretty good break here if im honest. The cheerleaders didn’t accept us. But we were… Wanted. Desirable. And im not saying that to be big headed. We were. It rocked. I picked up my bag and swung it over my shoulders. Plugging my ipod in as I went. Sunshine of your love by Cream seemed to be the anthem for today. I headed out the door, grabbing an apple on the way out.
‘Can you be any slower?’ My best friend Belle drawled from the drop top car she was sitting on the back of. I eyed her almost identical outfit and smiled at the fact that even though we lived apart, we were still the same. Twins in all but birth mothers. I grinned at her, and the rest of the guys occupying the car. As a rule we didn’t usually hang around with girls. We found guy’s much less… bitchy. The driver had a typical brown emo boy hair cut. He chewed on his lip ring while waiting for me to climb in the car. He wore an Avenged Sevenfold shirt over his skinny jeans. He caught me looking and winked. Seth. He was one of my best friends and Belle had a sort of on off thing going with him. It drove the others and me nuts trying to keep up with them and when they weren’t speaking. A shorter guy with shoulder length black hair was talking nine to dozen. He was talking with his hands a lot and there was a flash as he smiled and showed his little white teeth. Yeah, that was Archie. He was great. Quick and nimble – and light fingered if he ever needed to be. He literally never stopped speaking, and he could bring a smile to the face of even Greasy Joe my boss at the pizza place. At the moment he was talking to – or should I say talking at Avery. Avery didn’t noticed because he was hiding behind his shaggy mop of hair, and listening to those retro headphones he had over his ears. He was smoking something and im pretty sure it wasn’t legal. Actually, knowing Avery, I know it wasn’t legal.
Belle sat on the back of the car stretching her long white legs impatiently. Everything about Belle was long or slender. She was the right height for a girl – perhaps a little taller, and she had long grey brown hair that hung below her waist. She flicked her fringe and raised a perfect eyebrow at me. Her David and Goliath shirt (Cheesus Loves Me) had been ripped so it hung just above her ribcage, and her skirt, which was red and black tartan, was just a little longer than mine. To top this all off she was perfectly pale, skinny and I really liked her shoes. She wore those funky skater girl socks like Avril Lavienge had in her time and they hugged her calves, but what I was concerned about were her new converse. They were white and scribbled on, and I hopped the door and yanked her foot upwards to have a look.
‘Watch the paint work Pyro.’ Seth said carefully from the driver’s seat. That was the deal with Seth. He was very slow. And precise. He seemed to always think things over before he said or did them. Apart from when we first met. We both had a little crazy thing going on. This was when I’d just been used by the one I was in love with, Belle’s cousin. And Seth had been in love with someone his whole life who’d basically betrayed him. We got all the pain out of our system by setting their cars on fire and screaming. Earning us our –not too bad considering- nicknames. Belles cousin had since forgiven me and was now desperately into me. I not only didn’t really appreciate his friendship, but I didn’t really want to think about all he’d done.
‘I like her shoes, Screamer.’ I replied tartly, as we pulled away from the kerb. I was perched precariously on Archie’s lap, who still hadnt stopped his tirade of relentless chat to Avery.
‘I think I just saw what she had for breakfast,’ Avery giggled from the shotgun seat he occupied. He leant his head back and blew out a long puff of smoke, causing Belle to slip down in her seat, coughing.
‘Fucking jammed,’ she complained, waving her hands in front of he face. Archie had stopped talking and looked slightly annoyed that no one was listening to him anyway.
‘It’s okay. We’ve all seen it before,’ he said happily, and then yelped as Seth abruptly stopped the car.
‘You want to walk to school Archie?’ He asked slowly eying Archie in the mirror.
‘No sir, nope, wrong, negative, that woul-‘
‘Stop talking Archie,’ I sighed, for what I guess wouldn’t be the first time today. I looked at Belle who was half smiling.
‘You two are on?’
‘I bloody well hope so after last night. We-‘
‘Save it Way,’ I said laughing. Oh. There was another thing I’d forgotten to mention about Belle. She was the cousin of Gerard and Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance. This caused major problems with her because she was madly in love with Mikey. “Cousins,” She’d say tartly, “Are very much legal.”
I leant an elbow on the side of the car and watched the people pass. No one stood out.
No one…. until him.
He was leaning against a lamppost, smoking a cigarette. He had longish black hair and he flicked it out of his eyes, with a smirk I could, and would die for. His face was pierced. Twice below his eye. He looked up at me, and winked.
And then he was gone. I turned wildly in my seat to look back at him, not caring if it was uncool. But he was gone. Like gone, gone. I slumped down disappointedly, before another guy outshone the rest. This on was the polar opposite of the first. His blond hair almost shone and it reminded me of the beating sun this summer. His short-sleeved shirt showed his tattoos – one of twirling vines that almost seemed to move, and the other a blazing sun that radiated out from his elbow. I noticed all this, as he shot between the traffic, on his skateboard, throwing a wink at Belle who had noticed also. We both shamelessly turned to look. But the Summer Boy was gone. I slumped some more.
And I didn’t see any thing special until I got to school.
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