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And When The Lights All Went Out, We Watched Our Lives on the Screen - Thirteen

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I wanted to try something a little different with this chapter. BTW, it starts with a 'mystery' narrator.
I.e. a paedo in the metaphorical bushes.
AND my dad has banned me from getting the Mikey effin Way shirt. Bah!!

anyways, enjoy chapter thirteen.

The six teenagers approached the ticket seller. And what an odd bunch they were.
Gerard, Ray, Bob, Mikey, Frank and Alexa were all very different, but all alike in the secrets they shared.
“Six to see Kick Ass please” the eldest, Gerard, said.
The vendor looked alarmed as she printed off the tickets and took the boys money. She glanced over his long, greasy black hair and faded Iron Maiden shirt like they were personally offending her.
“Thank you” He replied, taking the tickets and smiling politely at the stunned vendor.
She new the boy from somewhere, her art therapy group. She was terrified of being recognised, popular, blonde, girls don’t go to therapy. Only the freaks go to therapy.
The group went and purchased snacks, alarming yet more vendors.
“Nachos please” Gerards brother, Michael - Mikey to his friends, ordered.
He was hiding secrets too, like the girl who had sold them the tickets, he was afraid everyone would find out about his love.

When the group sat down in the cinema, they chose back centre, like always. Partly so they could talk and not annoy anyone, partly so they weren’t obvious popcorn targets.
They sat in a very peculiar order, Bob, Gerard, Frank, Alexa, Mikey, Ray.
Gerard would sit next to Frank, no matter what and Frank wouldn’t move from Alexas side. Mikey was always going to sit near Alexa, while Ray was always going to follow Mikey. Ray, being vigilant, had an incling something was afoot with the younger Way.
Bob, Bob couldn’t bear spending time with his friends. He had a secret, a big one, and was just waiting for the perfect time to announce it. Time was running out, he had a mere two weeks left.


I knew I had to tell them. But I couldn’t spoil Alexas birthday. She was like my little sister, I couldn’t ruin her birthday. I had to tell them, it would be a bit of a shock turning up to school one day, without me. Damn parents, who wants to move to the other side of the country anyways?


I looked over to Frank and Alexa. Frank had his arm round my sister, holding her to his body. But there was something else. From my angle I could clearly see Mikey stroking the side of her leg, invisible to Frank. I kicked Mikey, hard. He gave a glance as if to say ‘what?’ I just glared back. I couldn’t believe he could be so stupid! Frank would always win if it came to a fight.


Ray kicked me, he knew. I knew he knew. He knew I knew he knew. Whatever, the game was up. I looked at Frank and felt an inane rage come over me. Fair enough, he was dating Alexa, but he was my best friend. I loved him like a brother. Yet part of me hated him. Wanted him dead. The alpha male in me was whispering, telling me how I could win the whole of Alexas heart. I smiled vindictively to myself, hating myself, but relishing the fact Frank didn’t have the whole of Alexas heart.

Michael James Way, you are one fucked up kid.


I was sandwiched between two guys I loved more than the world. Literally at cross roads. I could feel Mikeys hand on my leg, sending a warm, happy feeling through my body. But Franks arm round my shoulder made me feel sick with pleasure. The feeling you get after a rollercoaster, that was what Frank made me feel. The feeling of him finding out about me and Mikey was comparable to before a rollercoaster, impending doom. Frank moved slightly, his arm pulling me almost on to him. I tried to relax against him and get on with watching the movie. All the while feeling the warm weight of Mikey, making me want to jump off a bridge.


I stiffened slightly in my chair, as I felt a hand stroke my leg. I glanced to my right and saw Gerard, stroking my leg gently.
I looked blankly into his eyes, as he licked his lips seductively and carried on.
I tried concentrating on the film, but it was hard. Hard because a freaking DUDE was stroking my damn leg.

Hard, because I liked it.


I got further and further up Franks leg, enjoying seeing him squirm. I moved closer to him when Alexa went to the bathroom, playfully licking his neck, making him shudder. I grinned, mouthing ‘later’ to him.
He stared at me, before nodding slowly.


After the film had finished I got Frank to make an excuse that he needed to go home, to pick up something. I, naturally, provided his ride. So after dropping the rest of them off at the Toro’s place I took Frank back to mine.
I parked in our garage, making sure nobody was home.
“Gerard. What the fuck were you playing at?” Frank looked at me, horrified.
“Nothing” I replied innocently. “Until now”
I leaned over to the passenger seat, kissing Frank. He kissed me back, deeply, before realsing what he was doing and pulling away sharpish.
“Gerard. What. The. Actual. Fuck. I have a girlfriend” he asked, horrified.
“Don’t pretend you don’t enjoy it” I smiled at him, my mirror practised smile that made him squirm.
“That’s… beside the… point” he blushed.
“Ah, so you do enjoy it” more squirming.
“Gerard. Take me the hell home. Now.”
“Sure thing, baby” I kissed him again, to his reluctant pleasure.
I smiled to myself, before putting the car in reverse and driving to Franks.

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