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Chapter 5- The Princess of Destiny

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Chapter 5
The princess
Of Destiny

I woke up to the glare of the morning sun shining in from a window. I was laying down, so I sat up and felt my a pile of hay beneath me. I had a terrible headache and couldn’t remember a thing. I looked beside me and there was Link, laying down and looking at the ceiling.
“Hey Link,” I said, “what happened?”
“Well, Ashley, you decided to run your mouth when some guard arrested us and they gave you what you deserved,” Link said harshly.
It sort of came back to me. I remembered the skeleton things and Link asking me to get the draw bridge down for him. We were in a dungeon cell.
“Alright, well Link, if it wasn’t for me, you would be seriously hurt,” I said.
“Ash, just shut up. Your mouth has gotten us in enough trouble and we haven’t even met the princess yet.”
Link was right, my mouth had gotten both of us into some big trouble. The problem with me was that I didn’t know when to keep my mouth shut and I always make things fair for everyone. If I can’t do that, I run my mouth. In the last situation, I was trying to save Link from these walking skeletons on then the soldiers came and arrested us.
I didn’t know what to say, so I just asked this: “Well, where’s Lux, Max, and Navi?”
“I don’t know, and it definitely doesn’t matter right now. We can’t get out there to help them and we’re either going to be tortured or killed at this point.”
“Don’t you think that killing us just because we made the draw bridge go down is a bit harsh?”
“I’ll tell you this Ashley, because Navi told me this earlier. The soldiers here have a zero tolerance policy on everything. Navi told me to watch you, but I wanted to be by myself for awhile. I really did think it would be okay to leave you by yourself, but look where we are now!”
“But Link, I saved-”
“Who stinkin’ cares? I saved the Deku Tree and didn’t run my mouth to the point where I was thrown in jail. You’re lucky Mido didn’t kill you because of that mouth of yours. All you ever do if run your mouth and I’m tired of it. I’m tired of being around you, having to baby sit you, and most of all, having to work with you. You’re a pain in my ass!”
I felt some tears in my eyes, reader, but I fought them back. There was a pause and Link just looked at me. I looked at my knees; wishing he wasn’t there.
“Pika!” we both suddenly heard. It came from outside the window and I looked around and saw Lux’s smiling, fuzzy face.
“Lux!” I shouted, “I missed you buddy.”
Shortly after, Navi and Max flew up to our view.
“Hey, we’ll get you out of here, okay,” Navi said.
“But how?” Link asked.
“We’ll figure that one out ourselves,” Max said, “but with Lux here, we should have no worries on getting caught by guards.”
“Pikachu,” Lux said in delight. I still had no idea what that meant, but I could tell BY Lux’s facial features that he was happy.
Lux and Navi disappeared quickly and Max said, “See you soon!”
I turned around and saw Link. He was staring at a wall so I walked quietly back to the hay pile and watched him for about thirty seconds. I had to say something.
“Link,” I began, “how about you come and sit down beside me to try and calm your nerves.”
“I can’t” Link said and he put his head in one hand.
“I can’t get too close to you as a partner or friend because I know your deal. I’m just someone that you’re suppose to be on a mission with and once this mission is over, you’ll leave and I’ll never see you again.”
I had no idea what he was talking about, so I quickly said, “Where did you here that from?”
“You don’t have to play dumb. It won’t make me feel better.”
“I’m not playing dumb,” I said. I stood up quickly and added, “Who told you this?”
“Saria,” Link said. “The Great Deku Tree wanted to tell me that I shouldn’t become close friends with you because after you’re done here, it’ll be like you never met me or had never been in Hyrule.”
“Link, I hope that’s not true,” I said and I grabbed his shoulder and turned him to face me. “Look, I just started this whole ‘mission’ thing for Mario and Princess Toadstool. I was dragged into this mess without too many details. If that is true, I’ll have to talk to Mario. Hyrule is too beautiful to leave behind and, as of right now, you’re the only best friend I have in this world. Yeah, we fight a lot, but I’m glad that I get to help you. I don’t consider you a client or whatever. I consider you a friend for life.”
Link looked at me for a little while and then suddenly hugged me. I didn’t know what to do, so I just wrapped my arms around him, but didn’t squeeze or anything. This whole friendship between Link and I was weird. I noticed something weird, though. Link’s shield and sword wasn’t on his back.
“Link, where’s our weapons?” I asked, which probably broke the warm embrace or whatever, but I didn’t care. I was afraid of hugs, especially hugs from those of the opposite sex.
Link backed off a bit, but only a little, and said, “Well, I’m guessing that the guards confiscated them. I remember one of them taking my stuff away, but I didn’t see what they did to yours.”
“Hmm, that’s weird,” I said and I turned my head so I could quit looking at this kid. Link made me uncomfortable and nervous, so I didn’t know what to do.
Lux came to my rescue, however. Link and I heard these loud crashes and Max and Navi entered our cell. Lux appeared shortly after with a key in his mouth.
“Good boy, my Lux!” I shouted.
Lux smiled, or at least tried to, but the key in his mouth made it quite awkward. Lux removed the key and jumped up to get it in the key hole. He then jumped up again to turn it. As soon as I heard a click, I opened the cell.
I patted Lux on the head and slanted my shoulder down. Lux jumped right on his shoulder and got to his position. I took the key out of the key hole because you never knew when you would need something.
“Alright, before we do anything else, we need to find our weapons,” Link said.
“Well duh,” I said and I gave him a little smile. “Let’s get this party started, sir.”
We ran to the end of the dungeon, passing few cells. There weren’t really any prisoners in the dungeons and I wasn’t going to see if there were any prisoners being tortured. We all came to a door and I was getting ready to open it when Navi shouted, “Hey!”
Her voice pierced my ears and I yelled, “What the hell do you want! Why do you have to yell so loud?”
“I just wanted to say that Lux took out a lot of guards on our way here,” she said, “there’s bound to be guards on call to find us.”
“You’re right,” I said.
I still opened the door quickly and got against the nearest wall. Link, amusingly, did the same. I pointed forward like they did in those serious, war movies and we went down this hallway where there were two steps of stairs; one going down and the other going up.
Back at home, there were movies about fairy tale castles like the Hyrule castle. If I took the downstairs, I would be led to the basement of the castle which was definitely where the torture chambers had to be. Upstairs would be the kitchen where cooks would prepare meals for the prisoners. This, reader, was just my assumption, but I also knew that, seeing as the window in our cell was rather small and up high, it probably meant we were partially underground at the moment.
“Let’s go upstairs,” I said quietly.
We moved upstairs and came to a wooden door. I turned the door knob and thrust open the door, screaming like an idiot. It was a kitchen, but no one was in it. I expected someone to be in the room and that was why I screamed. Now I just felt like an idiot.
“Yum, smells good up here,” Max said and he flew over to a pot of stew. Max decided to fly over it and eventually land in it. I didn’t know if he was eating or relaxing.
“Max, get out of there this instant,” Navi scolded.
Max quickly got out of the stew and hovered around Lux’s ears. There was a door to the right of us, so I went to that door and opened it as quick as I could. It led us to a huge, open loft with couches and tables and a huge fireplace.
“This must be where the guards hang out when they’re off duty,” I said.
“Great, but we can’t stop and rest,” Link said.
“Aw, calm down,” I said and I plopped onto a nice, red couch. “I’m sure there will be no guards in here since they’re looking for us pesky kids.” I took a glass of a red liquid off the table and drank it.
“Yuck,” I said quietly, “this stuff tastes like shampoo.” I decided to test it out and blow bubbles out of my mouth since I had the liquid in contact with my saliva. Surely enough, I was able to blow bubbles.
“Oh my God, I found shampoo!” I shouted. “Link, I found-”
I would’ve continued to tell Link about my discovery, but when I jumped up to see him, I saw Ganondorf, who was holding Link up in the air by his throat.
I dropped my glass and jumped after Ganondorf. I jumped up and grabbed the arm he had stretched out, the arm that was attached to the hand that was wrapped around Link’s small neck.
I had no sword, so I bit this guy’s arm as hard as I could. It was leathery and tough but I was still able to break the skin somehow. Between me biting him and the fairies pounding him on the head, we weren’t enough. Ganondorf released Link by throwing him against a wall. The guy even swatted the fairies away. Ganondorf just looked at me and he looked at the bite I gave him.
“I knew when I saw you, you would end up being a huge pest,” Ganondorf said. “I knew you’d meddle in my business. I should’ve left you alone to cry, maybe you would’ve done Hyrule a favor and killed yourself, you miserable scum.”
“Alright asshole,” I snapped, “keep talking, keep talking.”
“Humph, you’re not worth my time,” he said and he held out his hand, his palm facing mine. The next thing I knew was this misty, purple light seemed to build in his palm and this guy shot me. The blast was terrible and it shot me all the way back and into the fireplace which, luckily for me, was not lit.
“I knew it wouldn’t take much to take both of you down,” Ganondorf said. I went in and out of consciousness, but I was able to hear all Ganondorf had to say.
“Shut up,” I said. I meant to yell it, but it didn’t come out that way. I was really beat up and I ached everywhere. I wanted to just pass out, but I knew I couldn’t, otherwise I might not wake up again.
“That’s funny,” I heard Ganondorf say, “your mouth is still running, even when you have clearly been defeated.”
I opened my eyes and saw Ganondorf much closer to me now. He had a sword in his hand and it was pointed at my throat.
“Maybe, I remove your vocal chords, you’d shut up, but you’re just enough of an idiot to try to talk anyway. Maybe this will help you learn your place.” Ganondorf slashed one of my cheeks just a little bit, but it hurt like hell. It stung like a really deep paper cut.
“Hmm, but I still don’t feel that I’ve done enough to you,” Ganondorf said. “How about I just kill you, so I will have one less piece of scum in my kingdom.” Ganondorf brought his sword to his side and added, “But don’t tell King Daphnes I said that. If you did, I might get in trouble.”
To make my torture worse, this jerk decided to let out the biggest and longest laugh I have ever heard. It hurt my ears and reader, for that moment, I wanted him to just kill me.
The best thing happened next, though. Lux jumped out of no where and jumped right on Ganondorf and started to shock the crap out of him. Ganondorf yelled and thrashed around and eventually knocked Lux off his head.
“You rotten pest,” Ganondorf yelled and he started to shoot Lux. But, my boy started running all around the room and dodged every shot fired at him. While this was going on, Link rose from the spot he landed. He jumped on Ganondorf and covered his head.
Out of nowhere, this stone fell out of Ganondorf’s pocket. I got up and held my aching head, but I went over and grabbed the stone as quick as I could. It was a sea green stone with a lightning bolt in the middle. I had no time to looked at it, however, so I shoved it in my pocket.
Ganondorf was too disoriented to do anything at that moment, but he ended up releasing this terrible power that threw all of us back. For some reason, when I hit the wall I noticed Ganondorf checking his pockets for something.
“Damn,” he said and mumbled something. “Alright children, due to a little issue in my schedule, I have to leave you here for a bit. But, I will be back later, and next time, I won’t be as nice.”
There was a big blast of purple smoke and when it cleared, Ganondorf was gone. I slowly got up and I felt my right cheek bleeding. It dripped off of my chin and fell to my lap. I was way too tired to get up. I felt beat up and tired and just worn down. Link came over to me, or rather crawled to me, because he wanted to make sure I was okay.
“Are you, are you alright?” he asked.
“Besides the splinters in my back from the fireplace, I guess you could say that I’m fine,” I said softly. There was blood coming from my mouth and I had trouble breathing.
Link brushed off my tunic because it had ash all over it. Lux came over to me, too, and sat right on my lap.
“Oh yeah, before I forget,” I said quietly, “when you were on Ganondorf, you made him drop this. It came from one of his pockets, I guess.”
I took the stone out of my pocket and let Link see it. He examined it and said, “I wonder if it means something.”
Lux, I noticed, was staring at it intensely.
“What’s wrong, Lux?” I asked and Lux looked at me, determined for some reason. He pointed at the stone in Link’s hands and then pointed at me and finally, at himself.
“You want me to put that stone on you?” I asked.
“Pika!” he exclaimed.
I felt too tired to reach out my arm so I asked Link to do it. Lux started shaking his head, but Link had already put the stone on his body. Nothing happened, however.
Lux then started to point at me intensely so Link handed me the stone. I noticed closely that the stone started to glow a bit. It went from sea green to a teal color. I stared at it deeply, trying to figure out what it was.
“It matches your eye color now,” said Link, but he quickly recovered and said, “Not that I know the exact tint of your eyes, but I just made an observation.”
Lux pointed at himself, jumping up and down and it caught my attention. I didn’t see what the big deal was, so I put the stone against his body.
What I saw at that split second was a bright, golden light. A light so powerful that it shot me backwards and put me right back in the fireplace. I felt this power surge through my body, but it was overwhelming and I passed out.

I woke up to the sight of Link and the fairies. They kept repeating my name and shook my entire body, even after I had gained consciousness.
“Whoa,” I said, “how long have I been out.”
“For five minutes,” Link said. “That stone did something weird and you flew backwards.”
“I swear there were sparks coming out of that fireplace,” Max said.
“No, you’re just imagining things, silly boy,” Navi said.
“Um, beside the sparks though,” Link said, “Lux is a bit, well, different.”
I sat up and held my head. It hurt so bad, more than it ever had before in my life. I looked at my fingertips and noticed that my hand was shaking really bad.
“What happened to Lux?” I asked while I watched my hand.
“Well, something bizarre happened,” Link said. “That stone made him, well, transform.”
“Rai,” I heard and looked to my side.
“Damn, what the heck is this?” I asked.
“Raichu,” this thing said quietly.
“Ash, this is Lux,” Link said. “Right after that bright light cleared up, he was standing there.”
Lux now had large, brown feet and his body was more of a golden yellow rather than bright yellow. His ears were now bigger and had rings on the end. He had also grown bigger and had a long, whip-like tail with a lightning bolt looking formation on the end. I touched his face and scratched his floppy, new ears.
“So, you’ve grown,” I said and as I scratched, Lux’s foot went berserk.
Suddenly, it seemed that I gained friction from scratching him and my hands became engulfed by electricity. I quickly drew my hand back, but the electricity was still all around it.
“What the hell,” I said and I stood up in panic. I was too weak, however, and I stumbled back down. I shook my hand really fast and this electricity flew off my hand and on the rug I was sitting on and it left a burn there.
“Ash, Ash,” Link said trying to grab me, “calm down, please calm down.”
I stopped and stared at my hand again. I tensed my muscles and electricity came out of my palm. It went everywhere because it was so hard to control, but I felt no pain at all. I did lose control but Lux rushed over and put his tail in my palm, which stopped the electric flow.
“Raichu,” Lux said and he put my hand down by my side.
I stared at Lux and then looked at Link. I was horrified and didn’t know what to do, but then we heard a door open and Link quickly stood up.
“Oh, hello,” said a sweet voice. I looked up and saw a girl in a dress. She had on this really ugly headdress as well. Her big blue eyes were really striking, though.
Link stood up slowly and I noticed that he couldn’t take his eyes off her. “Hi, uh, Princess?” he said with a tone of confusion in his voice.
“Why yes, I am Princess Zelda of Hyrule,” she said and walked towards us slowly. Link walked towards her slowly too, and once they became close, Zelda walked right passed him and lifted me up. She saw Lux and said, “Oh, what a cute little Raichu. I’ve been seeing Pikachus around Hyrule lately, but not Raichus?”
“What are those?” I asked as she helped me to the red couch.
“Well, they’re Pokemon, from the Kanto region way up north from here,” Zelda said and she helped me sit down. “They’re electric mice. I personally think they’re rats, however.”
Link came and waited to see where Zelda said. She ended up sitting in a single chair so Link put on a face of discontent and sat by me. Lux hopped up with me, too, and Max and Navi flew behind him.
“Oh joy, you two have fairies,” Zelda said. “Is it okay if I tell you a little secret, if you don’t mind of course. It might seem dumb, but-”
“No, tell us,” said Link. I looked at him and he had a beaming look on his face. He was going to listen to everything she had to say.
“Well, you, boy, look like the one in my dream,” Zelda said and that made Link extremely happy.
“Was it a love dream?” he asked desperately.
“You’re silly,” Zelda said and she giggled a little. “Well, in this dream, the sky was dark and I was lost. There was fire all around me, but I looked forward towards the forest and you appeared. What’s you’re name?”
“Link,” he said.
“Well, you had this green stone and a fairy. You were the light in front of me. I think my dream was trying to tell me something, but my father thought I was nuts.” Zelda’s face soon turned dark and she said, “But, there was one more person in my dream.”
“Who?” Link asked cheerily.
“Ganondorf Dragmire?” I said as a joke.
“Yes, how did you know?” she said. “Oh, and what’s your name.”
“Ashley, but you can call me Ash,” I said.
“Nice to meet you both, but how do you know about Mr. Dragmire.”
“Uh, well, he beat the crap outta me,” I said. “Look at how messy this room is and how worn out I am.”
“I am dreadfully sorry,” Zelda said.
“Well, I was also arrested for trying to save this kid here from a bunch of skeletons, so you, or your father, owe me a lot of stuff.”
“Here, how about I give you and Link here one full day in the castle,” Zelda said cheerfully. “You both look extremely tired and I’ll calm down the guards for you. I’m sure my attendant, Impa, will be able to find you rooms. We have dinner at six, so you can come and meet father as well.”
Zelda hopped from the couch and went out of the room. Impa came in the loft without Zelda.
“I am terribly sorry for your injuries, Ash and Link,” this girl said. She had white hair and a tattoo on her both her eyes. She barely had clothes on and the clothes she had on were extremely skin tight. “If you’ll come with me, I should be able to get you a nice room for the night.”
Link, who was out of his Zelda daze, helped me get up. I still couldn’t walk very well, so I counted on Link’s support to get through the castle. We both left the loft and followed Impa through the castle. I didn’t know what to expect next, but I was hungry and tired and it seemed like rest and food was next on my schedule, however, I barely made it out of the loft and I passed out on the floor.
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