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What's In a Name?

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Two's company, but three's a crowd... not to Uchiha Sasuke.

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A/N: Just to let you know, this threesome is a first for me, being that I am such a Sasuke-hater. HOWEVER/, /to be fair I rather like him when he's featured in a non-pairing fic or featured in an alternate pairing. I board the SasuTema ship myself, but I have been reading SasuTen fics as of late (no offense to NejiTen fans as I am one as well) and have been liking them just on the superb IC jobs so I tip my proverbial hat to those authors (they know who they are). So, now that I have said my piece I can get to the nitty-gritty of this lemon- THE THREEWAY SEX! Bon appetit!

What's In a Name?

By Saoirse the Irish Colleen

Temari, it means ball of twine. Interestingly enough she has a fan fetish, and I just don't mean that wind-manipulating monstrosity strapped to her back. They were hanging like lanterns from the ceiling, marble statues on her desk and bookshelf, and a woven purple silk screen pulled across the window bore fan dancers garbed in kimonos. My surname, Uchiha, derives from /uchiwa/, meaning paper fan, my clan's insignia I display on my clothes. It is something that I've been giving a surprisingly amount of thought to as of late, and just not because of the potential safety threat I pose to me and my comrades should I go on a mission. Tenten, it can either mean 'heavenly' or 'hit or miss'. If there is one certainty about Gai-sensei's lone female student, she never misses. A shougeki master Konoha hasn't seen since the likes of the Fourth, her career as a jounin will go far.
But said kunoichi was the one who preferred to be bound by the soft twine, and the blonde Suna princess' cunt was heavenly as my cock pervaded it. What can I say, I love older women. It was something that Ino and Sakura couldn't get through their thick skulls back then. And it was nobody's business- especially the dobe's- to know whose pants I was itching to get into. The Inuzuka and the dropout would not let me live it down if they knew I couldn't make up my mind about which girl I wanted, I won't even get into that Hyuuga prick since he's so possessive about his teammates that he can't keep up his ice shields like he used to. Gejimayu on the other hand has made effort in downgrading his 'youthful passions', or at least shouting them thanks greatly to Sakura. Although I silently egged him on when he once punched Neji through a rock face for a misunderstanding regarding his 'compromising position' as Sakura was healing him. She was straddling him as she was shifting his some eight shattered ribs back into place with her chakra and his nose was aligned with her impressive rack, consequently when Lee heard Neji's uncharacteristic hesitancy and pseudo-stutter in his reply when Sakura questioned him on numbness and pressure. Doubtlessly there was pressure building south of his waistline when Lee made that snap decision to break about a dozen more bones.
The three of us on Temari's bed undulating like twists of ivy, flesh against flesh so tight that we might merge, and Tenten was atop me, legs parting weak as water I pumped my hips to meet her blushing slit and slid home. She moaned graciously keeling over slightly before bucking in response to the aftershock. I admit I like to watch myself in action, Tenten grinding powerfully on my bones as I managed to lift her until I nearly withdraw completely just to her hear keening protest snivels. The harmless grazing of Temari's violet-colored talons along my snakes (the serpent seals tattooed to my forearms, a gift from Orochimaru along with the Kusanagi before I pulped him to a puddle of ooze) nearly break my concentration, but it's Temari's way of getting my attention back. She cuts off my oxygen supply with her kisses- she is one attentive kisser- darting her tongue from between my lips to peppering my face with her soft mouth. Her breasts dangle tempestuously over my face and I sweep my tongue across her nipple, she jumps back and laughs, I wink evilly in response. Tenten is lost in her moans above me, head lolled back, her toes curling and hands tensing on her breasts I knew she was close so I picked up the pace and flipped us over so as her head was now in Temari's lap.
I'm the kind of guy who takes control of every aspect of his life, therefore gets what he wants with little or no trouble. This is where Kakashi-sensei and I parallel here, and if anybody voices their opinion against this is either going to get ignored or seriously fucked around with. In spite of our reputations of possessing inhuman killing skill, one would believe that we would respond with challenges, but I have learned along the way why mind games are more fun. Case in point: Kurenai-sensei. She and her team successfully launched two campaigns against two out of the three of Konoha's most notorious perverts, Ebisu-sensei and Jiraya-sama. The only fault I found with her plan was that she all but announced her plans to go after Kakashi-sensei as she toted the pair of them in the streets, ankles and wrists bound with chakra strings and a long rod skewered through their trussed limbs held between herself and Hinata and Inuzuka and Aburame to dump them in Tsunade-sama's office. She's a ballsy lady who can play with the big ninjas like Genma-sensei and Anko-sensei, and nowhere was that more evident when she decided to jump Kakashi-sensei as he napped on a bench with one of Jiraya-sama's novels blocking the sunlight. He pulled a kawarimi just as her foot splintered the bench. It sadly does not take much to wound her pride, and her attacks were faltering even as she had the upper hand in her genjutsu and ninjutsu. But the prevailing insanity between the Eternal Rivals kept Kakashi-sensei on his toes concerning taijutsu, Gai-sensei is many things but I won't undermine his mastery of the art.
I caught myself reminiscing as I watched Kakashi-sensei straddle her back as he arrested her left arm wrenching it behind her back and push her head into the grass. It amazes me to see a couple of thirty-somethings act worse than we do. And as usual he didn't seem the least bothered by any of it, the worst thing he did was cart Kurenai-sensei screeching into the trees like some put-out parent. It wasn't too long before her haranguing was cut off and replaced with more interesting sounds. I won't get into detail- for fear of my life- but Kurenai-sensei is /flexible /and Kakashi-sensei is blunt about his fondness for 'new experiences' to the point of masochism. But Kurenai-sensei to her credit was dishing out as much as she could take. On occasion, the dobe and I would gather in Kakashi-sensei's house for a bit of male bonding bullshit which comprised of eating ramen take-out and flipping through Kakashi-sensei's /Icha Icha /collection in the kitchen. I drew the shorter straw one evening and dared to ask Kakashi-sensei about his relationship with the red-eyed kunoichi. All he said was: 'She makes love like a woman.' We still don't know what to make of it.
I on the other hand, enjoy this liberation in bed. I don't need to be in control, everything's instinctual. Tenten and Temari make love like women, and refrain from all the giggling, no false modesty about their bodies and no flirting. Foreplay's cool, foreplay's great and I appreciate the fact that they know what they're doing (more than I do anyway). And judging by the way Tenten's thrashing right now, she's about to go off. I give it to her once, twice and she finally shrieks in that cute little way of hers letting me aim and shoot hitting the target dead center and finally drop. Temari laughs (don't ask why) and musses my hair in that way she knows I hate, Tenten's tittering despite her exhaustion jibing me as 'The Snake Lord'.
"Ararara..." Temari's quicker only because of my incapacitation and they've trapped me between them. "Uchiha, you know you'll never get away with anything with us."
"We'll stand up to the challenge any day of the week and twice on Sunday!" Tenten's proclamation was as bright as her collection of pink Cantonese blouses. I tend to think of her in shades of pink. We were only asleep for a few hours when I transported from Temari's bed and opened her doors. Someone /was /just there. We'll have to be more careful from here on.
My name is Uchiha Sasuke, the namesake of the legendary ninja Sarutobi Sasuke, the ancestor of our late Sandaime. Our clan's specialty is the Katon jutsu and the embers are sparking to ignite once again, and as I look at the two naked women in that bed they are responsible for fanning those flames. I go back and take my place with them.


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