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Wide Awake in Dreamland

by Beck 1 review

Rukia wonders if she's dreaming or if what she's feeling is real.

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Title: Wide Awake in Dreamland
Author: Beck
Pairing/characters used: Renji/Rukia
Notes: Takes place after the SS arc. No spoilers. Inspiration also comes from eps. 55 & 61.
Warning(s): The ending got kinda sappy so it may rot your teeth just from reading. laughs
Disclaimer: Me no own. weeps Bleach belongs to the awesomeness that is Kubo Tite and the title for the fic, since I suck at these things, came from Pat Benatar's album with the same name.


Rukia didn't have to open her eyes to know that the sunrise was just along the horizon. She could feel the heat of the light through her closed lids but it wasn't so much of the brightness that kept her from opening her eyes.

Slow, steady puffs of air blew through the back of her hair and down her neck, sending a tickling sensation through her body. The emitted heat ensured her that he, indeed, was still there; undoubtedly in a deep sleep. Between the states of sleep and consciousness, she wasn't quite sure if she was dreaming or not.

"Mmmrr. . . what?" The question came out more of a half slumbered mumble but it startled her none the less. "What did you say Rukia?"

Did I just say that out loud? The shock that she might have actually spoken her thought made her eyes open, though slightly squinting at the light creeping through the window.

"Am I dreaming?"

The body next to her shifted a bit and felt his presence against her back though, not near touching. "Dreaming about what?"

"About this; about you, about me being here." She was almost afraid to move so she kept as still as possible, not even turning around to face him directly.

Some more sleepy mutterings came as a retort but soon cleared itself so she could understand what he was saying. "I don't know. If you're dreaming, then I'm dreaming too."

He could feel her body tense up and knew that his answer wouldn't satisfy her. "Go back to sleep Rukia, you'll find out when you wake up."

She didn't respond to that right away, it was as if she was grasping for words that wouldn't make her feel weak for saying such things. "I'm. . . I'm afraid to go back to sleep. I'm afraid that this really is all just a dream and you won't be here," she finally admitted-to him but maybe more to herself.

An arm crossed over to the front of her body, wrapping around her waist and pulling her against the solid wall of his chest. His wandering hand then found hers as he interlaced their fingers together, bringing them to her chest, hugging her securely to him. He curled his body around her as if forming a human shield and felt her relax at his touch.

"It's going to take more than waking from a dream for me to let you go," he whispered into the back of her hair.

Letting her held breath escape from her lips, Rukia settled into him, feeling the grip close in more around her. He was not one to say things out of no where and when he said it, he meant it. Even if she did wake up to find him gone from her, she knew that he was now hers as much as she was his. It was an empowering sensation to know that from this moment on, she would be his girl and even more so to know that he wanted it that way.

"Then let me wake from a thousand dreams Renji, just so I can wake in your arms," she breathed and trickled back into a surrendered state of comfort.

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