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Into The Afterlife

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A poem made in Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan's Point of View. RIP the Rev

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Things that I do not know are creeping,
They creep slowly into my numb body,
Almost feeding off my flesh as a chance to survive.
Why wasn't I given a second chance?

These soul-sucking, demonic shadows pass over me,
Shreiking and hissing like a devil cat from below,
They wait for me to move, but I can't.
Why can't I move?

I'm getting scared as they get closer to my face,
I feel a hidden presence next to me,
Though I cannot see who.
Who are you?

I finally see him, the hooded figure,
Death stands before me, his black wings reaching out to me.
I do not take his hand,
I'm waiting for the right ones to come take me.
Where are you?

A bright light shines down on me, blinding me for a mere second.
Angels help me up, angels from above.
I'm given wings, now I can move and fly.
I fly away from Death and his tortured souls,
Up into the gates of Heaven.

I stand here, watching with greif as many fans of mine cry their hearts out,
Wishing I was there.
My friends, family, my bandmates mourn the worst.
Why wasn't I given a second chance?
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