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I'm All Better

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Frank meets someone, Gerard's sick and Mikey can't open a gatorade bottle.

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I sat near the back of the room in my second period Biology class. I was drawing random doodles in the margin of my page, not listening to a single word the teacher said. It's not like I was missing anything though, Mr. Bell couldn't teach for shit. I rested my head on the desk, the familiar sense of sleep coming over me. My eyes slipped shut but soon sprang open when my name was called.

"Mr. Iero" the teacher said, his eyes fixed on the sheet of paper he held, "You will be working with Adrian"


I looked around the room, my eyes landing in a girl who was sitting three seats across from me. She smiled brightly before walking towards me.

"Hi, I'm Adrian" she said, giggling softly. Her dark brown hair fell just below her slender shoulders and her eyes were a bright shade of green. She had a few freckles around her nose, but they suited her well. I thought she was pretty.

"I'm Frank" I smiled at her, making her giggle again

"I want you all to sit with your partners and start discussing your project" Mr. Bell announced to the class

She grabbed a chair and pulled it up to my desk, placing it directly beside mine and sitting down.

"So, you have any ideas?" she asked

"Well... no. I wasn't exactly paying attention" I told her truthfully

She just smiled before explaining to me what we'd have to do. By the end of the lesson we decided that we'd make a model of the human brain. We have three weeks to complete the project so it shouldn't be too hard.

"I'll come over to your house on Saturday so we can get started" she said, as we walked out of the class room

"Yea, sure" I told her

"Okay" she said giggling. She gave me a quick hug and wave before going off to lunch.

I like her.


I entered the cafeteria, immediately spotting Mikey who was seated at our usual table, near the back of the room. I walked over to him.

"Hey Mikes" I said, sitting across from him

"Hey Frank" His eyes were focused on the gatorade bottle he was struggling to open

"You need help with that?" I asked

"No" he said, glaring at me before returning his attention to the bottle

I sighed.

Mikey's just one of those kids that would die of thirst before asking anyone to help them open a gatorade bottle. He'll just refuse all help until he shrivels up and dies.

"Mikey, just let me open it for you"

"No" he yelled

"Mikey, give me the damn bottle!" I said, reaching for it

He turned away, "No, I will open this bottle... I will," he continued to struggle with it.

"Where's Gerard?" I asked, growing bored with watching him fail to open a fucking bottle

"He's sick, mom made him stay home"

"Really?" I asked, concerned

Mikey nodded.

"What's wrong with him?"

"He's got some sort of stomach flu," He said making a disgusted face, "It's nasty shit"

"Aww... maybe I should go visit him"

"Oh, no Frank... not with that immune system of yours. You'll have it in no time."

"But I want to see him" I pouted

"Visit at your own risk" he said, still twisting his hand around the bottle

I got up from my seat and grabbed it from him, opening it in one swift movement. I rested it on the table and went back to my seat. Mikey looked up at me, shocked.

"That's how it's done" I told him.

[Gerard's POV]

"Uhh..." I groaned, as my head continued to spin. I rolled over on my side, hoping that it would somehow help the situation. My hair clung to my face from sweat... and a few tears.

I can't believe I caught this thing. I never get sick, it's just un-natural.

I felt my stomach tighten and my insides tremble. That only meant one thing. I ran to the bathroom, bringing up what was left in my system into the white porcelain.

This is no fun.

I heard fast footsteps approaching my bathroom.

"Oh sweetie" my mother said, coming over to me, resting her hand on my sweat covered forehead, "C'mon, let's get you in bed" she helped me up and pulled me into my bedroom. For a small woman, she's pretty strong.

"Jeez mommy, you're like Hercules" I said, giggling like a six-year old.

She smiled lightly while she got me in bed.

"No" I said as she tried to pull the covers over me, "It's too hot"

She nodded, giving my forehead a gentle kiss and brushing some hair out of my face,

"Mom, I'm okay. You can go upstairs now"

She let out a long breath "Alright... call me if you need anything"

I gave her a weak smile before she left.

I groaned loudly once she was out of sight. This shit was killing me, but I couldn't let her know that. I don't want her to worry... besides the doctor said it'll only last about 48 hours. I looked over at the clock on my night table, it read 3:23. At least most of the day is gone.

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs again.

"Mom, I said I was okay" I sighed.

"Well, that's good to know"

I looked up at the person and was surprised to find that it was Frank. A smile automatically spread across my face.

"Mikey told me you weren't well, so I thought I'd come and see you" he came and sat on the bed next to me

"Well, that's nice of you but I think it's best that you leave. You know you get sick easily"

"Yea, I know. But I just wanted to make sure you were okay" he said, sounding a little sad

"Thanks. I appreciate it" I smiled and he did too.

My eyes travelled to his lips, and I immediately thought back to our kiss. Yea, I guess you could call it that. Just thinking about it gave me butterflies... wait? I don' think those are butterflies.

I bolted to the bathroom, hunching over the toilet and puking away. I groaned, my breathing heavy. Frank soon appeared by me. I pushed myself against the cool tile of the wall, wishing with everything I had, that he wasn't here. Not because I didn't enjoy his company but because I didn't want him to see me all icky and disgusting.

Frank sat down on the floor beside me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He placed his head underneath my chin and rested it on my chest. I guess he was trying to comfort me, even though I was the one holding him and not the other way around. It worked though. My breathing became shallower as I held him close to me.

I feel a lot better now.


Erm... I really don't know how I feel about this chapter.
I did make it longer and all but... I don't know.
Please tell me what you thought
x Nicole
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