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Amber Trishawna Merriweather
If I could change on thing about society, it would be the way girls treat each other. For some reason, girls just cannot be like boys. Boys never get into fights over wearing the same shirt or owning the same pair of pants. They can completely overlook things like that but girls refuse. Girls treat other girls horrid, from just constant ridicule to fighting over a shirt that they both happened to wear on the same day. Girls don’t band together, we try and kill one other. We have no respect, no sense of sisterhood in high school at all. The time we need our friends to be there for us, we get left in the cold. I think Mean Girls summed it up very nicely, girls are vicious and mean to one other with zero mercy.
We all want to be the apple of someone’s eye, true, but the it when we are willing to literally wrestle in public over a guy; it has gone on too far. I’ve seen videos on YouTube where girls were literally bleeding after fights over a boy. One boy called her best friend cute but he was kissing her in the park and he has a girlfriend. We tear each other into shreds and all of it is nonsense. I have been on both sides of the line, as have most girls but now, as I get older, I sit back and wonder, If I was nicer, would that girl had been my true best friend? If I had stepped up and defended a girl when other girls were ganging up on her, would I have made a difference in her life? I think I could of.
I cannot understand why girls are so mean to one other yet, at the same time, I do understand. I understand we can drive other girls to puking, overeating, being uncomfortable about them selves when they are the most beautiful females to grace this here earth. I understand and I hate it. I hate how I see middle school girls treating one another; I hate seeing girls as outcast, girls so obviously pretty unable to see it because once someone called them fat or told them they way they sung was ugly or anything like that.
I want this changed so my little sisters and girls all over the world can wake up every morning and celebrate being themselves and looking the way the look. The most devastating thing for me, as a big sister, was the day my ten year-old sister told me a girl said she was fat. She immediately went on a diet and refuses to believe she is pretty, no matter what. This was almost a year ago. I now see that girls need to band together, help one another feel good about themselves and each other. Praising what we each do well and leaving alone what we do badly. That is what I want to change about society one day.
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